June 9: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Do Bill and Brooke give in to their passion for each other? 2015: Caroline took her first steps 2014: Hope and Liam reunited...

Thursday, June 9, 2016 – Episode #7350


Bill And Brooke Give In To Their Mutual Passion

June 9 2016 B&B SPoilersBill betrayed his wife’s confidence when she told him about Ridge not being Douglas’ biological father.  And he did it to help Brooke.  Katie accused Bill of putting Brooke ahead of her and told him he should go be with Brooke.

With a confrontation with Caroline, Ridge and Thomas about Douglas’ paternity secret now behind them, Bill and Brooke have agreed to keep quiet about Douglas’ paternity, on the proviso that Ridge treats Brooke’s son, Rick better.

It seems there is something that Bill can no  longer keep quiet about however.  Katie is right.  Bill is still in love with Brooke and he can’t keep it to himself any longer.  No with a wife who is always angry at him about something.  Bill has professed his love, and Brooke takes Bill’s face in her hands and tells him that she has always loved him.

It looks like while Katie is in the main house doing her best to resist taking a drink, that Bill and Brooke are in the pool house giving in to their mutual passion…

Wyatt Will Always Put Steffy First

Meanwhile, Steffy and Liam are continuing to discuss their relationship and Quinn’s mental state and constant interference. Steffy told Wyatt he made a vow to put her first, but Wyatt can’t just disown his mother.  Steffy is very worried about what Quinn could do.  If Quinn has truly accepted that Liam can never love Quinn, like Adam loved Eve, then Steffy is worried about Quinn’s mental state and that it could tip her over the edge.  That Steffy has a strange vide that something  might happen to Liam isn’t making Steffy rest any easier where Quinn is concerned.

Wyatt tries to allay Steffy’s fears where Quinn is concerned.  He assures his wife that he will always put her first before anyone else; that is his commitment to Steffy; forever.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015 – Episode #7095

Stop Grieving

Steffy wants to know if Wyatt is propositioning her.  She is his boss.  Steffy won’t feel sorry for herself things didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped.  Wyatt understands.  He thinks he should have been in that meeting yesterday.

Wyatt tells Steffy it still could the hot and steamy summer she imagined…just not with Liam. Both young single successful, Wyatt says…and attractive Steffy notes. They flirt around the issue and Steffy asks if he’s serious.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to celebrate her success with?  Wyatt is done mourning what might have been with Hope.  Wouldn’t it be a good idea if she stopped mourning her relationship with Liam.  Steffy would have expected  him to be more thoughtful.  He knows what she is going through.  He and hope lost a baby just like she and Liam did.

The pain stays with you but you need to move on.  But wanting Hope and Liam keeps the stuck in one place. She’s too beautiful and smart for that Wyatt says.

Liam and Ivy

Steffy has been alone with him a handful of times and she’s already kissed him twice.  Ivy doesn’t like the odds.  Ivy doesn’t doubt Liam’s feelings but Steffy doesn’t respect their relationship. Liam says that’s fair. But the kiss wasn’t about Steffy hitting on her.

Ivy doesn’t think Steffy will stop at anything to get Liam back.  Moving to America is one the best things she’s ever done.  She’s scared of losing everything she says.  Liam assures her she won’t and kisses her.

Bill arrives. He’s looking for kudos from Liam but Liam says he was prepared to side with Rick. Bill informs Liam that he was playing Rick.  He was goading Rick right up to taking a punch at him.  Next time you let me in Liam says still not sure he’s buying what Bill is selling.

Bill isn’t impressed that Ridge has already left for the day. Ivy leaves.  She’s a great girl Bills says, but she’s not Steffy.  Tell me you’re not tempted Bill says. Bill wants to know:  Are you really that committed to your girlfriend?

Caroline Takes Her First Steps

Ridge tells Caroline that her doctor thinks it’s time to put some weight on her legs. She’s his number one priority Ridge tells her when he gets home from his first day as CEO.  Ridge wants her there with him.   She wants it too.

She tries to get him to go back to the office but Caroline is clearly down. One minute she was walking on the sidewalk, hearing a loud noise and not having time to get out of the way.  The next thing she knows there is a car on top of her.  She was pinned and couldn’t move.  People trying to help her. She was terrified she wouldn’t walk again she cries. Ridge doesn’t want her to be scared anymore.  She’s going to take her first steps today he tells her gently.

She can handle the rehab side, it’s everything else.  She can’t do anything for herself.  She needs help with everything. That’s not her.  She doesn’t’ ask for help.  She’s independent.  Before her life was going somewhere and now she’s just stick.  Her whole life is on hold until she gets back on her feet.

Lets make that happen, Ridge says.  He wants to help her.  He brings in a walking frame from outside.  With Ridges help Caroline takes her first steps with the walking frame.  They are both pleased. She did it.


Monday, June 9, 2014 – Episode #6842

Liam and Hope Reunite

Thank you for waiting, for giving me this time, Hope tells Liam.  Thank you for coming back to me, Liam responds.  Liam decides Wyatt punching him was worth it – Look where it got them he tells Hope.

Hope gets a text message. They haven’t found Ridge yet.  Liam tells Hope to ignore the pessimistic things he said earlier.  Don’t stop believing Liam says to a Hope who seems to be losing Hope.  Hope thanks him for being positive.  He only fell a mile off the coast and the helicopter wasn’t that high…

Hope admits to Liam she feels like an idiot.  How many times did he warn her about Quinn.  If it weren’t for her they’d be married now.  She was taken in by Quinn over and over again.  She brought Steffy to LA on their wedding day.  Liam says he would have gone through a lot worse for her.  It wasn’t that hard Liam says.  There Isn’t another Hope Logan out there….

Liam is ready to get on their life, but Hope has to talk to Wyatt first.  After everything he and his mom have done once she sent that photo to Ridge she can’t ignore it anymore.  Liam has alwsy been concerned that her dangerous behavior would spill onto her.  The more time he spends around those people the more your life is in danger.  Liam thinks Wyatt needs to cut ties with his mother and Hope needs to cut ties with him.

Hope leaves to go see Wyatt.

Quinn Tries to Help Wyatt

Quinn asks where Hope is.  With Liam he tells her.  Wyatt blames his mother for what went down.  But he’s determined not to lose hope over it.  Quinn offers to help him fix it since he says its her fault.  She warned us no more dirty tricks Wyatt tells him mom.  Quinn thinks he is over reacting.  Quinn has a plan.

Quinn steals the keys to Big Bear cabin from Pam’s desk and gives them to Wyatt. Do you want alone time with Hope, Quinn asks.  This is the ticket. The Place where it all began – the mountains, the woods, our favorite haunt, Wyatt notes.  Call her Quinn says.  Wyatt takes the keys and leaves.

Wyatt calls to find Hope headed to Forrester.  He wants to meet her at Big Bear.  Hope is hesitant but Wyatt convinces her.  She heads to Big Bear.

Quinn goes to Liam’s house.  Liam tells her that he and Hope are together now – this time for good.




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