June 30: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: What Does Katie Learn From Liam For Her To Issue Threats?

2011 - Stephanie and Thomas struggled with their guilt; 2014 - Quinn threatened Liam who was hurt, 2015 - Aly defends Ivy


Katie Looking For Answers

June 30 2016 B&b SpoilersKatie has been looking for answers.  And she’s spreading her net far and wide within her family.  Katie knows that Bill has changed.  He doesn’t look at her the same way, and perhaps more telling, he doesn’t kiss her the same way.  The feeling that Bill’s eye has wandered to another woman is fuelling Katie’s insecurities and in turn that is fuelling her desire to drink.

And this time Katie is right. Bill, tired of Katie’s mood swings and unpredictable outbursts made a move to fix his life.  Bill’s perfect solution was to stay married to Katie so that he can be a father to his son; and keep Brooke as his mistress on the side.  He even built a secret love nest for them.

Katie’s suspicious has seen Katie confront Bill and Brooke. And anyone else who might know something. Learning that Brooke has a new man in her life (from Rick) had her asking Rick if he thought that man could be Bill.  Rick couldn’t speak for Bill, but he didn’t think his mother could do that to Katie (again!).

Tomorrow, Katie confides in Liam.  As Bill’s son, he surely has some idea about what is going on in Bill’s head.  Liam is also mildly on the outs with his father because of his desire to set up a charitable foundation with a significant percentage of Spencer Publications profits.  Bill’s response was that he didn’t give handouts. And Bill and Liam have taken every opportunity possible to run Liam’s nose in his rejected proposal.

And unbeknownst to Katie, Liam has recently had concerns about his father’s fidelity also.  Liam found Bill’s secret love nest and found a woman’s earring in the bed.  Allison and Bill both assures Liam that the earring was Katie’s and Liam bought it.  But if Liam and Katie are having a heart to heart about her relationship with Bill, could Liam mention that everything seemed fine given that they have been using Bill’s secret executive bedroom lately…

Given that Katie starts making some demands and threats of her own this week, it looks like Liam’s earring story may be the impetus for Katie’s mood swing from insecure to threatening.  She tells her husband that if he has crossed the line with Brooke, she will take his company and son from him (Again).  And she won’t be settling for half.  She’ll take all of it.

Episode Summary:

Steffy and Wyatt make-up Sex

Steffy loves Wyatt but they need to be clear about his mother.  Steffy doesn’t want her near her or her family.  Wyatt thinks Steffy is being too aggressive about this and they argue.

Steffy admits she is as abrasive as her grandmother, but doesn’t think they are arguing. Wyatt doesn’t want to spend their nights as newlyweds arguing about his mother.  He wants to have make-up sex.  Steffy concedes they were arguing so they can have made-up sex in front of the fire.  Steffy things about what Quinn did to her and Liam while Wyatt sleeps.

Eric Has A Long History With Bad Girls

Eric asks what took so long.  She got caught up. They discuss Deacon calling her over and over like a stalker. Eric says he should know, he keeps coming back also.  Quinn says he’s not stalking her, he’s saving her.

She’s not in prison but she is a pariah. Cause and effect Eric says.

Eric says that she asked him to review some of her new designs. She scoffs that was a while ago. Eric claims to be very thorough.

Quinn asks why he is with her .Eric says he’s known for his bad judgment. Something they have in common Quinn notes.

They drink wine out of paper cups. Eric tells her that no one can know about this.  His family and Steffy would never understand.  Eric isn’t sure he understands. They have sex.

Eric tells Quinn he has a long history of liking bad girls: Sheila Sally Jackie, Donna.  Quinn doesn’t know the other women but doesn’t get the Donna thing.   Eric makes sure that Quinn understands that he won’t advocate for her with Wyatt and Steffy.  Quinn says the only thing she is using him for is his effect  on her.

Eric gets dressed to leave. Quinn is going to Houston for the weekend –a trade show. Quinn gives Eric her keys. But he won’t be coming back.  It will only be so long before she blackmails him in that way she does. Quinn denies it. All she wants is him. Eric says she shouldn’t flatter a flatter.  There are a lot of years between them.  She says that is wisdom and class.  She hands him the keys back, but he leaves them on the table.  Eric leaves.

Liam Looking for Cash

In Bill’s office Allison finds him. Liam finds the secret door locked.  Allison asks what he wants.  $5000 in cash.  Allison goes to get it while Liam ponders the locked secret room.

Katie Quietly Threatens Bill

Bill tells Katie that she is alright and they are alright.  Her mind goes to dark places sometimes Katie admits.  If she can’t believe he loves her she should believe he loves his son.  He knows that if she divorces him she will sue for sole custody.  He won’t compromise his ability to raise his son.

Katie confirms that if he crossed the line and it was with Brooke that she would take his son and his company.  And not just half of it this time.  All of it.

Bill thinks it’s good for him to know how she feels.  Bill gets a call from Liam who is looking for his cash stash in the office.  Bill hangs up.

Katie says she’s not threatening Bill, let’s just say what he and Brooke are always telling her; don’t dwell on something terrible that will never happen. Bill and Katie have a cool calm argument.  She’s just telling him what she would do if he did something he said he would never do.  So the discussion is pointless.

Bill heads back to the office to see Liam.  He tells Katie not to wait up.  He’s glad they talked. She tells him she loves him and is counting on him.  Bill says he loves her too and leaves.

Liam arrives to see Katie.  Liam missed Bill at the office, which makes Katie wonder if that is really where he went.  Katie asks Liam how many of his fathers secrets heis keeping.  Katie wonders where Bill is and who he is with.

Katie thought she would know if Bill was lying to her again, but she doesn’t.  Liam says it isn’t a lie. Katie agrees.  Her husband and her sister love her.  But she doesn’t sound convinced…

Brooke Has Ridge’s Loyalty

At Forrester Creations Brooke thanks Ridge for rescuing her – again.  Ridge jokes that at least this time he didn’t have to jump out of  a helicopter without a parachute.  But the only person who can resuce Brooke from big bad Bill is you, Ridge tells her.

Brooke says she couldn’t cross that last line with Bill this time.  She wishes Stephanie was here so she could deny being the slut from the valley.  She’s made progress.

Brooke is glad Ridge is on her side again.  He tells her he has her loyalty.

Brooke gets a call from Bill.  He tells her that Katie can’t hear him anymore.  She knows what she knows about them.  Their marriage is being held together by an act of will.  All Katie is focused on is how to punish him.  Brooke tells Bill no and hangs up.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 – Episode #7110

Maya and Caroline

Maya is back at work. Caroline arrives on her walker.  They welcome each other back.  The discuss Caroline’s accident. Maya opens the discussion about her and Rick when Caroline says her recovery is due to ridge.

Maya says she didn’t feel like she was lying. Caroline says she was so obsessed with her innocent kisses.  You were cheating Maya says and you did everything to cover it up.  What you covered up was a little more intense Maya says.

No Maya says, being a boy and her childhood is the lie.  This is the real her, and rick has only ever known the real her, Maya tells Caroline.  Rick was upset that so many people knew before him.  Maya tells Caroline to go ahead.  Take her best shot.  Go ahead and hurt me, if you can, Maya tells Caroline.

Caroline says its till a lie.  That time of her life was painful and humiliation for her.  She was judged by Maya and rick.  Caroline doesn’t approve of hom Maya handled things, but she’s move on now.  She is happy with ridge and she wants Rick to be happy too.

She wants Rick to find a woman to make him happy. Maya is a beautiful and courageous woman, Maya says.  Caroline says he has two moms she was ridiculed and teased growing up also.  She was an outsider looking in and can’t even compare it to what Maya went through. Yes, Caroline thinks Maya lied and is a hypocrite but she respects and admired her for becoming the person she became today.

Caroline tells Maya she is a kick ass woman and Caroline likes her just the way she is.  Caroline hugs Maya.

Zende is Adopted

Nicole shows Zende around.  He’s from Miami.  His mom’s really a Forrester , Nicole asks.  His mom is the blonde in the family photos Zende tells her  So, Nicole says that he must  take after his father.  Zende shows Nicole a photo and jokes about an affair with a mailman. He laughs at Nicole and says he’s adopted.

She wonders if he ever tried to find his birth parents.  Theya re gone he said.  Both his parents and little brother died from Aids.  He was 6, he’s not HIV positive but his dad, Tony, is.   He describes meeting Kristen and Tony while they were on their honeymoon.  They visited him at the orphanage and later (after going home) adopted him.

They flew back to get him.  He got his passport with his new name on it that day.  Nicole will never complain about her childhood again.  Zende doesn’t think she had an easy time either, wilth Maya as her sister.

Aly and Ivy

Aly wants to celebrate Liam and Ivy’s marriage.  Ivy tells her that the marriage is being annulled because Liam is still in love with Steffy.  Ivy catches Aly up on the reason for the marriage and her deportment – which is all fine now.

Ivy admits she really wants to be married to Liam one day but not like this.  She loves Liam and she isn’t just going to hand him over to Steffy.  Aly encourages Ivy to fight for Liam.  There is no way that Liam would chose Taylor’s slutty daughter over Ivy Aly states emotionally worrying Ivy.

Ivy tells her there is no need for name calling.  Aly tells ivy that Liam will make the right choice.  He’d better Aly states.

Steffy and Liam

Liam and Steffy discuss the lingerie line. Steffy jokes about his marriage now that he is getting an annulment.  Carter is drawing up the paperwork Liam says.  She jokes that he married them and now is dissolving it.  Liam asks not to joke about it anymore.  Liam admits he helped Ivy but jumped at the chance to annul the marriage.

Steffy tries on Lingerie for the new line.   Aly storms in and tells Steffy to take her hands off of Liam. This is just work Liam says.  Aly says she’s prancing around in her underwear.  She’s trying to take Ivy away from you.  Steffy says Aly is out of line. All we did is exchange a tyrant for a slut Aly yells.  She will not let Steffy ruining Liam and Ivy’s lives.



Monday June 30, 2014

Liam at the hospital

By the time Liam picked up his torch, Quinn was gone.  He yelled for the “crrepy bitch” but Quinn was nowhere to be found.   Liam returned inside and making his way in the dark tripped over something.  He hurt his ankle.  He called Hope and told her he was going to the hospital ER and blamed Quinn for his accident.  Hope met Liam at the hospital where he was getting his foot treated.  It was just a strain.  Liam filled Hope in on what happened.

Rick will deal with Oliver

Maya played the recording of Oliver where Oliver admitted dating Aly to secure his job for Rick and Caroline.  Caroline wasn’t in the mood to listen to anything Maya had to say after she hit on Rick in the steam room.  Caroline accused Maya of staging the conversation.  She tells the model she is no longer an appropriate role model for HFTF.  HFTF is about values something a woman who hits ona married man in a public place clearly doesn’t have.

Rick told his angry wife that Maya’s steam room attempted seduction wouldn’t see Maya lose her job.  Rick, however, took the recording of Oliver seriously.  He told Maya to say nothing to anyone.  He would deal with Oliver himself.

Hope confronts Quinn

Deacon returned to the warehouse after his visit with Wyatt.  Quinn also arrived.  Deacon wondered where Quinn had been.  Deacon told Quinn that he’d met with Wyatt and was impressed by the young man.  Quinn went off on a Liam rant and called him a pouty and whiny puppy afraid of his own shadow.  When Hope arrived to confront Quinn about stalking Liam, Deacon hid….



Thursday June 30, 2011

Amber’s baby – a strong Logan woman

Amber told the Logan women that although she had messed up a lot in the past she was going to do it right from now on for baby Rosey’s sake.  She was going to do right by her baby girl who one day would be a strong Logan woman herself.

Thomas and Stephanie struggled with their guilt

Stephanie was feeling guilty over the lies she had told, not Brooke.  Somehow, though it was still Brooke’s fault as she had made her do it. Stephanie did have to admit to herself that not all her memories of Brooke were bad.

Dayzee struggled to understand why Thomas would lie about what happened between him and Brooke on the island.  Thomas admitted that his grandmother had done him a share deal and he’d been feeling guilty ever since.  It wasn’t only money Thomas admitted he liked seeing his parents together.  Dayzee understood Thomas wanting his family reunited but told Thomas lying wasn’t okay.

Hope and Liam agreed to wait

Hope and Liam spend the evening together at the cliff house but when things got serious Hope pulled back.  She knew it was old fashioned but she wasn’t ready for sex and wanted to wait.  Liam understood that to mean that Hope wanted to wait to have sex until they were married.  Liam understood making love for the first time was a big step for her and promised not to pressure Hope.