The Young and the Restless Spoilers – June 13 – 17, 2016

This week on The Young and the Restless (June 13 – 17, 2016):  A ghostly Sage appears to Sharon; Phyllis confesses to Jack, or does she? Hilary confesses she’s sick; Adam makes a deal with Ian

Jack , Phyllis and Billy – I slept with someone else

Billy and Phyllis decide that they have to tell Jack the truth.  Phyllis decides that she needs to do this and she needs to do this alone.  So she picks a public place and tells Jack that she slept with someone.  Jack is understandably stunned at Phyllis’ betrayal.  But its only the first of two shocks.  A teary Phyllis goes on to tell him that it was Billy she slept with.  Jack flies into a rage accusing her of keeping things in the family and sleeping with his own damned brother.  Of course, Phyllis is just imagining the scene.

Phyllis can’t tell Jack and goes back to Billy to tell him.  Billy is frustrated that she didn’t do it because he can’t stay away from her.  But Phyllis doesn’t want him to stay away.

Since Billy told Bethany that Phyllis was filling Jack in on their affair, when Bethany runs into Jack she assumes he knows.  They have a conversation at cross purposes and Bethany realizes he doesn’t know.  She tells him he’s a good guy and leaves without doing Billy and Phyllis’ dirty work.

However, Jack may find out what is going on by seeing it with his own eyes…

Phyllis and Billy are half undressed and getting busy on the sofa in Billy’s apartment when Jack comes to the door.  Jack wants to know if Billy is home.  They  need to talk.  But before Billy and Jack can talk a shocked Phyllis and Billy need to get dressed!

Y&R Spoilers June 13 - 17, 2013

Sharon, Dylan, Nick – Sage’s Dying Wish Haunts Sharon

Sharon’s mental state is challenged when she has a ghostly visitor.  Napping on the sofa, Sharon hears someone tell her to wake-up.  Sharon sits up to see Sage standing over her.

Presumable the apparition  (dream?) of Sage morphs.  Bloodied from her car accident appears to Sharon to lay on the guilt.  Sage tells Sharon that her dying wish was for Sharon to tell Nick that Sully was her baby.

The guilt eats away at Sharon and she tells Mariah that she can’t bear the thought of destroying their family, and Dylans’ heart.  Dylan enters and Mariah and Sharon cover saying they are talking about replacing Sage at work.

There is an accident on the ranch with mariah demanding Sharon call 911…

Hilary, Lily and Ashley:  Hilary Is Sick

Lily is convinced that Hilary is faking illness to get close to Jack, which is what happens when he takes her upstairs.  Jack is firm with Hilary and tells her they are not going to become involved.  Hilary admits she is ill and there have been issues with the drub.  Jack worries about his sister, but Hilary says she is fine.

Ashley later learns what happened from Lily and warns Hilary to stay away from Jack.  Ashley took care of the Neville situation, but taking the fall, and now Hilary owes her.

HIlary accuses of Ashley and Dr Neville of wanting her to die.  Her life is on the line and all the two of them are doing is fighting her.

Dr Neville is slated to leave Genoa City.

Victoria and Travis

Victoria has shared the details of her past with Travis and is looking for him to reciprocate.  She needs to be certain that he is being open and honest with her. They get past their start of both lying about who they are.  Travis asks her to go steady and Victoria agrees…

Adam and Chelsea:  Lifetime in Prison

Chelsea is having trouble coming to terms with losing Adam all over again; this time to a lifetime in prison.  Adam is desperate and turns to Ian for help but realizes that Ian has a plan of his own to use the prison transfer to the trial to escape. Adam has skin in that game because he needs Ian to make his prison break after he’s given his testimony, not before!  Do the men do a deal?  In exchange for Ian’s testimony does Adam help Ian escape incarceration?

Micheal tries to ease Chelsea’s worries about Adam’s defense lying solely with Ian.  All they have to do is place the slightest bit of doubt in Christine’s case.

When Adam gets home, Chelsea knows he isn’t telling her everything…

Dylan turns up at Chelsea and Adams penthouse.  He’s working a lead that Adam was framed for Constance’s death.


Christine meets with Dr Gates and whatever the doctor tells her Christine wants to know if she’d be willing to repeat it under oath.  The doctor looks nervous at the request.


Meanwhile at the prison Victor has a visitor who he needs to make understand what he wants from her.  he wants those who testify against him to pay…the dark haired woman wrings her hands nervously as Victor speaks…


But Adam may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

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The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Hunter King (Summer) will be seen less on Y&R with her status going to recurring.

Summer on The Young and the Restless:

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