July 18: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps, History: Liam Worries About Quinn Retaliating Against Steffy

Monday, July 18, 2016 – Episode #7377


Liam Worries for Steffy

July 18 2016 B&B SpoilersWhat started as a conversation about Wyatt, him and Steffy going on an awkward business trip together to Monte Carlo where the Spencer Summit is being held ends up with Liam telling his brother that he doesn’t have to try sabotage Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy.

Liam tells Wyatt that his mother will do that for him, and he won’t have to lift a finger.  Of course, Wyatt thinks that’s rubbish since she wants his marriage to Steffy to last.  But what Quinn wants even more is to be part of her son’s life.  And Steffy has banished her from her and Wyatt’s home, Steffy’s place of business and Steffy’s family; the Forrester’s.

As far as Liam is concerned a banished Quinn is a dangerous Quinn and he tells his brother so.  Liam asks Wyatt what Steffy’s mother in law from hell will do to retaliate.

Quinn Will Never Be Part of Her Family Steffy Tells Her

Liam’s concerns are totally justified since over at Forrester Creations has just discovered that Vladimir Smirnoff the IT expert who arrived at Forrester Creations to fix Eric Forrester’s hard drive is actually Quinn in disguise.

An angry and appalled Steffy tells Quinn that any hope she may have had of being a part of her family is gone.  It’s not going to happen Steffy reiterates.

Later, at Spencer Publications Steffy can sense that Liam isn’t looking forward to the business trip they are all scheduled to take to Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit.  (Bill is sending Wyatt and Liam in his stead as he has to stay at home and spearhead what is likely to be a vicious lawsuit with Katie.)

Liam harrumphs as if Steffy just made the understatement of the century.

Zende and Nicole

Zende tells Nicole that he never felt for Sasha what he feels for her.


  1. Quinn is making evey body’s life Hurd. Liam is right Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy want last when she she find out that Eric’s woman is Quinn she is going to hit the roof. Eric took the CEO position now he can do what ever he whant’s. Ridge is not to happy that his father didn’t leave him as CEO he feels that he is not in control any more.

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