July 14: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps, History: Liam is Disgusted By Bill; Deacon Wants In On Quinn’s Con

Thursday, July 14, 2016 – Episode #7375


Liam Is Appalled by Bill’s Decision Regarding Will

July 14 2016 B&B SpoilersLiam is appalled by his father’s behavior.  And he isn’t afraid to tell him so.  Liam asks his father if he has this right:  Bill took ill from Katie for erratic behavior that Bill caused by having an affair with her sister and then convincing Katie that she was crazy for being suspicious.  Is that right Liam asks his father?

But in true Bill Spencer style, Bill doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.  He says that he and Katie are where they are, and he will do anything he has to to protect his son.  He’s already had one son raised by an unstable mother; he won’t stand by and see that happen to Will also.

Deacon Wants In on Quinn’s Con

Deacon wants to know what kind of con she is running, because he knows her better than any man alive.  Quinn must try to convince him that Eric excites her nothing more.  But Deacon is a little more suspicious of Quinn’s true motives.  He agrees that Quinn is excited, but not about the man, but by his name and the prestige, power and money that goes along with it.

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Episode Summary:

Eric Steps Back in as CEO

Ridge, Steffy and Rick wait for Eric to arrive at the meeting he scheduled.  Its about the CEO decision.  Ridge is confident he will still be running the company after the meeting.  Steffy says Ridge could get off with a warning.  This will work how grandfather says it will.  Eric arrives.  He’s decided he tells them.

Ridge tells Eric that he can lead the company through this.  Eric has been impressed with Ridge’s tenure as CDEO.  He’s impressed by all of them.  Steffy is a force of nature and Rick became the best CEO he ever saw after his initial power trip.

Steffy asks Eric what his decision is.  There will be a change he says.  Rick thinks its him.  Steffy tells him to calm down; the change could be her.  Eric says its not.  Its him.  He’s stepping back in as CEO.

They don’t know who Douglas true paternity will play out in the press.  He doesn’t want Ridge making decisions for the company under that kind of stress.  Steffy has no issues. Rick says he’d rather se Eric as CEO than this clown, he means Ridge.  Ridge storms out.  Rick leaves telling his dad he looks good behind the CEO desk.

Steffy tells Eric that was a surprise. She likes the good energy Eric has going on.  He looks strong and studly.  Steffy will never have a problem with Eric behind that desk.

Steffy can’t believe what Ridge and Caroline did keeping Thomas in the dark.  Eric was stunned too.  Steffy thinks the CDEO job is a good outlet for all his extra energy.  Whoever she is, Steffy would like to thank her realizing a woman is behind her grandfather’s reinvigoration.  Steffy realizes there is a woman in his life and Steffy likes the effect she is having on her grandfather.

Eric’s phone rings.  Steffy realizes it is the woman Eric has been seeing.  When Steffy answers, Quinn hangs up. Eric says that Steffy has been in the forefront of his mind recently.  Steffy knows he’s been sad and lonely since grandmother’s death; and he deserves to be happy.  And if the mystery woman does that, she’s okay with Steffy.

Deacon, the Back-Up Guy

Eric drops by Quinn’s apartment to thank her for her support. She still thinks he is the only choice for CEO.  He tells her that she is so good for his ego.  She’s talented that way Quinn says and kisses him.

There is a knock at Quinn’s door.  Its Deacon (Eric has gone).  Deacon tells her that she is tough to keep up with and wants to know if she’s still hung up on the patriarch.  Deacon can’t believe that Eric Forrester can keep up with her special brand of freak.

Quinn, however, has no complaints.  He tells her to indulge her fantasies about becoming Mrs Eric Forrester, but when he’s not around, who’s her backup guy.  Quinn tells him to get lost.

She seduced him, married him, then divorced him and threw him off a cliff and here he is all turned on. Deacon still can’t believe Eric excites her.  What kind of con is she running? He knows her better than any man on the planet. It’s the Forrester name that excites her.  By access to that rick and powerful family that Steffy has shut her out of.

Liam and Wyatt Disagree on Bill Taking Will from Katie

In his office Wyatt and Bill are eating ribs.  Liam enters and asks Wyatt what he’s wearing.  He’s dressed identically to Bill.  Bill says Liam is grumpy with Bill and its about to escalate.  Bill says he took Will.  And Katie is freaking out.  Liam understands why Katie is freaking out.  You don’t just take a baby from his mother.  Wyatt sides with Bill.  Considering how Katie has been lately can you blame him, Wyatt asks.

Liam thinks Bill is being cavalier about kidnapping a child.  Bill thinks Liam is being melodramatic.  Will is safest with him. Bill says this isn’t a power play or strategy its about Bill looking out for Will.

Liam tries to understand…Bill took ill from Katie for erratic behavior that Bill caused by having an affair with her sister and then convincing Katie that she was crazy for being suspicious.  Is that right Liam asks his father?

We are where we are Bill says, he will do whatever he has to to protect his son.

Bill says Will is staying with him while Justin draws up the papers.  Liam thinks he is ripping a child away from his mother.  Bill says he is also having Katie declared incompetent. Bill says he can’t trust Katie to take care of Will.  But Bill won’t bet his son’s safety on it.  Wyatt says Will’s welfare comes first. Katie is a mom who passes out of the sofa right now.  What happens if there is an accident or fire?

Liam wants to know where Will is but Bill won’t tell him because he will run to Katie and tell her.

Bill has had enough of the argument. They are a family and they have to stand together. Liam wonders is he is to follow Bill’s example then he should have an affair with Steffy.  Bill says that isn’t what he means.  And Wyatt protests that he won’t be busting up his marriage.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015 – Episode #7120

Who Do I Choose?

At his beach house Liam wants advice from Katie rather than Bill about making a chice between Ivy and Steffy.  Bill says it’s a no brainer.  Steffy is was and always will be the woman for him.  Liam isn’t surprised by his message.

Liam and Katie realize its not that simple.  Katie admits that Ivy opened up to her.  You just need to make a choice Katie tells Liam.   Bill states Ivy isn’t Steffy.  Aren’t you as tired of Mr Wishy Washy Bill asks Katie.

Liam wants to take his time and think this through, but if he’s hones t with himself his feelings for Steffy are stronger.  Katie wonders if Ivy is with the wrong Spencer brother.  She notes Ivy and Wyatt has a nice ring to it.

Bill wants to know where that is coming from.  Ivy and Wyatt would make beautiful babies Katie notes.  Maybe fate will intervene and make the choice for him Katie says. Wyatt has become her champion and maybe Ivy doesn’t realize its happening yet.  How does Liam feel about hat she asks.

Maya, the Face of California Freedom

Forrester have another meeting about the acceptance tolerance and freedom message of Clifornia Freedom.  Ridge wants Maya to be the face of the line – translate the concept to the runway.

Ridge wants to capitalize on Maya’s story.  Ivy says its not about transgender its about people living their lives and be their true selves.  Aly isn’t impressed.

Rick doesn’t like the idea – he loves it he tells Ridge.  Maya will too he assures.  They discuss adding more transgender models to the show. Live and let live Steffy says.   Ridge asks if they are all okay with this.  Aly says they are all wondering if she’s going to get on her soap box again.  But she gets it.  Things aren’t like when her grandparents founded Forrester.  She’s in – she’ll do whatever she has to for the company.  She’ll do whatever it takes.

When the meeting adjourns Aly huffs out.

Later Steffy Ivy, Wyatt and Laim talk about seeing a new side to Aly, just in the nick of time Steffy notes.  But at home Aly is becoming more delusional.

Maya and Nicole

Julius tells Maya they aren’t leaving LA today.  Not after everything that has happened today.  Maya thanks them for being back in her life.  Her mother seems uncomfortable and Julius and Vivienne leave.  Outside Vivienne asks why Julius said those things to that girl.

Nicole arrives home.  Nicole says she was ambushed by their father.  Maya tells Nicole they just left.

Nicole wishes he had just left them alone thinking that Julius said horrible things to her.  You are his child Nicole says.  You are not supposed to turn your back on your child no matter what.  Maya says things have changed – at least she thinks they have.  Julius called her his daughter.

Nicole isn’t buying it and asks what their father said to her.  Nicole wonders if its too good to be true. Maya admits she thought that too.  He wants to spend time with her and get to know her.  Maya says she thinks he’s changed or at least he’s trying to.  Nicole has to go.  Outside she calls her parents.  She’s on her way to talk to them.

Rick arrives home.  Maya fills him in.  Maya says it seems like her father can change.  He’s trying and that’s enough.  They hug.

Maya’s Parents

Vivienne wants to know if Julius really intends to try to accept Maya.  Why did he tell her that Vivienne asks.  Julius says he only has one daughter.  He doesn’t know if he can accept Maya because of what she’s become.

Nicole wishes he had just left them alone thinking that Julius said horrible things to her.  You are his child Nicole says.  You are not supposed to turn your back on your child no matter what.  Maya says things have changed – at least she thinks they have.  Julius called her her daughter.

Before all this happened he had a good job and they were respected in their community.  And it happened because of a child he gave everything to.  This is how I get repaid Julius asks.

Nicole arrives and wants to know what is going on.  Maya didn’t hear what Julius had to say to Nicole before he visited Maya.  Nicole can’t reconcile what Julius said to her and his sudden turnaround.  Was her father lying Nicole wants to know.  Did he honestly mean what he said to Maya?


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