The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: July 11 – 15, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (July 11 – 15, 2016): With Katie spiraling emotionally Bill fears for their son; Liam goes after the girl. Wyatt isn’t pleased; a trip to Monte Carlo; and Ridge’s announcement sparks Forrester Creations CEO challenge

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy

    With Liam’ illusions about his father totally shattered he decides that he no longer has to adhere to Bill Spencer’s rules.  If Bill can’t respect his own marriage, Liam reasons he doesn’t have to respect Steffy and Wyatt’s either.

    Wyatt is shocked to learn that his brother plans to resume his pursuit of Steffy.  Liam is certain that Steffy loves him more than she does Wyatt and he is going to get the girl.

    Wyatt of course thinks his marriage is solid.  But is it?  His wife has banned her mother in law from their lives and she’s carrying around a seashell that her ex-husband and ex-fiancé gave her as a symbol of his unending love for her.

    Wyatt and Liam also find themselves on different sides when it comes to the actions Bill takes in regard to his family.  Liam will likely support Katie and believe that Will acts as a stabilizing influence for Katie.  Without her son to care for who knows how far out of control Katie may spiral.

    With that in mind, Liam confronts his father about taking Will away from Katie because she is emotionally unstable: something Bill caused by his own behavior: having an affair with Katie’s sister and allowing Katie to believe that her suspicions were unjustified which in turn made her think she was going crazy.  Bill isn’t hearing Liam’s arguments though.  He is just trying to protect his son (Will).

    Wyatt on the other hand is enjoying being the number one son for a change.  He’s unlikely to rock that boat and will support his father. With Wyatt turning into Bill’s little mini me, even dressing the same, Liam and Wyatt continue to be at odds over pretty much everything.  Liam is once again warned not to disrespect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage, but Liam thinks that is lunacy since if he took a leaf out of Bills book he would just have an affair with Steffy.

    Wyatt thinks his marriage is too solid for that to ever happen.  Liam thinks it doesn’t matter anyway.  Quinn will destroy Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy in the same way she destroyed his marriage to Hope. Wyatt is blind to his mothers fault’s however, and thinks that she would never do anything to jeopardize his marriage.

    Meanwhile, in a private discussion with her grandfather after he announced he would be stepping back in as CEO, Steffy tells Eric that she doesn’t know who the mystery woman he’s seeing is, but is she’s responsible for the joy in her grandfather then she is happy for him….

    B&B Spoilers July 11 - 15 2016

    Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Brooke has admitted to her sister, Katie, that she is no paranoid; there has been something going on between Brooke and Katie’s husband Bill.  It’s not as intimate as it was in the past, but they have definitely been engaging in an emotional affair.  And the physical intimacy has not been due to Bill’s lack of trying on that front.  Brooke is proud that she has managed to resist.

    But that is likely little consolation to Katie, who has already taken a drink and will likely take another now that her sister and husband’s betrayal has been confirmed.  Katie confronts Bill and asks him how he could burn their family to the ground like that.

    Thanks to his wife’s threat to take away his son and company should she find out that he and Brooke had betrayed her Bill knows what Katie plans to do; once she gets over the initial emotional shock of the news.  But Bill isn’t the type to just sit around and wait for disaster to strike.

    Katie’s emotional state has been fragile to say the least and even Liam has described her as being in crisis.  Add to that she has already admitted to Brooke that she took a drink when she realized Bill was lying to her about the phone call, and Bill has grounds for his concerns.  He’s worried about the safety on his toddler son in the presence of his emotionally unstable and potentially drunk at any time, mother.

    When Katie goes to check on her young son in his bedroom, she finds he isn’t there.  She runs from the room panicked that her son is missing and yelling for her husband.

    Bill makes moves to protect his son’s safety by removing him from the care of his mother.  Will that push Katie further over the edge or will she find strength now that she’s hit rock bottom and lost everything that is important to her?

    And what about Bill and Brooke?  Now that their secret is out, is there any point to concealing how they feel about each other.  Bill will likely continue his pursuit of Brooke.  But will Brooke be able to resist now that Bill’s marriage looks to be over?

    But Bill has some other relationships to mend.  Particularly the one with son Liam.  By week’s end, Bill has invited his sons and Steffy tot eh Spencer Publications Summit scheduled to take place in Monte Carlo.

    Since Katherine Kelly Lang also attended the television festival in Monte Carlo its fair to guess that Bill takes Brooke on the junket also.

    But why on earth are Quinn and Eric there?  Granted, Quinn will likely get up to no good in her quest to protect Wyatt’s marriage to Steffy which is now under threat with Liam motivated to win Steffy back.

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas

    Ridge, Thomas and Caroline have agreed that the right thing to do for Douglas and all their sakes, it to publicly come clean about their secret also.  Thomas has been impatient to do that, asking Caroline about it at Steffy and Wyatt’s 4th of July party.  But Caroline didn’t want to discuss it.  Ridge wasn’t present because he was at home babysitting Douglas, which seemed to be news to Thomas (as the child’s father, shouldn’t he be aware of his care arrangements?)

    It looks like this week Thomas gets what he’s been waiting for. Ridge comes clean about his lie about being Douglas’ father.  He announces that he is not Douglas’ father and he Douglas is not his son.  The follow up that Thomas is Douglas father shocks all those listening.  Steffy wonders how her father could do that to his son (and her brother).  When she hears the whole story Steffy struggles to understand her father’s motives.

    And Rick uses the news to his advantage quickly plotting to use the news and Ridge’s lies and manipulations to have Ridge removed as CEO.  Rick tells Ridge that he is going down.  It is likely that Ridge has the same morality clause in his CEO contract that Ridge tried to use several times to oust Rick from the job.

    Ridge worries about what this will mean for his future at Forrester Creations.  Rick will likely work out (or be told by Brooke) that the truce Ridge recently called with Rick professionally stems from protecting his secret.

    Rick won’t find himself alone in vying for the top position at Forrester Creations.  Rick will face another old rival, Thomas in competing for the role.  And as the current President, Steffy feels she should have a shot at the top job as well.

    Poor Eric is pulled into another leadership decision.  Look for him to make his choice later in the week.

    Quinn and Deacon

    Deacon hasn’t quite gotten over his former wife and the woman who pushed him over a cliff.  Something keeps drawing him to the woman he describes as a whole lot of baggage stuffed full of crazy. But Quinn has moved on… She turns  up at Forrester Creations in another one of her sexy bad girl black leather outfits that has Eric drooling.  Quinn seductively tells and open mouthed and almost drooling Eric that she is here.  She calls him naughty boy…

    Eric has told Quinn more than once that they, as a couple, can’t go anywhere. His family would never understand.  But when his family have Eric frustrated and upset once again at having to chose who will be CEO of Forrester Creations, he turns to Quinn for support.  She listens as he says he hates having to play favorites.  He hate’s having to choose.

    Quinn has some sage advice, more than likely a little self serving though.  She reminds Eric that he started the company that neither of his sons seem to be able to run (not for long anyway).  Take it back Quinn tells Eric.

    When Deacon learns about Quinn’s new lover, he wants to know what con she is working (probably because he wants in on it), but Quinn assures her that it is Eric, the man that excites her.  Deacon calls her out on that.  Its the Forrester name, power and wealth that excites Quinn he counters.


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    Daily Spoilers, Episode Summaries and History

    Monday, July 11, 2016  – Liam goes after the girl and lets his brother know it
    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 – Rick sees and opportunity to rid Forrester Creations of its current CEO
    Wednesday, July 13, 2016  – Eric has to choose
    Thursday, July 14, 2016 – Liam confronts Bill about what he is doing to Katie; Eric decides about the CEO job
    Friday, July 15, 2016 – An invite to Monte Carlo; Liam thinks Quinn will destroy Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage for him

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Look for Sean Kanan to appear as Deacon Sharpe this week.  He is likely still in pursuit of Quinn who has moved onto greener (?) pastures.

    Bill and Katie’s son, Will (Zane Anchor) also appears and their relationship goes down the gurgler with Katie now clued into her husband’s recent behavior.

    Allison (Theodora Grace) also appears as Bill’s secretary and more recently Will’s babysitter.

    Summer Spoilers: The Bold and the Beautiful

    The Bold and the Beautiful Summer preview hints at some surprising turn of events this summer:

    More and more people learn about Douglas’ paternity, which has Ridge working harder than before to protect his family from a scandal.

    Thomas is still torn between being the cause of the scandal that Ridge and Caroline fear and claiming Douglas as his son.

    Bill’s ability to not use the paternity secret to unseat Ridge as CEO of Forrester Creations is in question. Let’s just hope another CEO power struggle results in an outcome more interesting than Rick talking the helm; again.

    Sasha remains a thorn in the side of Zende and Nicole’s relationship.  Ridge offers Sasha a new opportunity at Forrester Creations that means she won’t be heading back to Illinois. Nicole doesn’t trust her sister and becomes fiercely protective of her relationship with Zende demanding that Sasha stay away from him – even at work.  Could Zende’s relationship with Nicole cost him professionally?

    An unusual even for Liam, has Wyatt wondering if his marriage to Steffy is even valid.  There are three possibilities here:  Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage wasn’t valid; Wyatt and Hope’s divorce wasn’t valid meaning that Wyatt wasn’t free to marry Steffy invalidating their marriage; or Steffy’s divorce from Liam wasn’t valid meaning that she is still legally married to Liam.

    Since Chaz Bono, who portrayed the minister that married Wyatt and Steffy, has been back on the set, it seems that it’s Wyatt and Steffy’s union that may be in question.

    Katie continues to struggle to stay away from alcohol; Bill and Brooke struggle to stay away from each other.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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    1. I don’t understand why should Ridge should not continue being CEO? If he is not “the father’s baby”? I don’t think you have to punish Ridge for this he is very successful at what he does and he is an artist as well. No body will ever understand why he did what he did I feel for Ridge he wanted happiness with Caroline and the baby every body should have stayed out of his life Kaite especially that startad the” Tell Thomas” story she should have capped her mouth shut. Now it may cost him every thing he worked for in his life.

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