July 20: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Luca a User? Will Phyllis Choose?

Wednesday July 20, 2016


July 20, 2016 Y&R SpoilersIs Luca a User?

Summer is done with Luca, she tells her dad.  She says that he isn’t the man she fell for.  He’s a user.  And Summer is done with being used…

Luca says if the only way that Victoria will let Summer return to Newman is without him, then that is what he will do.  He will step away. This is about Summer, Luca tells Victoria.

Phyllis Wants Space

Billy wants to know if Phyllis is ready to stop hedging.  He is eager to know if Phyllis has finally made a decision between him and Jack yet.

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Episode Highlights:

Luca bursts into Victoria’s office and tells her that if rehiring Summer means he has to step down, that is what he will do.  He admits to using Summer but this is about Summer, not him.

Meanwhile, Summer is telling her dad that Luca is a user and she’d done being used.

Later, Luca admits to Summer he lied to her.  He used her to further his own goals.  But he fell for her along the way.  Do they still have a chance he wants to know? Summer needs time.  Luca will wait.

Summer is surprised to learn her mother is living at the club.

Ben and Abby reconnect, but when she mentions having a baby, the connection is lost again.  Abby confides in her mom.

Jack fills Billy in on Jill taking over the house and that his marriage isn’t as sound as he thought.  Phyllis has moved to the club.  Jack wonders how to deal with the situation.  Billy advises Jack give Phyllis space. Ashley tells him that is the last thing he should do.

Bill goes to see Phyllis annoyed she didn’t tell him about moving out.  He learns that Phyllis needs space from Jack and Billy to work out who she is.

Jack goes over expenses and learns that the jet never went to Montreal.

Victoria tells Nick she and Travis are over.  He wanted her and the kids to go away with him but she couldn’t do that to her kid’s father’s.

Victoria yells at Billy when she learns Brash ‘n Sassy has been sold. But Billy is clueless.


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