June 3: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Friday, June 3 2016 – Episode #7346


Quinn Can’t Stay Away

june 3 2016 B&B SpoilersOn the sky lounge, Steffy is having a conversation with Caroline about Quinn.  Steffy has no problem with Quinn claiming whatever she wants.  The only thing Steffy cares about is Quinn staying away from Liam.  Caroline sees that it is clear that Steffy still cares a lot about Liam.  She reassures her that she can be married to Wyatt and still care about Liam.

Quinn, however, isn’t staying away from Liam.  Over in Malibu, Quinn has paid Liam a visit.  And Liam has for some reason let her into his house, despite telling her to stay the heck away from him last week.

You have to wonder why he didn’t just take out a restraining order against her while he had Justin’s full attention last week.  So he couldn’t put Quinn in jail, he could have forced her to stay away from him, but then there would be no story this week…

So back to Quinn visiting Liam…she tells Liam that she can’t stop thinking about them and the time they spent together.

Bill Puts Ridges Secret in Hands That Can Use It

Katie may have told Bill that Ridge is not Douglas’ biological father but she expects him not to tell anyone since it affects Caroline and an innocent baby also.  But Bill finds this all to delicious and can’t believe that Katie expects him to sit on this piece of information.  A serious Katie tells her husband that she needs to hear him say that he won’t tell anyone about Ridge and Douglas.

Meanwhile, Brooke gets a visitor who hints that they know something that may help Rick get the upper hand over Ridge.  Brooke looks at them (Bill?) and says if you know something that can help my son, you need to let me know what that is.  Could Bill keep his promise to Katie by telling Brooke enough to let her and Rick work out the truth?  Has Bill just put the secret in the hands of someone who can use it to bring down Ridge?



Wednesday, June 3, 2015 – Episode #7091

Rick Tries to Switch Bill’s Vote

You’re desperate Bill says.  Rick says he’s offering him more control and they both get to stick it to Ridge.  Bill knows his 12.5% is the golden ticket to deciding who runs Forrester. Bill notes that Rick mus despise Bill less than he does his own brother.

Rick says he is all about making money.  Rick agrees with Bill that he would do anything legal in the pursuit of that.  Bill compares that to what he did with Maya’s story.  Rick tells Bill that he’s still in love with Maya.

Rick wants to know where Bills stands.  Who is giving you more power Rick asks him.

Bill said he did a pretty good job until Maya came along.  Bill thinks he did him a favor exposing Maya.  Are you in or out Rick wants to know.  Bill notes he’s in either way – it just depends which idiot brother hi throws his lot in with.

Rick gets a call from Ridge to go to the office for the vote.

Caroline Tells Ridge about Her Accident

Ridge massages Caroline.  He’s going to help her get on her feet.  Caroline is going to take advantage of his care.  She tries to send him to the office but he’s where he wants to be.  Caroline wonders how Ivy will feel about Steffy as President and Liam as VP.

Ridge leaves Caroline set up with food and drinks as he plans to leave the office.  He asks why she didn’t tell him.  Tell him now Ridge says.  One minute she was on the sidewalk the next there is a car on top of you.  It changes your perspective pretty quickly.  At first she victimized herself (why me?) then a bell went off in her head and she decided everything happens for a reason.  It allowed her to feel all the love around her – especially his.

Liam, Steffy and Ivy

Liam is blindsided by frustrated Ivy wanting him to set Steffy straight about him still being in love with Steffy.  He is stunned.  Steffy tells Ivy she lives in the present and what happens in the future is anyone’s guess.

Steffy says this isn’t high school.  Eric arrives and asks Ivy is she knows about the hostile takeover. Eric says Liam should not to get too far ahead of himself on the vote to formalize the takeover.  Steffy says her dad is capable of running the company.  Eric objects to how he is going about it its wrong.  Steffy notes that Rick wrote the book on wrong. How can he approve some of the things he’s done Steffy wants to know.  Eric admits he doesn’t.  Now its all about the stock.  Ridge is on his way in and it will all be settled by the end of the day.

Rick arrives back and told Eric that he made his pitch to Bill but doesn’t know which way he’ll vote.

Everyone arrives. Liam says the bottom line is that they have majority of the company.  Steffy says Ridge is new CEO, she’s president and Liam as VP.  They settle down to sign papers.

Bill arrives and announces that Rick made him a very interesting offer.  Rick says Liam doesn’t have control of his father’s stock.  Bill thinks this is funny.  Bill says he has a decision to make. Rick and Eric have extended an olive branch but Ridge doesn’t even talk to him.  He holds the future of Forrester Creations in his hands Bill Spencer notes – all because of his measly 12.5%…

Maya and Nicole

Nicole is with Maya and realizes she isn’t leaving town.  She seems happy.  Maya fills in Nicole. Nicole wonders if she’s mad about her telling Rick where Maya is.  Maya says no because it was all a big misunderstanding.

But it’s still complicated Maya says.  She should have told him earlier.  Nicole is sorry for trusting Wyatt.  Maya says they both have trust issues; she trusts everyone and Maya trusts no one – even the man she loves.

Maya hasn’t forgiven herself.  Rick was on top of the world and now because of her he’s a laughing stock.  She should have told him from the beginning. Nicole says Rick still wants her and they way the world is reacting doesn’t matter to him because he loves her.

She wishes she could do it over.  Nicole says Rick can handle it.  Maya tells Nicole that Ridge is trying to take the company from him also


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