July 20: The Bold and the Beautiful History Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ridge to Focus on His Family

Tuesday, July 20, 2016 – Episode #7379


Ridge Will Focus On His Family

20 July 2016 B&B SpoilersRidge and Brooke’s conversation turns to Ridge’s personal life.  He’s had a lot of changes recently.  Thanks to Katie, he was cornered into telling Thomas that Douglas was Thomas’ son.  Thomas, Ridge and Caroline came to an agreement that they should keep the secret to avoid Douglas being raised in the shadow of a family scandal. But once Bill and Brooke learned the truth, Thomas as least understood too many people already knew.  Finally, Thomas and Caroline convinced Ridge to tell the truth.  Which he did.

And it cost him his job as CEO of Forrester Creations.  Eric once again was forced into making a new CEO selection.  This time, thanks to some advice from Quinn, his new mystery woman, Eric decided to step back into the role himself.

Talking to Brooke, Ridge supposes that Eric stepping in to the CEO role will actually turn out to be a good thing.  It will allow him to focus on his family.  Despite Thomas now being acknowledged as Douglas’ father, Ridge will still have a role raising the boy as he is married to Douglas’ mother.

But that brings up a whole lot of other concerns. Ridge has noticed that the Thomas and Caroline now share a bond that will never go away and will only deepen as they raise their son together. Ridge tells Brooke that the way Caroline looks at Thomas is the way she used to look at him.  Brooke will be surprised to hear this, and finds it even more shocking that Ridge thinks Caroline may fall for Thomas.

Romance in the Air for Zende and Nicole

Zende and Nicole enjoy a romantic dinner in the Forrester mansion.  She tells him when she is with him she feels like she lacks for nothing.  Zende reciprocates by telling Nicole she is the finest most generous woman that he has ever met.

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Monday, July 20, 2015 – Episode #7123

Out Front

Vivienne is proud as Maya takes to the runway.  Julius not so much.  Julius wants to leave, but Vivienne tells him they are watching their daughter.

Rick tells Maya between changes he has a little surprise for her.


Aly watches the show looking hostile.  Steffy says they could use her help.  Let me help pull you out of this mood Steffy says realizing Aly isn’t really on board with the show or the shows message.  Aly says this isn’t fashion this is filthy and degrading.  Aly doesn’t want to talk to her.  Steffy tries to send her home.  She shouldn’t be here.  It’s not good for her.  Aly protest that Steffy has no idea what is good for Aly, or the company.

Steffy tells her she didn’t mean to upset her.  She’s concerned about her.  Aly spits that she is fine.  Steffy tells Aly that this is groundbreaking for Forrester.  That isn’t freedom Aly says.  Provocative yes.  But it’s about self expression for every woman, Steffy defends.  Aly wonders if Maya fits in that.  Steffy says she most certainly does. Aly says these are not the values her mother and grandparents stood for.  Steffy says Darla wouldn’t have had issue with the line.

Aly grabs Steffy and tells her not to dare talk to her about her mother.  Aly mourns the loss of the hope for the future values.  Hope for the future is no longer needed, Steffy says.  Hope is gone.  We are not afraid to go forwards, Steffy says. Steffy stops arguing with Aly.  Steffy tells Aly to leave. Aly says she is a true Forrester and entitled to be there.  Steffy can’t tell her to leave.  Then act like one Steffy spits.  Aly hears Darla tell her to put an end to this depravity.

What they did to you, you must do to them Darla tells Aly as Steffy closes the show.

Showstopper Proposal

Backstage Liam looks for Steffy.  Liam finds Steffy.  Steffy says Aly isn’t doing so great.  She’s dealing with a lot.

Its showstopper time and Maya is about to take the runway.  She reflects on her relationship with Rick and his support of her.  Rick tells her that she’s making Forrester history today.  Rick says she’s beautiful and today the whole world will feel about her.

She’s the show. It’s her story and her message, Steffy tells Maya.  Maya takes the runway as a 21st century woman of freedom in the lines showstopper.

The models, Ridge and Caroline take the stage.  Aly watches from backstage.    Even Julius rises for the standing ovation.

Rick takes the microphone as Ridge closes the show.  Rick want to let everyone know how he feels about Maya in front of her parents and the world.  Put and end to all the whispers.  Rick tells her he wants to marry her.  he gets down on one knee and proppses.  Maya Avant will you marry me.  Maya says yes and they kiss.


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