July 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric Hates Having To Choose; Ridge Faces Consequneces

2016: Quinn tells Eric to take back his company 2015: Maya's father promises to try to accept her

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 – Episode #7374


Eric Hates That He Has To Choose – But Does He?

July 13 2016 B&B SpoilersEric confides in Quinn about the latest developments at Forrester Creations and his need, yet again, to choose who will be CEO.  A frustrated Eric tells Quinn that he hates having to play favorites, which is what he will be accused of no matter who he chooses.  One of his sons is going to be unhappy.  Eric hates that he has to choose.

Quinn tells Eric that there is of course another option.  He built Forrester Creations, he should take it back.

What Ridge Did

Meanwhile, Steffy talks to her father.  She is trying to understand what Ridge did what he did.  Ridge tells Steffy what happened.  But Steffy doesn’t fully understand.  She asks him if he thought his wife would think him less of a man for having a vasectomy. Steffy clearly doesn’t understand her father’s motivations.  What’s the deal she asks him?

Rick tells Maya what about Ridge’s news.  Maya must feel some sympathy for Ridge’s situation, because Rick tells her not to feel any sympathy for him.  He plays on it.  He isn’t going to get any sympathy from Rick and Rick doesn’t believe Ridge will get any sympathy from their father either.

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Monday, July 13, 2015 – Episode #7119

Maya and her Parents – Forrester Mansion

Maya hugs her father.  He tells Maya she has a very comfortable home.  Maya is stunned that he called her his little girl.  Nicole wasn’t with them they were let in by the help.  Something set Nicole’s mind against them her father says.  Maya says  it wasn’t her.  Maya will look after Nicole she assures her parents.

Julius doesn’t expect Maya to understand. From the time a man and a woman have a child your mind never rests easy.  That child of your body is constantly on your mind.  You question everything you do. You remember everything, every harsh word.  Do you really dad Maya wants to know.  Julius calls her as self centered as always. What about his dreams for his only son?  Maya accepts that he doesn’t want her in her life.  So why is he here Maya wants to know.

Maya tells her dad she is happier than when she last saw him.  Can he say her name?  Julius says he has heard it enough.  The lady at the library sets aside magazines for them.   Maya learns her father was fired from his job at a limousine company for covering his name plate which drew attention because of his “daughter”.  He admits it was partially his fault.  When she first left he put out there that his son Myron was dead.  Is that what you wish Maya asks her father.

What kind of father would wish their daughter dead.  He doesn’t’ know why the lord put this on them.  But they are all being tested.  Someone failed – maybe it was him.  But he can say her name.  Her mother admitted she struggled.  The librarian told him he was very successful.  Maya understands her father respects success.  Maya tells him that she is happy.  She left because she wanted to hurt less.  There is only so many times you can hear that you are sick, bad and a freak before you either believe it or leave looking for a better life.  She is okay with how she  turned out.

What if they wanted a fresh start as a family Julius asks.  You need to accept me as I am Maya says.  Without that you can’t be in my life.  Julius notes that he has to trade in his beliefs for hers. Maya knows it was hard on them too.  Maya tells her mother she couldn’t save her from herself. She didn’t grow up gracefully but she made it through.

Maya can still say she loves them.  If they didn’t love her there wouldn’t have been so much anger.  Just respect the fact that she made the choices she had to make to be happy.  Julius says they need to go.  He tells Maya that she thinks everyone can change.  Her mom says they will see themselves out.  Julius says stand up Maya.  Look into my eyes. He tells her he will try.  He is set in his ways and his thinking but the one thing he will never stop being is her father.  He will try to get to know the woman she has become and the life she has created for herself.

He will try to find a way to fit in.  This he can promise her.  A teary Maya hugs her father and calls him Daddy.  Her mother watches surprised.

Nicole and Zende

Rick asks what Nicole’s parents are doing there, especially with her father out of work.  Nicole tells Rick that they think everyone is against them.  Ricks says he ‘s familiar with that state of mind.  Nicoel hopes they are on the next flight out and Maya doesn’t have to hear the awful things they have to say about her.

Zende enters after knocking – which impresses Rick. Zende realizes that Nicole may be leaving.  Nicole assures him that’s not the case.  Her parents think Maya will be a terrible influence on her, but She was the one who was terrible when she arrived in LA.  The only influence Maya has been on her is to make her a better person.

Rick promises that Rick and Maya will look after her.  Nicole is surprised Zende has never disobeyed his parents before .  Nicole calls him the perfect child. Zende wasn’t trying to be good.  But they saved his life.  His birth parents were dead and not too many people where he comes from get a second set of parents.  Despite never disobeying his parents, Zende hopes she doesn’t go back to Illinois.

Rick puts Zende and Nicole to work. He needs copies to be collated and stapled.  Zende notes Pam doesn’t like the copier.  Zende and Nicole not the waste of paper as they get started.

He tells her she’s strong to be on her own and be loyal to Maya.  Most people think she is just annoying.


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