July 12: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridges Tells the Family The Truth About Douglas’ Paternity

Tuesday, July 12,2016 – Episode #7373


Ridge’s Day of Reckoning

Ridge faces his family at Forrester Creations and tells them the truth about baby Douglas’ paternity.  Ridge tells them that Douglas will always be a part of his life (because Ridge is married to him mother, Caroline) and Ridge will always love him, but Ridge is not the baby’s father, and he is not Ridge’s son.

Rick sees this revelation as the opportunity he has been waiting for to oust Ridge from the top position at Forrester Creations.  A smug Rick tells Ridge that his day of reckoning has arrived.

But Rick may find he has competition for the CEO position should Ridge be forced to vacate it.  And the competition won’t please Rick.  If Ridge isn’t a true Forrester, then Rick won’t see his children, Steffy and Thomas as Forrester’s either.  How would he feel if one of them were to walk into the CEO job?

Quinn is Everything Eric Wants In a Woman

Deacon Sharpe is carrying a serious torch for the woman who pushed him off a cliff. When Quinn tells him about her new bedroom buddy, Deacon is surprised. He never picked Eric Forrester as the leather and chains type.  Quinn tells Deacon that Eric Forrester likes bad Gil’s and that makes her everything that Eric wants in a woman.

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  1. The story with how is the father is getting out of hand they should have done the test all ready that was not
    a smart move to tell every body about the baby didn’t Caroline think that it might hurt Ridge and
    that she will finish him as a CEO? And that could have a problem in there merrid life? Ridge now that when the news comes out it want be the same before every body new. He wanted a life with Carolilne and the baby and that
    people will leave them alon but Kaite started the whole thing and she ruind his life all ready. I hope they can still fix thing between them they are such a great couple and I hate what this mess is doing to them.

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