The Young and the Restless Spoilers – June 27 – July 1, 2016

This week on The Young and the Restless (June 27- July 1, 2016):  Sharon continues to see Sage; Do Phyllis and Bill celebrate Jack’s birthday? Adam gets some long awaited good news; the search for Victor’s female accomplice is on.

Jack, Phyllis and Billy  – Phyllis celebrates Jack’s birthday with Billy

Ashley helps Phyllis remember its her husband’s birthday. She suggests Phyllis take him to the cabin.  Ashley also comments that Billy has a rebound girl.  Hilary wants to do something special for Jack on his birthday.  She also mentions she and Devon are through. Lily overhears Hilary plan an intimate birthday celebration.

Billy isn’t pleased with Phyllis taking Jack to the cabin.

Phyllis and Jack go to the cabin to celebrate Jack’s birthday.  When Jack has to leave, he wants Phyllis to come with him, but she has much to mull over (like forgetting her husband’s birthday) and decides to stay.  On the way to the trial, Jack runs into Billy.  Jack mentions Phyllis is still and the cabin.  Billy goes to the cabin and no doubt gets Jack’s birthday sex..

Y&R Spoilers June 27 - July 1 2016

Victor – Will take back everything that is his

Victor gets many visitors. Nick argues with Victor about blowing up their lives. Victor tells Nick once he’s out of prison he will take back everything that is his.  Kevin visits to ask if Natalie is working for Victor.  Victor tells him nothing but on the way out Kevin notices the security cameras. Michael also visits asking Victor to help his son, Adam. Victor tells him Adam will know how his father feels about whim when he testifies in court.

By week’s end Victor makes an announcement that leaves his family stunned.

Adam and Chelsea – The search for Victor’s female accomplice

With Constance’s exhumed body found to be riddled with poison and a suspicious vial found in a storage unit that Adam rented for Sage during a police search, things aren’t looking good for Adam.  Chelsea is worried that Dylan now thinks Adam is guilty also.  Her upset escalates when she realizes that Dylan wants to take Adam in; tonight. But Dylan just posts a guard at the door.

Michael brings Adam some long awaited good news.  He has a lead on the person who helped Victor frame him.

When Kevin accused Natalie of being Victors accomplice she claimed she was being set up.  This makes Natialie determined to help Kevin find out who it really is (to clear her name). Kevin and Natalie review closed circuit camera footage from the prisons visitation room.  It shows a female visitor with Victor.

Adam decides they need to track the woman down and make her testify.

Adam’s trial gets started.  Chelsea is by his side.  Victor and Ian are scheduled to testify.

Kevin, Natalie and Mariah – Natalie claims she is being set-up

When Kevin’s investigation into Newman Enterprises systems leads straight to Natalie as Victors partner, he confronts her.  Natalie denies working for the man she hates and reminds him that if she really was working for Victor she would make a better job of covering her cyber tracks.  Natalie thinks she is being set up by a jealous Mariah.

After Kevin returns from seeing Victor at the jail, Kevin and Natalie work together hacking closed circuit footage from the prison.  The see a mysterious woman has been visiting Victor.  She is presumed to be his accomplice on the outside and responsible for framing Adam.  She looks a lot like Natalie who denies it is her and can’t provide an alibi for the time.

If the woman isn’t Natalie, they now they just have to find her and get her to testify.

Marian and Natalie have a confrontation.  Mariah is stunned by Natalie’s accusation that she wants Kevin and is trying to get Natalie out of the picture. When Natalie also mentions the oil spill, Mariah goes home and tells Nick that she thinks Natalie is working with Victor.

Victoria and Travis – Victoria’s Falling in Love

Victoria wonders where her hacker for hire has gotten to.  She calls him.  Kevin has some leads but won’t say who.  Nick arrives and tells them that Kevin  knows who is working for Victor and is covering.  Nick outs Natalie as Victor’s accomplice.  Natalie arrives to clear herself.  Billy hired her after the spill to do some snooping.

Victoria calls Travis out on trash talking her to Travis and that is the reason Travis punched him. Summer is shocked.

Travis seems to be getting up everyone’s nose.  Last week it was a punch up with Luca, this week it’s Billy who grabs him.  Travis tells Billy that Victoria is on the verge of something real again and accuses Billy of not being able to handle it.  Billy loses his temper, grabs Travis by the collar and pushes him backwards into the bar.

Later, after Travis tells Victoria about the altercation, Victoria believes she knows why Billy got in Travis’ face the way he did.  She thinks its because Billy can’t stand that she is falling in love again.

Sharon, Dylan, Nick – Sharon Continues to See Sage

Sharon’s mental state continues to decline. An emotional Sharon yells at someone to go away.  Sharon is still seeing Sage.  She thinks once her meds are out of her system, Sage will be also.  Faith enters to hear her mother yelling at someone to go away.  Not seeing anyone, Faith asks Sharon who she is yelling at.

Mariah goes to great lengths to protect Sharon. She pretends it is her having nightmares and consults a psychiatrist about making them stop. But Sharon is too freaked out about seeing Sage to accept the help Mariah tries to give.  Marian asks if Sharon is on her meds.  In a roundabout what Sharon implies that she is.

Hilary, Devon and Jack – Hilary puts the moves on Jack

Lily tells Hilary to pack her bags and get out of their lives.  Lily throws her out. Hilary calls Lily a vicious, pathetic bitch.

From a hospital bed, Hilary tells her husband who is nervously pacing the room that their marriage is over.  Hilary has her sights set elsewhere.

Once she is released from hospital while out with Jack (at Crimson Lights?) Hilary softly tells Jack that he is a kind and generous man.  Jack looks surprised when Hilary she seductively places her hand over his. He pulls his hand away and tells Hilary that he and Phyllis are going on a romantic escape to the cabin for his birthday.

Devon confronts Jack about his intentions towards Hilary.

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The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings (Casting News)

Chloe’s daughter, Bella has been cast.  Look for the mystery of who Bella’s father is to resurface with Chloe and Bella’s return to Genoa City.  Will it be Kevin?  Or Billy?  Or someone else?

Hunter King (Summer) will be seen less on Y&R with her status going to recurring.

Summer on The Young and the Restless:

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