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Brooke Tells Katie I'm sorryWhen Katie overheard her sister Brooke admit to Katie’s husband Bill, that she was still in love with him and that she always would be, Katie spun out of control turning to alcohol for comfort.

Katie’s Emotional Rollercoaster

Since that moment Katie has been on an emotional rollercoaster alternating between suspicion that her sister and husband are betraying her and guilt for thinking that the duo could ever hurt her in that way again.

Eventually, it became too much for Bill. He confessed to Brooke that he was also still in love with her and wanted them to be together.  At first he wanted to tell Katie the truth.  But Brooke wouldn’t let him.  So Bill hatched a new plan.  He would have his cake and eat it also.

Bill Wants Brooke as his Mistress

He would stay married to Katie, be the dutiful husband and doting father, but for his emotional sanity he would have Brooke on the side.  Bill even remodeled the private gym off his office into a love nest for the duo that became known as his napping room when Liam discovered it.

Unfortunately Bill and Brooke weren’t very discreet.  Liam not only found the napping room but a woman’s earring in it.  And Ridge walked in on Bill and Brooke embracing in his office.  Granted it was after Brooke had already confided in him, but Bill and Brooke’s secret wasn’t so secret anymore.

Bill and Brooke’s Secret Comes Out

In the same way that Katie demanded Ridge tell Thomas the truth about Douglas’ paternity, Ridge told Bill and Brooke to stop messing with Katie and end their liaison. Brooke tried to do precisely that telling Bill, “goodbye”, “this ends today” and “no” whenever he badgered her about becoming intimate again.

Finally, Bill accepted that no means no, and he asked Brooke for one last kiss. And that kissm which took place in the napping room with the door ajar was witnessed by Liam.

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Of course Bill had been riding Liam hard about respecting Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage and Liam, though he didn’t want to, respected his father’s wishes because Liam could see that was how Bill lived his life.  Katie hadn’t made their marriage easy but Bill had stuck by her.  Or so Liam had though.  What he saw in the napping room saw Liam label Bill as a hypocrite and Liam started making demands of his own.

Tell Katie the truth or he would.

Meanwhile, Katie continued to struggle with the feeling that her husband and sister were betraying her; again. When she overheard Bill on the phone at Steffy and Wyatt’s 4th of July party, she asked Bill who he was talking to.  Bill lied.  He told her it was the office.  But Katie had overheard him saying Brooke.  She’d caught him out in a lie.  Bill tried to tell Katie, Brooke was at the office, but Katie wasn’t buying it.

After downing a drink, Katie left the party. She went to see Liam who had recently made a pact with Katie to tell her the truth should he learn anything about Bill and Brooke.

Liam could see that Bill’s most recent lie had pushed Katie over the edge.  She was spiraling out of control into emotional crisis.  He called Brooke to come over and tell her sister the truth.  She already sensed something was going on.  The truth would at least let Katie know she wasn’t crazy.

Brooke who was with Bill told him she was going to go tell Katie the truth.  Bill supported the decision thinking they could be together once the truth was out.

Brooke arrived at Liam’s house.  He advised her to come clean with her sister. Katie admits Bill’s lie about the phone call sent her back to the bottle.  Katie hates that her insecurity over her husband and sister made her drink.  She needs Brooke to reassure her again there is nothing going on.  But all Brooke can do is whisper “I’m sorry…” As much as Katie has suspected the truth hearing it is a shock.

What’s Next?

Clearly, the revelation that Bill hasn’t been respecting his marriage has far reaching consequences in the Spencer family.  Firstly, Liam is disgusted that Bill would hold him to a standard that Bill himself is incapable of meeting.  Bill had no qualms about going after Brooke while still married to Katie, but demanded that Liam respect his brother’s marriage to the woman Liam loves.

Liam no longer sees Bill as a paragon or marital virtue (not really sure how he ever did given his past indiscretion with Brooke and almost affair with Steffy).  So Liam isn’t going to be listening to any of Bill’s demands where Wyatt and Steffy are concerned.  He’s going after the girl.

As for Katie, she’s been a wreck.  She threatened Bill that if she learned that he and Brooke had crossed the line again she would take his son and company away from him.  While Katie is still processing the emotions of learning she wasn’t being paranoid, a forewarned Bill makes his move.  Fearing for his son’s saftely, Bill makes moves to take him away from Katie!  Taking the some away from her that she almost lost her life giving birth to could be the final straw for an already emotionally distraught Katie.

Will Bill’s move crush Katie?  Or will she find strength in opposition?


  1. I think Kaite should end the merrige it’s not going any where Bill wants Brook she should stop drinking and get her life back on track she doesn’t need Bill with her any more. One thing she will never forget and forgive Bill and Brook what they have done to her she should go with her head up and start again.

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