July 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Confronts Bill About His Infidelity

2016: Liam confronts Bill; 2014: Quinn attacked Liam with a life sized Spencer sword; 2013: Liam stood Hope up and Wyatt took advantage; 2011: Ridge and Taylor's wedding day arrived

Monday, July 4, 2016 – Episode #7367


Liam and Bill Face Off

July 4 2016 B&B SpoilersBill Spencer has been hard on Liam recently.  Bill has demanded that Liam respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage, no matter how unfair the circumstances that led to their union are.  Bill went to far as to tell Liam if he couldn’t do it, he would have to make his own way in the world without the benefit of the Spencer family name, job or Malibu beach house.

Liam found a way to respect his father’s wishes.  Bill’s own marriage to Katie hasn’t been easy Liam reasoned, yet his father had stood by his troubled wife, respecting the commitment that they made on their wedding day.  Liam decided he would live up to his father’s example and now holds Bill up as a paragon of marital virtue.

But Bill came tumbling off the pedestal Liam placed him on when he witnessed Bill and Brooke kissing in the secret napping room Bill had installed. Liam already had reason to question Bill’s commitment to his marriage when he found a woman’s earring in the bed of the napping room, but Allison and Bill convinced him it was Katie’s earring (when in reality it was Brookes).

Liam now knows better.  His own eyes are telling him that.  Liam isn’t the same pushover that Quinn kidnapped months ago.  That experience has hardened Liam, and now faced with his father’s hypocrisy Liam will confront his father about not only having an affair, but having an affair with his wifes sister.

Liam demands that Bill tell his wife what has been going on.  Likely because it will save Liam having to honor the pact he made with Katie to protect each others interests.  But Bill likes to be in control and tells Liam in no uncertain terms that Bill is not going to tell Katie anything, and nor is Liam…

Steffy Upset by Wyatt

Steffy isn’t happy when her husband goes to see his mother; the mother that Steffy doesn’t want anywhere near her.  Wyatt promised in his wedding vows to Steffy that he would always put her first.  Is Steffy perhaps questioning this commitment that Wyatt made to her?  For whatever reason Steffy finds herself remembering a promise that Liam made to her…

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Episode Summary:

Liam Calls Bill A Hypocrite

Liam watches Bill and Brooke kiss in the napping room.  Brooke pulls away and tells Bill they can’t keep doing this.  It has to stop.

Liam leaves Bill’s office. He thinks back to finding the woman’s earring in the napping room.  Allison returns from her errand. Allison can give Bill a message if he likes.  Liam is stunned and wouldn’t know what to say

In the napping room, Brooke pulls out of Bills arms.  He belongs with Katie and Will.  This is the last time this is happening Brooke says as she storms out.

Liam goes back into Bill’s office.  Liam goes on about Bill leading the company and the family; handing out advice.  But Liam knows his secret.  He’s not the man or leader the family thinks he is.  Liam spits that Bill is a hypocrite.

Bill warns Liam to cool his jets if he wants to talk. Liam goes over Bill speck about family first and the sanctity of marriage; and finding the earring in the napping room. Bill isn’t putting up with Liam’s attitude.  Liam says its bad enough that he is unfaithful, after his sanctity of marriage lectures; but with his wife’s sister.  Bill yells his private life is none of Liam’s concern.

Bill says this all has to do with Steffy.  Bill says he and Brooke have an adult relationship.  Liam says he’s an adult.  It’s called an affair.  Liam wonders why he should do what Bill tells him.  None of it matters because his father’s a liar.

He saw him with Brooke.  He’s been lying to Katie all this time.  And he convinced Katie she was being paranoid. But the problem has been Bill all along.  Katie isn’t afraid that that Bill will leave her she’s afraid that Bill will betray her. Bill tells Liam his concern isn’t about Katie; this is all about Steffy.

You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore, Liam yells at his father.  You don’t get to lecture me about loyalty and integrity anymore.  The only reason he stayed away from Steffy was because of what Bill said.  Spencer men respect marriage. Well you first Liam yells at his father.  Tell your wife Liam says. Bill yells back that he isn’t going to tell Katie and nor is Liam.  Liam doesn’t need to listen to Bill’s lies anymore.

Liam says Bill doesn’t live up to the Spencer sword around his neck and goes to leave.  He doesn’t have to listen to Bill or respect his brother’s sham marriage to the woman he loves.  Liam is going to get the girl.

Steffy Remembers Liam’s Promise

Steffy and Katie prepare for a 4th of July party at Steffy and Wyatt’s.  Katie asks if she can invite Brooke.  Steffy is happy for Katie to invite whoever she wants, as long as her name isn’t Quinn. Steffy knows it sounds like a cliché – a new wife complaining about her mother in law.  Steffy knows that is difficult on Wyatt but Steffy doesn’t’ want Quinn near her or her family.  Steffy can’t forgive Quinn for what she did.

Wyatt arrives.  Katie goes home quickly but will be back later.  Wyatt and Steffy discuss grilling and fireworks for the party.  Steffy says there will be fireworks if his mom turns up. Steffy reiterates Quinn had better stay away from her and her family.

Steffy learns that Wyatt was with his mother earlier in the day at her apartment. Wyatt wanted to make sure his mom is okay. Steffy is worried that Quinn will turn up today.  Her home and her family is off limits.  Wyatt says his mother seems like she’s trying to make a fresh start.

Alone, Steffy pulls out the sea shell that Liam gave her as a symbol of how far he would go for them to be together again.

Katie Invites Brooke to Their Independence Day Celebrations

Katie asks Brooke over to her house.  She asks Brooke to join them for the holiday. Katie understands Brooke would never act on her feelings for Bill.  She apologizes for accusing her.  Katie wants to move on.  She’s trying make peace with what Brooke and Bill shared.  Brooke would forget about it if she could.  Katie will keep telling herself that Brooke would never act on it because she loves Brooke and wants her in her life.

Quinn and Eric Discuss Their Relationship

Eric is glad Quinn is here, but he notes Steffy would be furious with him. Quinn says everyone is off celebrating the holiday.  His car was alone in the driveway.  She was wondering if he was lonely also.

Eric likes this; he enjoys her company but he needs her to understand that is as far as it can go given her history with his family.  They kiss. After sex Eric wonders what it is about him; all his life he’s flirted with disaster and dangerous women.

Quinn is honored to know that she is his “type” .  Eric agrees she is.  Eric gets dressed. Quinn knows her and a Forrester barbeque isn’t an option.  Eric says they can’t keep doing this.  Quinn says they aren’t hurting anyone.  Eric reiterates this isn’t going anywhere.  Quinn agrees and warns him not to get attached to her.

Quinn can’t change her mistakes but she can try to move forward and make a new life for herself.


Friday, July 4, 2014

Deacon visited Brooke

Deacon stopped by Brooke’s house to tell her that he was back in Los Angeles to build a relationship with his daughter.  Brooke told Deacon to get out when he questioned her about hooking up with Spencer.  Bill arrived and told the convict to beat it. Deacon left

Is Quinn capable of Murder

Hope and Liam were clearly rattled by Quinn’s latest round of death threats that included Hope.  Liam told Wyatt that he could deal with it, but when Quinn made threats against Hope’s life enough is enough.  Hope asked Wyatt if he thought his mother was capable of murder. Wyatt told the couple that his mother had flown off the handle and he would take care of it.  Hope and Liam wouldn’t be bothered by her again Wyatt promised as he left.

Quinn’s anger

While polishing her newly fashioned life size Spencer sword Quinn received a text from Wyatt.  He needed to see her.  He was with Liam and Hope.  Quinn deduced that the pathetic little worm (Liam) told Wyatt and Hope about her threats.

Deacon arrived just as Quinn was putting away the sword.  He asked to see what she’d been working on so diligently recently since it was finished.  Quinn showed him.  Deacon was impressed with the workmanship and called the sword “Killer”.  Quinn stated that that was the point.  Quinn packed up the sword and left the warehouse with it – to keep a promise to someone.

Wyatt learned about the sword

Wyatt arrived at the loft, but instead of his mother found only Deacon there.  Deacon told him that Quinn had gone out with a sword she’d made.  Deacon then noticed Wyatt’s Spencer sword necklace and told him the sword was just like the one he wore around his neck.  Only it was no piece of jewelry; it was the real deal and sharp as hell.  Wyatt tore out of the warehouse panicked stating he had to go.

Die by the Spencer sword…

After Hope left, Liam locked up to go to bed.  As he was about to lock the door to the patio, Quinn pushed inside.  Liam threatened to call the police but Quinn told him that it was Independence Day.  Today Wyatt and Hope would be free from him for good.  Quinn kicked Liam in the sprined ankle sending him to the kitchen floor in agony.  It would all be over soon Quinn told Liam as she pulled out the sword.  A terrified Liam backed away from Quinn as far as he could.  Quinn told him that this was the Spencer sword – the one he wasn’t man or worth enough to wear.  She’d warned him “Live by the sword, die by the sword” Quinn spat as she put the sharp blade against Liam’s neck.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Caroline planned for Rick to see the saucy Room 8 scenes

Caroline and Raphael put the finishing touches on the sample episode that they planned to show Rick at his 4th of July party that night.  Maya had invited Raphael and told him he could invite a guest.  Of course neither Maya nor Rick would anticipate Caroline being that guest.

Rick 4th of July party got started with guests arriving, including Wyatt – Hope’s mystery guest for the party.  Carter arrived with Dayzee and Marcus and watched Maya and Rick kiss.  He should have gotten to town earlier, Marcus teased his brother.

The HFTF models listened as Hope regaled them with story of how she and the hunky guy (Wyatt) met. Meanwhile the guest that Hope most wanted to be at the party – Liam – wasn’t there.  Wyatt noted that Hope’s boyfriend was absent also.

Maya who was nervous about Rick seeing the footage of her make out scene with Carter delayed Rick seeing it by telling him he could see the Room 8 footage anytime but the fireworks only happened once a year.

Liam called Steffy and stood up Hope

Liam was at home talking to Bill.  Bill had filled Liam in on events at Brooke’s birthday party after Katie threw out the guests. When Liam told his father he had to know what he’d done with Brooke was wrong, Bill told his son to worry about his own marriage.  Making party plans with Hope wasn’t going to resolve the state of his marriage.  Liam agreed and with renewed determination he called Steffy.  She answered but she told him that nothing had changed they were getting a divorce and her attorney would be in touch.

Liam called Hope as the fireworks were starting and told her he’d gotten hung up.  Hope immediately understood what was going on – What time was it in Paris she wanted to know.  She told Liam not to bother coming to the party.  It would be over by the time he got there anyway.

Wyatt was there for Hope when Liam wasn’t

Wyatt noticed Hope’s anger at Liam.  He told her he didn’t know what Liam’s problem was.  But he was here.  He caressed her cheek and kissed it…


Monday, July 4, 2011

Ridge and Eric discuss a son betraying his father

Ridge admitted to Eric that he was getting married to Taylor so quickly after learning that Brooke had betrayed him with his son because he was worried he may forgive Brooke.  Having had experience in just a situation Eric told his son that in time he would forgive both Brooke and Thomas.

Ridge apologized for his part in betraying him with Brooke who at the time was his father’s wife.  Eric said it was fine now – he no longer had anything Ridge wanted.  But Ridge disagreed and asked Eric to be his best man.  Eric confessed he thought the marriage was a mistake and the ultimate outcome would be Taylor getting hurt when Ridge went back to Brooke as he always did.  Despite his misgivings, Eric agreed.

Brooke grieved the loss of her marriage

Donna and Katie tried to distract Brooke from the day’s events by preparing a meal at Brooke’s house.  Brooke wasn’t keen on company however and left them to it.  Hope thought her mother should call Thomas out for being the liar he is.  Alone Brooke recalled each of her and Ridge’s weddings.  At the Forrester mansion Ridge was doing the same.

Dayzee expected Stephanie and Thomas to tell the truth

Stephanie tried to convince Thomas not to reveal their lie.  It was the only way to stop husband stealing Brooke once and for all.  Dayzee expressed disappointment in both Stephanie and Thomas.  They went back to the party where everyone was sharing the best advice their mother had ever given them.  Thomas shared that his mother had taught him not to fear being wrong as everyone would be at some point in their lives.  Dayzee watched as Thomas remained silent…