July 6: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Delivers an Ultimatum; Katie Takes a Drink

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 – Episode #7369


Liam’s Ultimatum

July 6 2016 B&b SpoilersBrooke is being hounded on both sides.  Liam having failed to make his father see reason about telling his wife the truth about his affair with Brooke, has gone to Brooke to see if he can reason with her.  Liam appeals to Brooke to do the right thing by her sister.  He has had a ringside seat to Katie’s downward spiral all caused by the sense that her husband and sister are betraying her- again.  But they isist that they aren’t so the only other possibility is that she is going crazy.

Liam tells Brooke  that Katie is already over the edge, they need to put her mind at ease that she isn’t going crazy.  But Brooke doesn’t see any point in doing that since she and Bill are over.  Of course that assertion is tested with Bill calls Brooke.  He implores her not to let Liam make her do anything crazy. Bill believes that he can pull his son into line.

So, Liam is again at a stalemate.  Certainly he doesn’t want to be the one to tell Katie  the truth.  He wants it to come from either Bill or Brooke.  Since Bill Spencer doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to, Liam focuses on Brooke.  He takes a leaf out of the Bill Spencer playbook and delivers Brooke an ultimatum; either she tells Katie the truth, or he will.

Katie Sneaks a Drink

Meanwhile at Steffy and Liam’s 4th of July party, Katie has caught Bill out in a lie.  Thinking he was in a private corner of the Steffy and Wyatt’s yard, Bill called Brooke.  Just as he was hanging up Katie arrived and heard him on the phone.  She asked who it was.  Bill lied.  He said it was the office.  But Katie heard him say “Brooke”.  So who was it Katie wants to know, the office or Brooke?

Katie’s senses are on full alert for a Bill and Brooke betrayal, so deep down she knows she has caught him out lying.  Bill, of course will try to cover.  But when Katie is desperate for a drink, she will know he is compounding one lie with another.

The question is does she wait until she is home alone to sneak a drink or does she do it at the 4th of July party where the punch and margaritas appear to be flowing freely?

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Monday, July 6, 2015 – Episode #7114

After the Party

Ivy tidies as Liam Steffy and Wyatt exchange firework stories from their childhood. Liam shares a dangerous story and Ivy says that’s why fireworks are illegal in Australia..  Ivy admits her dad did get hold of roman candles however.


4th July B&B Darla
Darla encourages her daughter to seek retribution

From the staircase, Ally sees her mother again.  She has to be stopped and there is no one to do it but you, Darla says.  There is no one but you.   Aly enters and tells Aly that Steffy shouldn’t have come back.  Liam tells Aly it’s enough when she goes on her rant about Steffy thinking freedom is exposing her body.

Liam is disappointed in Liam.  He was better with Hope.  And Ivy.   Liam says he cares about Aly and doesn’t want harsh words to come between them.  Steffy drags Liam out.  She has a surprise for him.  Ivy watches them leave.  Wyatt tells Ivy that if you’re willing to drag Liam, he can be dragged.

Aly wants to know why they let Rick and Maya and Steffy take whatever they want.  Why do they get walked all over.

Ivy wants to know why Aly doesn’t like Wyatt. Probably because of Hope. Wyatt tells Ivy not to let Liam or Steffy feel less than she is.  Ivy wonders if Liam has ever said no to Steffy.  There was one time Wyatt says – because of Ivy.  But there are some people you just can’t slam to door on – like his mother.  But Ivy is not to go around thinking she is second best.  Ivy says he’s great and kisses him on the cheek.

Ivy wonders about Aly.  Wyatt thinks she is in her room regressing to childhood when she still had her mom and sexiness wasn’t part of her world.


Steffy has a couples massage set up for them.  The massage girls start the massage then the Steffy replaces them massaging Liam.  It becomes seductive.  Liam snaps up and realizes that it was Steffy.  She laughs at him.  They kiss.

Liam says this is nice. She knows he isn’t sure if he wants to give up what he has for her.  Because he hasn’t quite forgiven her yet.  She’s just reminding him.  We belong together Steffy says.  We do Liam agrees and they kiss in the same place they were married – the second time.

Mrs Avant

In the kitchen Brooke asks what Mrs Avant was like.  Ricks says Maya and Nicole are talking to their mother in the guest house.  Brooke notes there is a lot of history between and mother and her children.  Rick says he will let Maya deal with her mother.  Rick doesn’t understand how anyone can treat Maya this way.

The Guesthouse

Nicole doesn’t want to go home, Nicole tells her mother. She knows what goes on on college campuses.  Nicole admits she wasn’t there for long.  Mrs Avant wonders if Nicole will ever finish anything.  If Maya will let her Nicole wants to stay.

Maya forgives her when she doesn’t always do the right thing.  Maya and Vivienne get into it. Vivienne failed to pray hard enough to save her precious child, but she failed Vivienne says.  Everyone in town feels like they need to tell Vivienne certain headlines.

Vivienne wonders how long Maya and Rick will last now that he knows and the whole world knows.  Maya asks her to stay for a few days.  Mrs Avant says only if they want their father to come looking for them.  Maya isn’t scared of him anymore.  She would love to have her parents back in her life again, but she will not turn her sister out of her home, like her parents did to her.

Vivienne tells Maya she knows about the little girl Maya lost.  She is so sorry – it’s the worst thing in the world to lose a child she says then leaves.


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