June 29: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Tells Bill and Brooke This Ends Today; Steffy Won’t Have Quinn in Her Home

2016: Ridge demands that Bill and Brooke end their dalliance; today

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – Episode #7364


Ridge Berates Bill Over Pursing Brooke

June 29, 2016 B&b SpoilersWhen Ridge walked in on Bill and Brooke kissing in Bill Spencer’s office at Spencer Publications Ridge told Bill to get his hands off Brooke.

Ridge and Brooke had just finished a conversation about the choices the two of them had been making recently.  Ridge admitted to Brooke he made a mistake claiming Thomas as his own and it was all due to a misunderstanding about what happened between Caroline and Thomas the night Thomas was conceived.

Ridge encouraged Brooke to do the right thing, and give Katie and Bill a fighting chance.  She had to end things with Bill.  And that was what Brooke was going to do.  But that isn’t what it looked like.

Bill, who doesn’t think much of “the dressmaker” isn’t happy with Ridge’s interference in his seduction of Brooke.  Bill’s plan was to christen the secret room he had purpose build as a love nest for him and Brooke.  And Ridge is now standing between Bill and that happening.

Ridge goes on the attack.  Ridge has never approved of Bill and Brooke’s relationship.  It was the discover that Brooke had been cavorting with her sister’s husband that prevented Ridge and Brooke reuniting when he returned from Paris.  At the time, Ridge told his father he’d come back for Brooke, but Ridge hadn’t been able to get past Brookes affair with Bill.  Instead, Ridge started spending time with Katie and they became engaged. But Ridge became enamored with Caroline and Katie ended their engagement and reunited with Bill.

But Ridge and Katie have remained close, and Ridge has always maintained that Katie deserved better than Bill. So it isn’t surprising that Ridge defends Katie.  Ridge asks Bill if this is how he repays Katie, who is so devoted to him, for whatever reason.

Ridge demands that this stops today.

Katie Gets Reassurances

Meanwhile, Rick is visiting with his Aunt Katie.  Rick says he cannot speak for Bill, but he knows his mother would never betray her; Brooke wouldn’t be able to live with herself.

Steffy Lays Down the Law

After agreeing to support Wyatt’s plan to make her a social media maven so that he can prove himself to his father, Steffy has a demand of her own.  And it concerns Wyatt’s mother.  Steffy tells Wyatt that if he wants to see Quinn, that’s okay.  She won’t stop him having a relationship with his mother.  But Steffy doesn’t want anything to do with Quinn, who changed the course of her life with her antics.  And that means that Wyatt can see his mother, but not in their house.  Steffy doesn’t want Quinn in her home.  At all.

Episode Summary:

Brooke Tells Bill He Has Already Lost Her

Ridge tells Bill to Leave Brooke alone.  Its isn’t right.  Go home, honor your marriage and honor your wife.

Ridge tells him to back out the door.  Brooke doesn’t need rescuing.

Ridge cares about Brooke and Katie.  Katie who is so devoted to him and this is how he repays her?  Ridge tells bill and Brooke that this stops today.  Brooke is too good to be a side piece.

Bill tells him he’s not one to talk about honor.  He’s keeping his own son away from his.

Brooke tells Ridge she needs to talke to Bill alone.  Ridge leaves.  Bill isn’t letting Brooke go.  Katie and Bill video call him.

They want to know when he’s home for dinner.  Steak and Asparagus. Bill’s favorite. He’ll be there soon Bill promises.

Brooke tells him that is his family.  He should be with them not her.  But Bill can’t live without her.  He and Katie haven’t been happy for a long time.  Brooke says all marriages have their ups and downs.  They have been torturing Katie.  Whatever they have been doing has to stop; it has to end today.

Brooke warns that Katie can sense what is going on; she is spinning out of control because of what they have been doing.  He needs to be at home as a husband and a father.  Don’t throw away your marriage Brooke wants.  Bil doesn’t want to lose Will and Katie, but he doesn’t want to lose Brooke either.  Brooke says he already has.  She’s gone.

Ridge returns when Bill is gone. Brooke says she ended it. Brooke wishes she didn’t care so much.  Ridge says she needs to put that guy behind her. Brooke says as much as she loves Bill, she loves Katie more. And her happiness is what matters.

Bill is Home

Rick visits with Katie and Will.  They discuss Lizzie growing up fast. Rick notes he thought Bill would have been home by now.  Katie takes Will out of the room and tells Rick she wanted to talk to him alone anyway; about his mother.

Katie confesses she’s been drinking and is worried about Brooke and Bill.  He said Brooke was seeing someone new.  Could it be Bill Katie wants to know.

Rick says there is no way Brooke would do that to Katie.  She loves Katie too much.  Will comes back in.  They decide to call Bill and see where he is.

Rick says he can’t speak for Bill but his mother would never betray her.  Katie notes that Bill is different however. He doesn’t look at her or kiss her the same way.  She ends up questioning where he is and who he’s with.  Katie says she has to try having faith in them.  Rick goes home to Maya and the baby.

Katie is holding a bottle of booze as Bill enters. “I’m home” Bill tells her.  They kiss.  Katie empties the bottle down the sink. Bill hugs her as she cries.

Steffy Banishes Quinn – Again

Wyatt wants to practice taking selfies now that Steffy is the face of Spencer. Quinn knocks and enters.  Steffy wants to know what she is doing there. She’s not allowed here, she knows that Steffy tells Quinn.  Quinn says she’s been behaving and giving them her space, but she’s here to visit her son, her family.  Steffy says they are not their family.

Wyatt tells his mother he has to tell him before she stops by.  Quinn knows Steffy is still upset about what she did to Liam.  Steffy says that Quinn is dangerous and doesn’t want her in their lives.  Wyatt says she’s still him mother.  Steffy never wants to see her again.

Steffy yells that Quinn is not welcome here, Forrester or Spencer.  Stay away from me and stay away from Liam Steffy warns. Her apologies are not enough.  She intends to cut Quinn out of her life forever, because Quinn is an evil witch. Quinn doesn’t want to be a pariah, but Steffy can’t give her any more chances.  Steffy tells her to stay away from her and her family.  Steffy doesn’t want Quinn in her life.

Quinn is gone and Wyatt and Steffy discuss where she goes and what she does after she leaves here.  Wyatt says that he is pretty much it for Quinns friends.  Quinn heard her, and so did Wyatt. Wyatt changes the subject back to Steffy’s new social media role.  Steffy is fine as longs as Quinn stays away from her and her family.

Quinn’s New Lover

Quinn arrives back at her apartment.  Good you’re still here she says. I can’t get enough of you she tells the naked man in her bed.  It’s Eric Forrester.  They kiss.


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