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Bill and Brooke One Last KissBill Spencer‘s pursuit of Brooke has been relentless.  In one week alone, Brooke has told Bill, “goodbye”, “this ends today” and “no”.  The fact that she met him at his office even after all these rejections tells us that Brooke is torn by her love for Bill and her sister.

Katie Senses Bill and Brooke’s Betrayal

Brooke has admitted that Bill is the love of her life and always will be.  It was Katie overhearing this conversation that sent Katie spiraling downhill into mood swings and alcohol addiction. Katie has come to associate her need to drink with the feeling that the people she loves are betraying her.

That feeling has been strong recently.

Katie Threatens Bill

And in this case she has been right.  Katie is desperate to save her marriage, but in trying to stay away from booze she has found another crutch.  Threatening Bill with what she will do to him if he ever does cross the line with Brooke.  A steely eyed Katie warned him that she would take his son and his company away from him.  And this time she won’t just take half of his company.  She will take all of it.

Bill isn’t one to take threats though and but he knows that if Katie leaves him that she will sue for full custody.  When Katie learned about Bill and Brooke’s affair last time, she took his company from him and controlling 51% of Spencer Publications stock, Katie fired Bill and took over as CEO.  Without the company that is so much of Bill’s identity, he was lost.

Bill wouldn’t take kindly to that experience again.  Yet, fear of Katie’s threats didn’t stop Bill from calling Brooke and asking her to meet him at his office where Bill has spent no small amount of cash turning his private gym into a love nest.

Bill Wants One Last Night, One Last Kiss

Bill lured Brooke into the secret bedroom under the pretense of being able to talk in private.  He locked the door, but it when Bill told Brooke about Katie’s threat and her new hobby or working out just what she’ll do to Bill when he does stray, Brooke goes to leave.  She can’t keep acting on her feelings and betray not only her sister, but also her brother whose heart beats in Katie’s chest.  Brooke unlocks the door.

But Bill lures Brooke away from the door by telling Brooke he needs her.  He promises he will stay away from her if she gives them one more night together.  When Brooke resists he ask for one more kiss, hoping it will lead to more. Brooke gives in and lets Bill kiss her.

Katie and Liam’s Pledge to Each Other

Meanwhile, Katie, at home has been confiding in Liam who is worried about her fragile emotional state where Bill and Brooke betraying her again is concerned.  Katie reassured Liam she was fine, but asked him to promise he would tell her if he did find out anything about Bill and Brooke.

Liam, who has heard Bill’s “sanctity of marriage” speech more than once recently, has come to think of Bill as some kind of paragon of marital virtue.  Liam can’t believe that his father would ever disrespect his own marriage vows while demanding Liam respects Steffy and Wyatt’s so Liam agrees telling Katie she can count on him.  In return Liam asks Katie to knock some sense into him if he’s still waiting for Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage to fall apart in ten years when they are celebrating with their third honeymoon and have 2.4 wonderful children together.  Katie agrees.

Bill’s Hypocrisy Exposed

Liam heads back to the office to see his dad, but runs into Bill’s gatekeeper Alison who tells Liam Bill is not to be disturbed.  Even by Liam.  When Allison is away from her desk, Liam goes into his dad office to find it empty.  He thinks the do not disturb is so that Bill can nap in his “napping room”.  Liam heads toward the room and hears voices inside.

It’s Bill and Brooke.  Liam opens the door to peer inside and is shocked to see his father and Brooke kissing.

Liam is now caught in a difficult situation.  Thinking that it was a line that Bill would never cross again, Liam promised Katie that he would tell her if he learned about Bill and Brooke cheating on her. And Bill’s demands of Liam of late, make what Liam has just witnessed hypocritical at best.

What will Liam do?  You can bet that Liam is going to call his father out on holding Liam to a standard that Bill doesn’t feel the need to maintain himself.  It’s bad enough that Bill is cheating on his wife, but with her sister that makes the betrayal cut all the deeper.  And that it’s the second time?  Well that is sure to push Katie over the edge.

An Expensive Last Kiss

Does Liam keep his pledge to Katie?  Spoilers hint that he will and that the information sends Katie over the edge…If Katie follows through on her threat to Bill, to sue not only for full custody of their son, but to take his company away from him, Bill could find that one last kiss from Brooke has a heft price tag attached to it.  Let’s hope the kiss was worth it.


  1. I hope Kaite will take every thing. she is very angry and she knows that Bill is up to some thing and Liam will
    Understand what she was afraid from all along. Liam has the upper Hand and he can use this to his advantage
    His father is not very loyal to his wife so the rules don’t apply to him. Liam can now approach Steffy to reconsidered to leave Wyatt and come back to him.

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