July 21: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Brooke is Determined to Fix Things

Thursday, July 21, 2016 – Episode #7380


Determined Logan Women

July 21, 2016 B&BBrooke goes to see Bill at Spencer Publications.  She tells him that what he is doing; keeping Will from his mother; is wrong.  Brooke is determined and angry with Bill when she tells him that she isn’t going to let him do it.  She won’t allow it.

Bill gets another visit from an angry and determined Logan woman.  Katie demands to know what Bill has done with Will.  Where is her son she wants to know?

Brooke goes to Katie and tells her that she is determined to fix this (Bill taking Will from Katie).

Quinn Puts Wyatt In A Bad Position

Wyatt visits with his mother at her apartment.  He is aghast to learn that she snuck into Forrester Creations disguised as a Russian guy.  Quinn is practical about it.  She tells her son she wouldn’t have gotten very far dressed as herself.

Wyatt tells his mother that he loves her.  She thinks that is sweet.  But, Wyatt says, he really hates the position she puts him in.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015 – Episode #7124

Rick, Maya and the Proposal

Everyone admires Maya’s ring and Nicole is impressed with Rick’s proposal.  Rick was confident enough in the result to propose. Julius notes he asked Vivienne’s father first before asking Vivienne to marry him.  Julius however, says he approves and their union has his blessing.

Later Brooke tells Maya that she is happy about Rick and Maya’s marriage despite her intense works about disclosing last time when Rick was about to propose.

Rick wants Julius and Vivienne to stay for the wedding which is soon.  Alone, Julius helps himself to a new lifestyle.  He still has the same opinions he just is doing a better job of hiding it and impressing his new son in law.  Julius notes Rick could have any woman he wants – an actual woman and he chooses Maya.  Julius says she’s not her problem anymore if the marry him off to Rick.  Instead of being embarrassed they can enjoy the benefits.  So this is about the money Vivienne says.  He’s been lying.  Vivienne says he isn’t trying hard enough to accept Maya.  Julius says he’s doing the best he can.  Maybe if he stays around these crazy LA people long enough he’ll be able to accept.  Vivienne is aghast.

Alone, Rick and Maya kiss.  They are getting married.  He isn’t waiting he learned from Carter’s experience, he jokes.

Aly’s Been So Dark

Backstage Wyatt, Steffy, Liam and Ivy toast the show and Rick and Maya’s engagement.  Steffy invites Sly to have a drink.  Aly states she isn’t 21 yet.  Steffy tries to engage Aly in conversation but she storms off.

The others tell Steffy, she tried.

Darla isn’t surprised because Steffy is after  all the daughter of a drunk.  Darla tells her that she and Ivy are the only two Forrester’s left with a sense of what is right.  Aly tells Darla it doesn’t have to be that way.  She can turn it around by doing something big.  Do it tonight Darla encourages.

Ivy says Aly has been dark recently.  She thinks she needs professional help.  Aly goes straight to her room when she gets home Ivy notes.  Steffy wants them to engage with Aly at the part tonight.  Stefyy wants tonight to be the start of Aly putting her demos behind her.

Outside, Aly punctures the tire of Steffy’s car with a nail…

They note they would love to beat Rick’s highest quarterly record that Rick spent so much time braggin about.  Ivy and Wyatt have jewelry to put away.  Steffy sasy Ivy still thinks there is a chance for them.  Liam says he meant what he said to her.  he’s committed to Steffy.  Steffy doesn’t want Liam to tell Ivy tonight.  She wants everyone to enjoy the celebration.

Outside,  Steffy gets in her car and drives off as Aly watches…then follows on the highway.

The After Party at the Forrester Mansion

Nicole changes the music to “save” the after party that is just getting started by the pool.  Ivy arrives with Liam and Wyatt. Ivy goes to check on Aly in her room.  In Aly’s room Ivy realizes Aly just made it look like she was in bed.  She looks in Aly’s closet (thinking she may have run away?)and sees the mutilated photos of Steffy.  Oh my god Ivy mutters.

Ivy gets Liam and Wyatt…Whatt eh hell Wyatt states.  Liam cals Steffy since they don’t know where Aly is or what she is up to.  Steffy misses the call

Steffy gets a Flat Tire

Liam gets a call from Steffy who is still driving.  She’s on her way. After hanging up up, she gets a flat tire and pulls to the side of the road.  Steffy has no cell service…she begins to change her own tire.

In the distance Aly watches Do it take her out – the same way her mother took me, Darla tells her daughter.  Aly aims the car at Steffy.  Steffy is just like her mother Aly rants and drives. Strike hard Darla tells her daughter.

Steffy sees the oncoming car and screams…


Monday July 21, 2014

Deacon has a soft spot for the Logan women

Katie, Hope and Brooke were discussing Bill being responsible for Ridge falling out of the helicopter in Dubai when Deacon arrived at Brooke’s house unannounced.  He came bearing gifts – Hope’s favorite ice cream – he declared when Brooke scolded Deacon telling him he couldn’t just come and go as he liked.

While Deacon was in the kitchen, Brooke and Katie speculated about Deacon overhearing their conversation.  Deacon reentered the room and proved he had.  Brooke was clearly uncertain whether Bill was involved – or not.  Deacon told the ladies someone needed to lean on Justin to get the truth out of him.  Donna perhaps?  But the ladies stated that Justin was as loyal to Bill as Alison was.

Mention of Alison had Deacon remembering kissing Bill’s blonde assistant in Italy. Deacon stated that he had a soft spot for Logan women and had a plan to prove the how useful he could be to have around.  He was after all a man of many talents.

Ridge accuses Justin and Bill

Meanwhile at Spencer Publications, Ridge was confronting Justin about his being the pilot of the helicopter and dumping him into the Gulf on Bill’s orders.  Bill arrived in time to tell Ridge that was enough.  Ridge left but not before telling Bill that he knew Justin was in Dubai and had caused the accident.   Once Ridge had proof, Bill would lose his business, his family, AND Brooke…

Bill, however, wasn’t worried.  Justin had cleaned up the trail leading to them and when Alison arrived she spouted “the company line”.

Bill went home and Alison turned her attention to deleting files from Bill’s computer.  While she was doing so, she received a call from Deacon – he’d be right over Deacon told Alison.

At home, Brooke learned of Ridge accosting Justin.  Ridge had gone too far with his accusations Bill stated.  He’d been patient but the accusations were getting tiresome.  Brooke noted that when Bill’s patience expired he pushed back.  Bill questioned whether Brooke believed Katie and Ridge’s accusations.

Brooke asked Bill for the absolute truth.  Did he try to kill Ridge, she wanted to know.  Bill told Brooke he didn’t try to kill Ridge.  Yet when Bill and Brooke hugged tears escaped down Brooke’s cheek unseen by Bill…