July 25: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Deacon Warns Quinn Going to Monte Carlo Will Backfire

Monday, July 25, 2016 – Episode #7382


Deacon Thinks Going to Monte Carlo Will Backfire on Quinn

25 July 2016 B&B SpoilersDeacon tries to reason with Quinn telling her that going to Monte Carlo is a bad idea.  But Quinn doesn’t appreciate the advice from her ex-husband and only friend.  She tells him to stop trying to talk her out of it; she is going to Monte Carlo and that is final.

Deacon has the final word though.  He tells Quinn that he has the feeling that this whole thing is going to back fire on her big-time. (Like most of Quinn’s schemes do).

Eric Hears How Much Damage Quinn Has Caused Liam

Meanwhile, Eric and Liam continue their conversation.  Eric tells Liam that it doesn’t tak a genius to work out that all of this forced exposure to Wyatt and Steffy is wearing on him. Eric can see that.  (Bill pretty much insisted Liam go to Monte Carlo with Wyatt and Steffy despite Liam protesting that it would be too awkward for him.)

The conversation turns to Quinn and Liam says that its hard to imagine that one woman could cause so much damage.

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  1. Quinn will do every thing or any thing to please her self. I think after the conversion that Eric is having with Liam he doesn’t know if it’s a good Idea that Steffy will know that he is seeing Quinn. Steffy is not going to like it very much to see Quinn. Deacon talled her that it will get her into truble but she never listen to him even if he is right. Liam is going to be happy if Steffy leaves Wyatt it will benefit him that Quinn will do the worke for him. Will have to see. That will be alot of fun to watch.

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