June 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Wednesday, June 8 2016 – Episode #7349


Quinn Threatens Liam

June 8, 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersQuinn is causing issues in Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage.  Steffy, in her way, has been very hard line in her attitude to Quinn.  She has told Quinn she will never forgive her for changing the course of her life.  Steffy doesn’t want Quinn anywhere near her.  Which would imply that it will be hard for Quinn to spend time with her son as well.

Wyatt’s mother is a point of contention between Steffy and Wyatt.  Wyatt feels like his has to reminds Steffy that she is still his mom.  Disowning her or walking away from that relationship isn’t as easy for Wyatt as his wives seem to think it should be. (Quinn also caused issues for Wyatt in his marriage to Hope.  Quinn seems to be pretty good at getting her son married, but it’s never real sustainable when Quinn keeps interfering…)

Meanwhile, Quinn is determined to just that – interfere.  Quinn tells someone (Deacon?) that he is not going to let Liam interfere in Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt.  Quinn appears to have goon off the deep end again.  Her anger is now pointed directly at Liam.  Dressed in a black hoody, Quinn is about to leave her place.  She hisses that as longs as Liam lives and breathes, he is a threat to her son’s marriage.

Bill Defends Those He Loves

Bill and Brooke confront Ridge about what they know.  Bill Spencer is in full “protecting the ones I love” mode.  He stands before Ridge in the Forrester Mansion with his hands on his hips and tells Ridge that he is not going to allow him to manipulate and bully Caroline the way he does everyone else.  Brooke stands behind Bill watching the interaction.

Not all of Bill’s loved one’s are feeling the love though.  Bill and Brooke left Katie contemplating taking a drink when she realized that Bill put Brooke’s needs (keeping Rick in town) over his promise to her (not to divulge Ridge and Caroline’s secret).  Fair call.

Episode Summary:

Bill and Brooke Keep The Secret

Ridge tells bill that he is protecting his family.  Only the people in this room and Katie know this secret and it is going to stay that way Ridge tells Bill and Brooke.  Caroline, Ridge and Thomas are united on this issue.

Brooke says that Ridge told her he had the vasectomy reversed.  Bill isn’t going to let Ridge manipulate and bully Caroline the way he does everyone else.

Caroline tells her uncle that they did not make this decision lightly. Its not up for discussion Ridge says.  Caroline appreciates Bill’s concern, but he does not need to worry about her or douglas.  Brooke says secrets don’t get easier.

Thomas says it’s nothing to do with them

Bills says he had two sons in the world he didn’t know existed.  They didn’t have a father.  They all suffered for it.  You can never get that time back says  Bill to Thomas.

Caroline says that she is Douglas mother, but Ridge and her will raise the child, and Thomas will have a place in his life.  How dare the two of them try to take this away from them, Caroline yells.  Do they realize what a scandal will do to that little boy.  They cannot say anything, they know what they’re doing.

Bill agrees to keep quiet against his better judgment.  You need to treat Rick better, Brooke says. She will help his son, if he helps hers.  Ridge gives his word.  Bill and Brooke give their word they won’t say a word.

Steffy Wants Wyatt To Cut Quinn Out Of His Life

Steffy thinks Quinn belongs in jail, but Wyatt is relieved she isn’t.  What she did to Liam was crazy, but she’s still his mother.  Steffy doesn’t want Quinn anywhere near them.  Steffy wants her husband’s support.

Steffy tells Wyatt that on their wedding day he made a vow to put her above everyone else.  Wyatt hasn’t forgotten that.

They discuss how crazy what Quinn did was.  Steffy says that Quinn was behaving like a crazy ex girlfriend. Wyatt explains that Quinn came over here and told him that she understood it was over between them.

Wyatt assures Steffy that he too is worried about Liam.  They will be there for him, Wyatt promises.  Liam won’t be alone in this.


Quinn Targets Liam

Quinn gets back to Deacon at the hotel. It’s over with Liam Quinn says.  Steffy interrupted. Steffy is mad at her and told her she isn’t welcome in her son’s life anymore.

It bothers Quinn that Steffy walked into Liam’s house like she belonged there.  There is still an attractions there and she’s not going to let Liam interfere in Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt.  And no one comes between her and her son.

Quinn did love Liam.  But not anymore.  Now he just wants to… What Quinn Deacon asks.

She won’t permit Liam moving in on Steffy.  He has to be stopped.  Quinn wants to go for a walk.

Deacon warns her not to do anything crazy.  He tells her she dodged a bullet with the kidnapping charge.  She should stay away from Liam.

As long as Liam lives and breathes he is a threat to my sons marriage Quinn tells Deacon.


Katie is Tempted by Alcohol

Katie gets a glass and puts it next to a bottle of spirits.   She removes the lid and savors the smell.   Katie pours a drink, remembering telling Bill to go to Brooke, be with her and get it over with.

An Intruder Enters Liam’s Home

Alone at home, Liam eats dinner.  He reflects on what Quinn told him.  He turns off the fire, the lights and heads to bed.  He sees a photo of Steffy beside the bed and reflects on coming back to her.  He closes his eyes to sleep.

Outside someone with a flashlight opens a door and enters Liam’s home.

Bill Wants Brooke

They stop before heading up to the house.  Bill has had enough.  Katie is always furious about something he can’t take it anymore.  The drinking, the mood swings and the lying. But Katie was never more truthful than she was earlier today when she told Bill to be with Brooke.  She knows what they have known all along.  Bill tells Brooke he loves her.

He looks for any excuse to be with her.  Brooke tries to tell him everything is fine. But Bill says it’s not.  She said earlier to Caroline that secrets take a toll.  Brooke says Katie is her sister.

Bill says they are in love; they have made concessions for Katie, but he loves her.  He loves her more than anything.  Brooke tells him not to say that.  Bill kisses Brooke.



Monday, June 8, 2015 – Episode #7094

Aly Tells Ivy Steffy Kissed Liam

Aly tells Ivy to be happy Rick and Maya are out.  Aly does agree that Steffy is the one bummer in the deal.  Ivy says she’s starting to find peace in Steffy being back.  Ivy doesn’t think Steffy will be a problem anymore.  Aly decides she has to tell Ivy.  She caught Steffy kissing Liam.

Aly states Steffy is obviously making a play for Liam.  Ivy notes she shouldn’t be surprised. Wyatt arrives and asks about the meeting going on.  Aly rushes off to attend the meeting and tells Ivy she’ll keep an eye on Steffy.

Wyatt asks if Ivy is okay.  Ivy tells him that Steffy has been back two seconds and has already kissed her boyfriend.  Ivy wants to know why everyone treats Steffy like a goddess.  Ivy isn’t denying their history.  But what kind of girl hits on another woman’s guy. She can have any man she wants why does she keep throwing herself at my boyfriend Ivy wants to know.

Wyatt reassures Ivy that Liam is crazy about her.  Ivy is worried about Steffy however.  She deosnt’ want to worry about them being alone together.  It kind of comes with the territory Wyatt notes with a woman like Steffy.  Ivy says Wyatt sounds interested in Steffy himself.  Why doesn’t he go after her Ivy suggests.

Forrester Creations new Management Team Meets

Steffy and Ridge take over filling the shoes of their new roles.  Steffy notes that Aly will no doubt pitch her shoe line.  She admits to her dad that Aly got in her face and warned her to stay away from Liam when Aly caught Steffy kissing Liam.

It didn’t mean anything Steffy says she was just wrapped up in the moment after signing contracts and too much champagne.

Ridge says that Steffy promised this wouldn’t be a “thing” because Liam is with Ivy and Steffy had moved on.  Liam arrives – VP reporting for duty he states as he enters.  Carter is also there and is proud of Ridge’s achievement.

Aly talks to Liam.  Is everything okay with you and Ivy Aly asks.  Aly hopes he realizes how lucky he is.  Ivy is her friend and family and doesn’t want to see her hurting.  Steffy tries to pull Aly back, but Aly fills Liam in that she saw him and Steffy kissing.  Aly wants to know if Liam really cares for Ivy and sees a future with Ivy.  Steffy is shocked by Aly’s nerve.  Its not appropriate for Aly to get involved Steffy tells her.  Aly can’t pretend it didn’t happen.  Liam tells Aly she is blowing this out of proportion.  Aly tells him that she told Ivy.  She knows.

The Meeting Gets Underway

Ridge has the models sent in.  They look at some of Ridge and Caroline’s designs.  Liam draws attention to the jewelry.  Ridge says its Quinn’s jewelry.  Steffy wants to relaunch the lingerie line with herself as the spokesperson.  Aly is unimpressed. And tells Liam he can’t do this to Ivy.

Everyone reins Aly in.  This is not the time or place to discuss Liam’s love life.  Ridge adjourns the meeting and tells Liam to figure it out on his own time.  Aly warns Liam to think about it.

Meeting Adjourned

Alone, Steffy asks what Liam’s answer is to Aly’s question.  Liam thinks Aly went about it wrong but he sees her point.  Liam asks Steffy not to make this difficult for him. She apologizes.  She just feels comfortable with him.  They were lovers and best friends a teary Steffy says.  Steffy will always love him but he should go – to Ivy.  She’s good.  Liam leaves.

Wyatt walks in on Steffy calling herself stupid.  He wants to know what is wrong.  It’s about Liam isn’t it, Wyatt states.  Wyatt wonder is Steffy will be able to work with him.  He also wants to know if Steffy still has feelings for Liam.  It really that obvious  Steffy says.  Wyatt tells her she may as well be wearing a neon sign around her neck.  He isn’t judging he was the same way with Hope.

Steffy forgot about him dating Hope.  Steffy says Hope doesn’t seem like his type.  Steffy notes that Wyatt is quite the charmer.  Wyatt assures Steffy she will be alright.  She just has to change her perspective on things.  Steffy is thrilled to be back here. Its going to be hard though seeing Liam with Ivy.

She tells herself she is going to be strong.  Then she sees him and then it brings everything back.  She just wants a summer of fun and romance and love and adventure.  Who says you can’t Wyatt says.  Let’s stop thinking about what we don’t have and focus on what is right in front of us Wyatt suggest.

Liam Explains To Ivy

Liam tries to explain to Ivy and apologizes that she heard from Aly not from him.  Ivy says it is always Steffy’s excuse – getting caught up in the moment.  She’s trying to stay patient.  Liam says that is how Steffy is.  Its her way of welcoming him to Forrester.

Ivy says she wants his lips all to herself.


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