June 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Tuesday, June 7 2016 – Episode #7348


Katie Should Have Kept her Mouth Shut

June 7 2016 B&B SpoilersKatie and Bill are on the outs over Bill’s need to expose secrets.  Did Katie forget what the man does for a living?  Or how he handled Maya’s transgender secret? Maybe the booze killed those brain cells.

Bill uses the same argument that Katie used with Ridge, but against her this time.  Bill tells his wife that keeping the secret of Douglas’ paternity is an injustice to Douglas, to Thomas and to Caroline.  Clearly Bill thinks the only person set to gain out of the arrangement is Ridge.   And since last week., Ridge has been back on Bill’s radar, so it was inevitable that Bill would use the secret, in one way or another.

Katie is exasperated with her husband and questions why she even trusted him with the secret.  Katie comes to the same conclusion that viewers did before she spilled the beans to Bill.  She should have kept her mouth shut.

With all the extra people in the know, Thomas finds himself having a conversation with someone (presumable Ridge and/or Caroline) that he gets why they want to keep this a secret, but he has to wonder if that is even realistic.  The conversation isn’t heated, so its likely he is talking to caroline one on one.

Quinn Worries For Her Son’s Marriage

Quinn visits with Wyatt at his Malibu beach house.  She tells her son that she has accepted that there is no future for her and Liam.  Which means Quinn is jumping tracks.  If she can’t have Liam for herself, thereby keeping him away from Steffy, Quinn becomes concerned for his son’s marriage.  She tells Wyatt that she understands that he may not want to hear this, but she believes it is only a matter of time before Steffy turns to Liam again.


Friday June 7, 2013

Eric Convinced Brooke to Tell Bill and Katie the Truth

Brooke tried to use seduction to convince Eric to raise Bill Spencer’s baby with her as Eric’s own.  Eric told Brooke he would stand by her but he wouldn’t lie.  He wouldn’t raise Bill Spencer’s child.  It wouldn’t be fair to anyone Eric told Brooke; Not him, Not Taylor and not Bill either.  Eric advised Brooke to go tell Spencer the truth.  If Katie loved him as much as Brooke said, she would forgive him – eventually.

Brooke finally saw the reason in what Eric was saying.  Brooke headed over to the Spencer mansion to tell Bill and Katie the truth – that Brooke was pregnant with Bill’s baby.  When Brooke arrived, however, she found the Spencer’s enjoying a family evening.  Bill had just given Katie ballroom dancing lessons for date nights to get their relationship back on track.

Katie noted that Brooke didn’t look very well…


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