The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: June 27 – July 1, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (June 27 – July 1, 2016): Brooke confides in Ridge; the power balance between Ridge, Caroline and Thomas changes; Thomas confesses his feelings

    B&b Spoilers June 27 - July 1, 2016

    Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Katie struggles with her demons where Bill and Brooke and drinking are concerned.  She admits to her sister that she has this voice in her head that is telling her that something is going on between Bill and Brooke.  And she can’t silence it.  Katie knows she has to make it go away because It makes her want to drink.  Katie is clearly agitated.

    And she has reason to be.  Brooke and Bill have been kissing up a storm in all sorts of places.  This week its in Bill’s office with the door ajar.  And Ridge enters.  He tells Bill to get his hands off Brooke.  Bill takes offense and wonders who Ridge is to be preaching about right and wrong.

    Bill tries to reassure his wife that there is nothing more important to him and Brooke than her health and well being.  But Katie still feels the need to ask her sister if Brooke and Bill have crossed the line.

    Clearly Katie believes they have.  Or are about to.  Because she makes some ultimatums/threats of her own.  And they are very Bill Spencer in style.  Katie must have learned a thing of two watching Bill get Liam to toe the line where Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage is concerned.  Bill told Liam that he either respect Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage or he’ll be banished from the Spencer family.  Which for Liam would also  mean, no house, no job and no family fortune…

    Katie models Bill’s threat to Liam.  She looks him right in the eye and tells him that if Bill has or does cross the line with her sister, she will take his company and his son.  And not just half of it.  All of it.  Pretty much like she did last time…

    Liam and Katie promise each other they will look out for each other’s interests.  Katie is glad to have a sympathetic family member on her side.

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy

    Quinn’s persistence is legendary.  She must turn up at Steffy and Wyatt’s home again because Steffy finds it necessary to make is crystal clear to her mother in law that she is no longer welcome in their home.  Again.

    And that can only serve to anger Quinn.  What will she do about it this time?

    Quinn, has of course been here before.  When Wyatt was married to Hope, she also banished Quinn from her son’s life.  And what did Quinn do?  She found another way into Wyatt and Hope’s life.  Quinn became involved with Deacon; Hope’s father.

    Speculation Only: Could Quinn be using the same technique again?  Clearly going after Steffy’s father isn’t going to work, but Quinn was interested in Eric for a while when she first came to Forrester Creations. (Stephanie’s portrait fell off the wall when Quinn gave Eric a friendly kiss).   Could Quinn go after Steffy’s grandfather?  Is that how Quinn finds her way back into her son and Steffy’s life?

    Update:  It is Eric that Quinn is Seeing!


    What on earth is Quinn up to?

    She’s in lingerie in someone’s bedroom and if we had to guess it looks like a Forrester Mansion bedroom decor.

    Wyatt too is wondering what his mother is up to.  While she is visiting at his Malibu home Wyatt tells him mother she has a postive glow about her.  And that is never good.  Quinn is certainly happy about something.

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    After handing Douglas over to Thomas and saying goodbye to the child that he has called “son” since birth, he tells Thomas, Caroline and Douglas that he loves them all very much.  He is sorry he took these special moments (as parents) away from Caroline and Thomas.

    Ridge leaves the new family to get aquainted with their new situation.

    Ridge overhears a conversation between Thomas and Caroline.  With Caroline recently taking a stand against her husband on the issue of the paternity of her child, Ridge could be feeling that his position of power is tenuous.  Thomas has stood up to his father, and his father’s wife, albeit, gently told him that she supported Thomas in wanting to be honest about Douglas’ paternity.

    This spurs Thomas to be honest about more of his feelings. Thomas tells Caroline that he has never stopped loving her and that he wants to be a proper family with her and Douglas.

    Ridge overhears this conversation which can’t help him feeling he’s lost control.  Thomas and Caroline will have a powerful bond for the rest of their lives as Douglas’ parents.  Is Ridge wondering where he fits in to this triangle now that Thomas and Caroline have sided against him for the first time?  He certainly isn’t used to not being the dominant force in the triangle…and it has him soul searching.

    What Ridge doesn’t hang around to hear is that Caroline rejects Thomas.  Caroline seems surprised over Thomas feelings and tells him that they can’t be a family.  She and Thomas may share a son together who they will co-parent. That will  bond them forever, but Caroline is in love with Thomas’ father.

    Ridge provides support for Brooke, and with Brooke in the know about Douglas’ paternity Ridge could end up confiding in Brooke also.  Like he did about the vasectomy he had in Paris.

    Ridge and Bill Spencer come face to face which sees their conversation, no doubt, cover Ridge handing over the “dad” reins to Thomas in parenting Douglas.  But with the decision to tell the truth about Douglas’ paternity also made Ridge will have no reason to tread lightly around Bill to keep him from exposing the secret.  Ridge will be free to confront Bill about his recent actions regarding Brooke and Katie…


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    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Ridge encourage Brooke to do what is right
    Wednesday, June 29, 2016 – Steffy evicts Quinn from her life
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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:


    Summer Spoilers: The Bold and the Beautiful

    The Bold and the Beautiful Summer preview hints at some surprising turn of events this summer:

    More and more people learn about Douglas’ paternity, which has Ridge working harder than before to protect his family from a scandal.

    Thomas is still torn between being the cause of the scandal that Ridge and Caroline fear and claiming Douglas as his son.

    Bill’s ability to not use the paternity secret to unseat Ridge as CEO of Forrester Creations is in question. Let’s just hope another CEO power struggle results in an outcome more interesting than Rick talking the helm; again.

    Sasha remains a thorn in the side of Zende and Nicole’s relationship.  Ridge offers Sasha a new opportunity at Forrester Creations that means she won’t be heading back to Illinois. Nicole doesn’t trust her sister and becomes fiercely protective of her relationship with Zende demanding that Sasha stay away from him – even at work.  Could Zende’s relationship with Nicole cost him professionally?

    An unusual even for Liam, has Wyatt wondering if his marriage to Steffy is even valid.  There are three possibilities here:  Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage wasn’t valid; Wyatt and Hope’s divorce wasn’t valid meaning that Wyatt wasn’t free to marry Steffy invalidating their marriage; or Steffy’s divorce from Liam wasn’t valid meaning that she is still legally married to Liam.

    Since Chaz Bono, who portrayed the minister that married Wyatt and Steffy, has been back on the set, it seems that it’s Wyatt and Steffy’s union that may be in question.

    Katie continues to struggle to stay away from alcohol; Bill and Brooke struggle to stay away from each other.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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