July 4: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Mariah and Victor Unconscious

Monday July 4, 2016


4 July 2016 Y&R SpoilersKevin rushes into the ranch house to find Mariah on the floor unconscious and a hysterical Sharon kneeling beside Mariah crying that she didn’t mean to hurt her.  You know that right Sharon asks of the unconscious young woman.  Sharon says “It was her, I had to get rid of her.”  Kevin perplexed looks at Sharon and asks who “her” is.

Outside the courtroom where Adam’s trial is in progress, Victor is also unconscious from a gunshot wound sustained in Ian Ward’s escape from jail.  Victor took a bullet when he stopped the guard shooting at Ian who had Nikki in his arms as a hostage.

Victor receives emergency medical aid but they are having trouble stopping the bleeding.  Fortunately prison medico Dr Gates is inside the courtroom, but since Victor kind of threw her under the bus with his testimony will she feel inclined to help?  Paul calls to check where the in hell the ambulance is  as Dylan, Jack and Victoria tend to Victor.

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Episode Highlights:

Phyllis feels some sort of guilt over coming to the cabin to celebrate Jack’s birthday and ending up sleeping with Billy. Guilt doesn’t prevent Phyllis telling Bill she loves him.  Billy wants a life with Phyllis, but she needs to think.  Billy leaves the cabin so Phyllis can do just that.

Phyllis is about to answer a call from Billy when Ian bursts into the cabin with Nikki held at gunpoint.  Nikki tells Phyllis what happened.  Ian now has one hostage too many.  He ties the ladies up. Phyllis tells Ward to give her the gun, she’ll shoot Nikki.

Kevin rushes inside when he sees Marian unconscious on the floor and Sharon kneeling over her.  Kevin wants to know what happened> Sharon repeats over and over it was “her” fault.  Kevin wants to know who “her” is when there is no one else present.

When Sharon comes to, she wants to go to the hospital and she wants Sharon to come with her- she needs her. Sharon isn’t keen, but agrees. At the hospital Sharon is surprised that her doctor is already there and that she is the intended patient, not Mariah.  She feels betrayed because Mariah tricked her.

When Dylan arrives Mariah tells him Sharon had a panic attack but she doesn’t tell him that Sharon is off her meds. Kevin thinks Dylan should know, but Mariah wants to protect Sharon.

Dr Gates comes out of the courtroom at the sound of a gunshot.  She tends to Victors wounds until an ambulance arrives. Victor is transported to the hospital.

Paul gets a call that the police lost Ian. He’s on the loose with Nikki as hostage. Michael files for a mistrial.

At the hospital Dr Gates confronts Victor about humiliating her in court. Victor cares for her but needed to keep his son out of prison.  Victor is told that Adam is responsible for Nikki being kidnapped. Paul arrives and asks if it was Victor who helped Ian escape.  Victor tells him to stop asking stupid questions.  Victor shoved the guard to protect Nikki from being hurt in the cross fire.  Ward was using her as a human shield.

Back at home, Adam realizes the botched escape and Nikki’s safety are all on him. He also wonders about Victor’s testimony.  He wonders if it is someone else framing him. Dylan arrives and says that Ian must have had help on the outside.  Dylan wants the truth.  His mother’s life is on the line.  Adam admits it was him. Michael arrives.  Adam is under house arrest.  When Mike learns about Adams involvement in Ian’s escape Michael informs him that may have cost him his freedom.


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