July 19: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps, History: Ridge Warns Brooke About the Kind Of Man Bill Is

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 – Episode #7378


Ridge Warns Brooke Off the Kind of Man Who Would Steal a Child

July 19, 2016 B&B SpoilersRidge and Brooke support each other through the turmoil in their lives.  In Brooke’s kitchen, Brooke tells Ridge that she made it very clear to Bill that there was no future for them.  But Ridge doesn’t like Bill.  That has never been a secret.  And when he found out that Brooke had an affair with Bill during his absence in Paris, he about faced on his mission for returning to LA (to get Brooke back).

So its not surprising that Ridge would warn Brooke about the kind of man that Bill is.  You know the kind of man you are dealing with, Ridge tells Brooke.  He’s the kind of man who would steal a child from its mother.  That’s pretty rich coming from a guy that would steal a child from its father…Go on Brooke, call Ridge out on it…

Julius Brings Vivienne a Dress

It looks like Julius is still trying to make amends to his wife for having and affair (twenty years ago) that produced a daughter that kept secret and went so far as to welcome into his family as Nicole’s best friend!

Nicole is with her mother when Julius brings her a dress.  Vivienne’s response is wow, and Nicole covers her mouth stunned.  Could it be a wedding ensemble?  Is Julius perhaps looking to renew some wedding vows.

Vivienne makes a comment that love is in the air, but Julius wonders where they go when someone has been caused pain and they won’t let the person who caused the pain back in.  Hmmm.  Maybe its just a dress…

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