July 5: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Confronts Brooke About Her Affair With Bill; Katie Catches Bill Lying

2016: Liam confronts Brooke; Katie catches Bill in a lie

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 – Episode #7368


july 5 2016 B&B SpoilersHaving failed to get his father to go to his wife and tell her about his affair with Brooke, Liam tries another tactic.  He tells Brooke that he knows about what has been going on between her and Bill.  And Brooke isn’t as strong and Bill…

Bill and Katie make speeches about family and marriage at Steffy and Wyatt’s 4th of July bash.

Bill comes inside and poses with Steffy’s sun hat. He asks Caroline if the dressmaker is coming but he is staying home with Douglas.  Katie says she hopes Brooke makes it.

Episode Summary:

Independence Day Bash At Wyatt and Steffy’s

Wyatt takes photos of Steffy in her bikini for their social media platform.  Caroline finds this interesting,  Katie thinks it’s a good idea. Caroline wonders if Liam is coming

Bill comes inside and poses with Steffy’s sunhat.  He asks Caroline where the dressmaker is.  She says he’s stayed home with Douglas.

Bill makes a speech.  Caroline is the daughter he never had.  She’s started her own branch of the Spencer family; he wishes it was with someone else.  Bill admires and is proud of Wyatt.  His social media campaign is proof of his savvy and good instincts.  He’s glad Steffy is part of the family.  He’s not sure Thomas is to him, but he doesn’t mind having him around. They are all great people and he can realize this because of Katie.  She taught him what he didn’t know about the importance of family.  They have had their challenges and struggles but they are family in the deepest and most permanent sense of the word.

Later, Katie makes a speech inspired by Liam.  Marriage is about surviving the bad times so they can savor the good.  And the Spencer’s are strong and survivors.; especially with someone like Bill to show them the way.  He teaches her about love faithfulness and compassion every day.  She values their family so much.  She hasn’t said it enough lately, but she loves Bill. Bill and Katie hug.

Bill Makes More Demands

Liam is at home reflecting on the argument he had with his father.  His phone rings. It’s Bill.  He tells him to get to the family party at Wyatt and Steffy’s. Liam says he’s not coming.  Bill tells him to get his butt over here.  Liam says if he does will he have to respect Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage like Bill does his own?  Liam tells his father no thanks, and hangs up.  He picks up his car keys and leaves.

Liam Confronts Brooke

At Forrester Creations Thomas asks Brooke is she wants a ride to Wyatt and Steffy’s.  Brooke tells him she’s going to sit this one out.  Brooke is surprised when Liam arrives.  Brooke asks why he isn’t at the party.  Liam says he can’t stand being around hypocrites, his dad at the moment.

Katie calls Brooke to see if she’s coming.  Brooke says she isn’t.  She should have fun with her family and not have to worry.  Katie tells Bill that Brooke sounded upset.  Bill is sure Brooke is fine.  They hug.

Liam can see that this is eating away at Brooke.  Brooke admits she hates that she betrayed her sister.  Liam says, then tell the truth.  Liam asks what happened.  It was supposed to happen long ago.  Brooke says they did break up and this is all her fault.  She opened her mouth and told Bill she loved him then their feelings became a runaway train.

Brooke says they got close but never got intimate, Liam guesses that is something.  Brooke admits that Katie heard her and that is when she spun out of control.  Liam says she’s had a front row seat to what Katie is going through.  She thinks she’s losing her mind. From Katies perspective she’s either crazy or the two people she loves most in the world are lying to her.  They have to stop putting her through this mental torture. She deserves to know she wasn’t paranoid, Liam says.

But Brooke  thinks telling Katie now will just send her into a tailspin.  But Liam thinks she is already there. Liam encourages Brooke to make it right. Give her the firm emotional ground by telling Katie the truth and its over.  One more betrayal and Liam is worried it will put Katie over the edge.

Katie Catches Bill In A Lie

At Wyatt and Steffy’s Bill steps away and calls Brooke. Katie wishes Brooke was there.  Bill notes she sounds upset.  Brooke tells him Liam is there.  Bill says he will get Liam in line, okay Brooke?

Katie arrives and asks who is on the phone.  Bill says the office, but Katie heard him say Brooke.  Which was it ?  The office?  Or my sister?  Katie asks.



  1. Bill is a peace of work why play with fire and loos
    Every thing? Kaite is going to do as she promised
    Why was it was so important to Bill to have one last
    Time to be with Brook he new that she didn’t want
    To Hart her sister. Liam is very angry at his father
    He is disappointed by Bill that he didn’t have the
    decency to end things with Kaite she would have
    Understand that things are not working any more in
    Her merrige. Brook is emberst of what she did to her

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