July 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps, History: Liam Believes Quinn Will Destroy Wyatt and Steffy’s Marriage For Him

Friday, July 15, 2016 – Episode #7376


Steffy is Happy Eric’s Mystery Woman Makes Him Happy

July 15 2016 B&B SpoilersQuinn and Deacon continue to banter about what she is doing with Eric Forrester.  He just can’t see him exciting her or keeping up with her special brand of freak.  Deacon thinks she’s conning him; and wants in on that action as much as he wants back into Quinn’s bed.  So much so that he doesn’t mind being Quinn’s backup guy when Eric Forrester isn’t available!

But Quinn insists that Eric Forrester fulfills her because he is a kind and decent man (like Adam?)who treats her with respect and not like one of his play things.

Meanwhile over at Forrester Creations Steffy is having a candid discussion with her grandfather who has just stepped back in as CEO of Forrester Creations.  She doesn’t know who the woman Eric is seeing is, but if she is the one bringing out this joy in her grandfather, then Steffy is happy for him…

Liam Doesn’t Have to Destroy Wyatt’s Marriage; Quinn Will Do It For Him

Liam has a hard time listening to Bill’s demands now that he has shown himself to be a hypocrite.  Liam doesn’t think he should have to respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage because Bill sure didn’t respect his own.  And to top it off, Liam thinks that what Bill has done to Katie, removing Will from her care is tantamount to kidnapping.  Of course Bill thinks he is protecting his son from an unstable mother.

Liam thinks whether he respects Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage is a moot point anyway, since Quinn will destroy Wyatt’s marriage long before Liam does.  But Wyatt doesn’t believe that.  Wyatt tells Liam that Quinn wants his marriage to last and she’s not going to do anything to screw that up.

Episode Summary:

Liam Thinks Quinn Will Sabotage Wyatt’s Marriage

Wyatt is pleased with Steffy’s social media post.  Liam thinks he’s selling out his wife.  Wyatt says Steffy is into it.

Bill has something to show his arguing sons.  He shows them the Spencer Summit promo. Liam isn’t impressed, Wyatt thinks it’s great.  Bill says it’s a shame he can’t go, but his sons are going on his behalf. Bill has to stay in town and deal with the Katie situation.  Liam and Wyatt are stunned they have to go together.  Bill wants Steffy to go too.

Liam says it’s a little awkward the three of them.  Bill tells him to rise above it for the business.  He’s going to be fighting what he assumes will be a vicious lawsuit.

Wyatt is getting excited.  Liam is reluctantly in. He tells Liam no talk of foundations or charities. He tells Liam not to be depressing.  This is about fame and fortune.  Money.  It makes the world go around.

Liam thinks Wyatt’s social media campaign is superficial.  Liam asks if he pushed Steffy into it like he did their quickie wedding.  Everything he has right now was handed to him by his mother and that is dangerous for Steffy because Quinn knows no boundaries.

Liam hates that Steffy has to deal with Quinn.  Wyatt thinks Liam’s obsession with his wife is sad. He says that Liam is stuck in a rut. The trip to Europe may be good for him.  Wyatt calls him a stalker and tells Liam to stop waiting for Wyatt to slip up and sabotage his relationship.  Liam says he has an ace up his sleeve.  Someone else may just do it for him. Wyatt realizes that Liam is talking about his mother. Wyatt says that Quinn wants his marriage to Steffy to last and she’s not going to do anything to mess it up.

Steffy Already Approves of Eric’s Mystery Woman; Until She Realizes Who It Is

Steffy tells her grandad is looking really good.  Pam said the same thing Eric says.  Was he really that miserable.  Steffy says he was just adjusting to life without grandma.  She’s happy he’s stepped up as CO and has this new woman in his life.  She’s thrilled about the new mystery woman.

Steffy doesn’t know how Ridge and Caroline denied Thomas his child.  Steffy is glad that Eric stepped up as CEO.  She hopes there is no more drama.  She spots Eric taking a selfie and asks if he’s sending it to her new girlfriend.

Steffy is flattered that Eric thinks she is like her grandmother. She wonders if Eric will ever get married again, but Eric says he doesn’t think that is in the cards for him. Steffy tells him that he has her full support.  She doesn’t know who the new girlfriend is but if she brings out this kind of joy in him then she’s happy for him.  She likes her already.

Steffy goes out the back door to Eric’s CDEO office. Eric can’t help but think of Quinn.

Quinn Sneaks into Forrester Creations

Deacon tells Quinn to wait until Wyatt and Steffy find out about her and Eric.  It will be over for her.

Quinn gets the photo.  And the message that he is back as CEO.  Quinn is proud of him she tells Deacon.  Deacon is surprised.  She’s like a giddy lusty teenager.  Deacon still is agape that Eric fulfils him in the sack.  Quinn says he is a good kind decent man that treats her with respect not like a play thing.  A true gentleman turns her on.

Quinn wants to go over to Forrester Creations. Deacon says she won’t get on the property because of Steffy.  But Quinn thinks she knows a way.

A disguised Quinn arrives at Forrester Creations as Vladimir Smirnoff. Pam is swamped at reception but is surprised Vladimir knows he is CEO.  He doesn’t have an appointment Pam says. Vladimir says he’s here to fix Mr. Forrester’s hard drive.  Pam has to leave and tells Vladimir she will be back in 2 minutes and to wait right there.

Of course, Quinn goes into Eric’s office. But when the CEO chair turns around it is Steffy sitting there, not Eric.  Steffy says they have their own IT department then realizes that Vladimir is wearing perfume. Steffy rips off his hat and wig and sees its Quinn.  She tells Quinn she’s nuts.  Quinn says she came to ask for her job back.  A furious Steffy tells Steffy to get out.  Eric arrives and Steffy asks Eric to tells Quinn to get out, that they don’t want anything to do with her.  But when Eric can’t do it, Steffy suddenly looks wary.  Does she suddenly realize who the woman putting a spring in her grandfather’s step is?


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