July 21: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Confronts Phyllis; Billy Punches Cane

Thursday July 21, 2016


Jack Confronts Phyllis

When Jack learns that the jet never left the tarmac on the weekend that Phyllis said she was headed to Montreal (and made phone calls pretending to be there), he confronts his wife about what she was actually doing that weekend.  She says nothing happened.  But Jack is not dummy.  He asks whey the Pilot would tell him the plane never left the tarmac that weekend.  Jack knows his marriage is going through a rocky patch and with Phyllis living at the club, it leads him to suspect that Phyllis is having an affair.

How will Phyllis explain this one away?

Luca Tells Summer Goodbye

July 21 2016 Y&R SpoilersLuca tells Summer that she is a Newman, entitled to her birthright.  To allow that to happen, he has come to say goodbye. But Summer looks shocked. She fell for Luca and even learning the truth that he was using her doesn’t mean she can turn her feelings off so easily.  Especially since he’s has claimed to have fallen for her.

Who Sold Brash ‘n Sassy?

Victoria watches as Bill calls Cane a son of a bitch and punches him.  Cane recovers from the blow and returns one in kind. Clearly he’s had something to do with selling Brash ‘n Sassy out from under Victoria.

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