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Quinn Fuller is driven by a single desire in life; to see her son happy.  And that means “helping” him secure the woman of his dreams.  But there is just one flaw in Quinn’s desire to help.  In seeing her son married to the woman of his dreams, Quinn has now, twice, alienated her daughter in law, and been banished from her son’s life. And that always leaves her with having to find a way back into her son and daughter in law’s life.

Quinn Banished From Wyatt’s Life By Hope

The first time, it was with Hope.  When Hope learned that Quinn was responsible for Liam not turning up on time to their predetermined Parisian rendezvous, Hope went ballistic.   Liam was late to meet Hope because he’d rescued Ivy who had fallen into the Seine.  Of course, it was later revealed that Ivy didn’t fall into the Seine, she was pushed by Quinn.

While Liam was busy rescuing Ivy, Wyatt comforted a disappointed Hope and whisked her off to Monte Carlo where he convinced Hope to take a leap of faith with him and marry him.

When Hope learned the truth, that Quinn had manipulated her and Liam again, Hope was ready to leave Wyatt and return to Liam.  But she had one thing to do first.  Take a pregnancy test.  Pregnant with Wyatt’s baby, Hope decided to stay with the father of her child.  But she would protect her unborn child from its grandmother at all costs.  Hope banished Quinn from their lives.

Quinn Banished From Wyatt’s Live By Steffy

Much like Steffy did to Quinn this week. Like, Hope. Steffy was horrified to learn that Quinn was responsible to altering the path of her life forever.  Quinn didn’t push anyone into a river this time, though Deacon did end up pushed off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.

This time, Quinn kidnapped an amnesiac Liam and gave him a new identity; as her husband.  Quinn concocted and entire fantasy life for her and Liam as Adam and Eve.  She also sent enough text messages and voice mails to Steffy and Liam’s family to make them think that Liam had left Steffy and was off finding himself at a yoga retreat.

Wyatt was instrumental in bringing Liam home; but it was only after he had wooed and won over Liam’s jilted fiancé, Steffy.  By the time Liam returned to Los Angeles, Steffy was married to Wyatt and determined to honor her wedding vows.

That didn’t mean Steffy had to honor Quinn’s role in their life, however, and Steffy stood up for herself.  She called Quinn a manipulative witch and forbade her from coming near her or her family.  She wasn’t welcome at Steffy and Wyatt’s home, Forrester Creations or Spencer Publications Steffy told Quinn.

Quinn's New Lover is Eric Forrester


For all of Quinn’s flaws, however, she is predictable.  And when spoilers showed Quinn dressed for seduction in sexy lingerie, we speculated that Quinn might have gone after Eric Forrester.


Because it is the same tactic she used when she was banished from Hope and Wyatt’s life.  She found another way into their lives.  When Quinn ran into Deacon Sharpe at the Bikini Bar Quinn immediately saw how he could be useful to her. Quinn became involved with Deacon and had two inroads to Hope and Wyatt’s life; one as Wyatt’s mother, the other as Hope’s father’s partner and later wife.

It seems Quinn is using the same strategy with Steffy and Wyatt. Since Ridge is quite happily married to Caroline, however, it looks like Quinn has gone after Eric.  And as the girlfriend of the Forrester family patriarch, Quinn’s position would be cemented.  You could even argue that Quinn would hold more sway in the Forrester family than her daughter in law.

Given that Quinn’s last romance was with an amnesiac fantasy man she created out of her sworn enemy, Liam, Quinn and Eric’s secret relationship may be more complex.  In fact, with Quinn you have to even consider that the man in Quinn’s bed may not be Eric, but some homeless Doppelganger she found living on the streets near her hotel/apartment.

Quinn Has Kissed Eric Before

Of course, there is some precedence for a Quinn and Eric pairing.  And the kiss she planted on Eric upon arriving home and telling him she can’t get enough of him isn’t their first.

When Eric refused to negate a contract between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan because Hope’s boyfriend didn’t want Hope working with Wyatt, Quinn thanked him by laying a kiss on him.  The smooch took place in Eric’s home and Stephanie’s portrait fell off the wall. (As it did whenever Eric kissed another woman after Stephanie’s death).

Quinn and Eric flirted a bit; including another kiss, to take back the first, but the flirtation never really went anywhere.  Seems like it has now.  Their secret romance likely stems back to the point where Quinn suddenly decided she was over Liam.  But the question still remains.  What is Quinn’s plan? And how did this duo end up in bed together?

One thing is certain, this isn’t a quick romp.  John McCook tweeted after today’s episode that there is so much more yet to come.  And Steffy is sure to be furious that she no longer has the power to keep Quinn away from her, her family or the family business.  On Eric Forrester’s arm, Quinn almost becomes Forrester royalty…


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