July 22: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Quinn Will Push Steffy Back To Liam

Friday, July 22, 2016 – Episode #7381


It’s Not Kidnapping; It’s Parenting

July 22, 2016 B&b SpoiersIn a confrontation between Brooke and Katie, and Bill, Brooke yells at Bill “Do you really think you are in the right here?” She continues to tell Bill that what he has done, taking Will from his mother, is kidnapping.  Bill tells Brooke to dial down the melodrama.  Bill retaliates that what he has done is not called kidnapping.  It’s called parenting Bill states

Quinn Goes to Monte Carlo

Quinn learned from Wyatt that Eric Forrester will be joining him, Steffy and Liam at the Spencer Summit as a guest speaker. Clearly Deacon realizes that Quinn plans to follow Eric to Monte Carlo.  He looks for divine guidance in looking for an explanation for how a woman so intelligent can be also be so naive.

Quinn Will Push Steffy Back Where She Belongs

On the flight to Monte Carlo, Eric Forrester relaxes with a glass of champagne and a conversation with Liam Spencer.  Liam confides in Eric about his feeling for Steffy and what Quinn did to him that resulted in Steffy marrying Wyatt.

Liam tells Eric that he believes Quinn will do something to push Steffy over the edge.  The only silver lining that Liam can see as a result is that perhaps it will push Steffy back to where she belongs; with him.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015 – Episode #7125

On the highway

Steffy struggles with her tire as Aly starts her car.  This is for you mom.  For the whole family,  Put an end to her Darla tells her daughter.  Get rid of her, make her pay Aly. Strike hard Darla tells Aly as she accelerates towards a screaming Steffy.

The car stops.  Steffy gets up from the ground and asks Aly if she’s crazy.  She pulls Aly out of the car.  What are you doing you could have killed me Steffy yells.

You disgust me Aly yells.  You and Maya.  Steffy realizes that Aly was following her and sabotaged her car to reenact the night Aly’s mother died.  The night your mother killed my mother, Aly yells.

Steffy asks if Aly’s morality includes crushing her under a car.  Aly doesn’t get to say what is right or wrong, Steffy says.  Life is short, Aly needs to deal with the cards she is dealt.  You have to let this go Steffy tells Aly as she grabs her head in emotional distress.

Aly calms.  Steffy says that everyone has lied and cheated including the best people they know.  Darla lived her life like Maya and Steffy are doing.  Your mom died on this road and there is nothing we can do to change that.  You just have to accept it Steffy says.  Aly breaks down and Steffy hugs her.  Aly feels all alone – her mom dead, her father in Paris, and Forrester has lost its way.  Everything good and decent has been taken from her life. Aly says.  And now you want me out too.  You’re not going to get away with it Aly says.  She picks up the tire iron and swings it at Steffy.  Steffy begs her to put it down as she watches in fear.


At the mansion Liam can’t get hold of Steffy.  Whatever is alienating Aly isn’t about a disagreement, a grudge about a shoe line or a bad mood.  Its hate, Wyatt says.

Ivy tries to talk down Aly’s obliterating photos of Steffy and Maya.  Liam says Wyatt is right this is a mental health emergency they need to get hold of her therapist.  Ivy says she outgrew the therapist and isn’t seeing one.  Liam says they need to acknowledge that Aly isn’t okay.

At the After Party

Nicole reflects on her relationship with Zende and smiles.  He comes inside from the pool. Nicole asks about skinny dipping.  Zende says when Forrester’s show off they show off in clothes.  Like the  show says Nicole.

Rick and Maya arrive.  Nicole is proud of how she did today. They discuss Julius staying.  They never imagined it. Ridge and Caroline have headed home and Steffy isn’t there either.  Maya and Rick are sure the party girl will be there before you know it – with a case of tequila and a mariachi band.

Rick and Maya have martinis that Maya prepares every day after work (replicating Stephanie and Eric’s tradition).  Nicole doesn’t get the martini think they taste bad anyway they come.  Zende says that is what makes you drink them so slow. Rick and Maya wonder again where Steffy is.

Nicole spots a gift.  It’s a swag bag from the fashion show.

Ivy wants to know if Aly has gone to pick up Thorne from the airport.  Rick says Thorne isn’t flying in til the morning.  Ivy, Liam and Wyatt show Rick, Maya, Zende and Nicole the collage of mutilated photos of Steffy and Maya.

Ivy notes that Aly sees people as good or bad. Pure and righteous is good – like Stephanie and Darla.  Or dead Rick notes.  Liam worries about Steffy.  They can’t track down Thornes flight.

Ivy knows where Aly goes when she’s upset, Thorne’s old office (rick notes security would have that locked down for the night), her old home or the stretch of highway where Darla died.  Ivy heads out to look for Aly there.  Ivy reflects on her friendship with Ivy.

Nicole asks about Darla’s death.  Rick was in Paris, but Zende was there.  It was Aly’s birthday.  Phoebe, Steffy’s twin (who later died in a car accident with Rick) got a flat on the highway.  Darla went to help Phoebe.  Taylor was already on the way.  Taylor had been drinking and hit Darla with her car and killed her.  It was a hit and run Rick notes.  Then Thorne conferred with Taylor to help Aly through the death of her mom.  No wonder Aly sees betrayal everywhere Maya notes.

Rick asks Liam and Wyatt to stay help him talk to Aly when she gets home.


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