July 5: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Relays Ian’s Demands At Gunpoint

Tuesday July 5, 2016


Nikki Held Hostage at The Cabin

July 5 2016 Y&R SpoilersWith his mother held hostage by Ian Ward, Dylan is frustrated by the polices lack of progress.  Ian took Nikki hostage at the courthouse where he’d just finished testifying for Adam.  With the prison break plan botched, Ian improvised, stole his guard’s gun and took Nikki hostage.  Before excepting from the courthouse, with Dylan in pursuit, Ian shot Victor.

Ian is clearly desperate and has already proved he will fire his weapon to get what he wants.  Dylan is right to be worried.  He complains to Paul that while Ward has his mother and her life is at stake all they can do is chase down a few worthless leads.

Jack becomes concerned about Phyllis because he hasn’t heard from her.  jack tells Bill that he thinks he’s going to  go back to the cabin where he left her to attend Adam’s trial.

Ian Ward Relays His Demands to Victor via Nikki

Of course what jack doesn’t realize is the cabin is precisely where Ian took Nikki and now the prison escapee has two hostages not only one; Nikki and Phyllis.  Since Victor took a bullet trying to protect Nikki from potentially taking a bullet herself, Ian now knows Victor will do pretty much anything for the woman who is soon to be his ex-wife.

Ian has Nikki put in a call to Victor.  She has a gun at her head and sounds scared. Victor takes the call from his hospital bed where he is recovering from the injuries sustained when Ian shot him.  Victor is well aware of how much danger Nikki is in.  Nikki tells Victor that she is with Ian and Victor should do exactly as she says.  Of course she will be relaying Ian’s demands…

Episode Highlights:

Dr Gates overhears Victor talking with Victoria and Nick.  Victor tells them he loves his family so much, he would even take a bullet for them, but they betrayed him; their love put him behind bars.  Victor’s monitors go off. Meredith chases Victoria and Nick form he room and tends to Victor. Meredith feels she understands Victor better after hearing the conversation.  Victor takes a call from Nikki. She tells  Victor to do exactly what she says.  He is to wire $5 million to Ian’s Cayman account in the next two hours of Nikki dies. Victor won’t tell the police.  He knows that’s a sure fire tactic to get Nikki killed.

Dr Gates takes Victor for an MRI. Later, Victor is not in his room, the guard realizes he’s missing. News of Victor’s escape spreads.

At the cabin, Phyllis begins yelling while Nikki is on the phone to Victor.  She’s trying to let Victor know that she is also being held captive. While Ian shushes Phyllis Nikki tells Victor where they are.

Dr Gates takes Victor for an MRI. Later, Victor is not in his room, the guard realizes he’s missing. News of Victor’s escape spreads.

Later, Victor turns up at the cabin and tells Ian he is the one who is going to die.

Sharon tells Dylan that the shooting at the courthouse sent her into a panic that Dylan would be in danger and Sully would grow up without a father.  Meanwhile, Mariah fills Kevin in on Sharon seeing Sage.  Kevin wants to understand why.  Mariah stops short of telling him about Sully and says it’s because Sage died in Sharon’s arms. Kevin promises not to tell Dylan if Sharon stays on her meds.  Sharon says she will.

Dylan leaves with Paul to chase down a lead about Nikki.  The lead proves worthless and Dylan expresses his frustrations to Paul. They get another lead and follow It up.


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