Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy Forrester

Ivy Forrester is about to return to Los Angeles. But why did she leave?

Australian actress, Ashleigh Brewer has completed filming a movie and will return to the Bold and the Beautiful later this month, bringing Ivy back into the forefront of storytelling.

Ivy fled Los Angeles, heading back to Australia on the next flight after being discharged from the hospital after yet another accident at Steffy’s hands.

Steffy and Ivy hadn’t really seen eye to eye from the moment Steffy returned to Los Angeles.  Steffy wasn’t shy about letting it be known that she was after Ivy’s man.  And Ivy, perhaps naively had felt secure in her relationship because Liam had turned Steffy down once before because he was “with” Ivy.

That isn’t how it played out this time.  With Steffy around and them working closely together (Steffy, Liam and Ridge were instrumental in ousting Rick as Forrester Creations tyrannical CEO) Liam came to realize he’d never stopped loving Steffy.

Liam Dumps IvyLiam dumped Ivy at Aly’s memorial service, but Ivy wasn’t alone for long.  Wyatt was there for her and the two became involved.

Liam wasn’t all that stood between the cousins, however.  Aly’s death also pitted the cousins against each other.  Ivy was certain that Steffy murdered Aly and had some pretty damning video to back up her claims.  Wyatt and Ivy used the video to blackmail Steffy.

Eventually, Liam, Steffy and Wyatt convinced Ivy to let go of the blackmail and deal with Aly’s death properly.  Ivy did, but she and Steffy’s adversarial relationship was well cemented by then.

When Steffy learned from her brother that Ivy had been cheating on Wyatt with Thomas while Wyatt was out of town, Steffy was determined Wyatt should know.  Ivy wanted to tell Wyatt herself.  Liam asked Steffy to allow that to happen.  But she didn’t. Steffy told Wyatt herself putting a wrench in Ivy’s relationship with Wyatt.

December 7 B&BIvy was furious and confronted Steffy who was dealing with a short in an electrical panel at Forester Creations.  Their argument ended with Steffy accidently pushing Ivy into the panel and Ivy coming close to losing her life.

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When Ivy recovered she feared for her life.  Steffy had already killed Aly, and tried to kill her.  Ivy took out a restraining order.  Steffy confronted Ivy over it which saw Ivy suffer another accident.  This time at Wyatt’s house.  Liam became frustrated with Steffy’s inability to stay away from Ivy and her need to confront Ivy when she was legally required to stay away.

November 23 2015 B&BDespite her bad judgement with Thomas, Wyatt and Ivy’s relationship progressed.  Nearly losing her made Wyatt realize how much he wanted her in his life.  He was ready to propose. At the same time, Ivy was facing some feelings of her own.  She told Liam she was still in love with him.  But would stay with Wyatt and have a good life with him if Liam didn’t want her.

Liam was having his own challenges with Steffy’s recklessness which he’d once found endearing but now just seemed to be dangerous and borderline deadly.

Quinn overheard Ivy’s conversation with Liam and stopped Wyatt proposing to Ivy.  When Wyatt found out why it was the end of Wyatt and Ivy’s relationship.

January 4 2016 B&BIvy made a big decision.  She was going home to Australia.  She loved Liam too much to watch him be with Steffy. Ivy went to the Forrester Mansion to pack.  Steffy followed to made sure Ivy was really leaving.  The ladies argued at the top of the stairs and Ivy took a tumble down the stairs.

Liam walked in to witness Ivy’s fall.  He went to the hospital with Ivy.  He was angry that Steffy once again had been involved in Ivy being hurt because she wouldn’t stay away, as he’d asked her to do.  Liam left the Forrester mansion telling Steffy he was done.


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January 7 2016 B&BAfter being checked out at the hospital Ivy insisted on making her flight.  Worried about Ivy’s health, Liam took her to the airport and saw her onboard her flight (he had to buy a ticket to do so).  Liam was knocked unconscious on the plan and inadvertently ended up making the flight to Australia.

That was in January 2016, and the concussion Liam suffered on that flight resulted in him collapsing at Quinn’s feet in the Forrester Creations carpark.  He and Steffy never got to resolve their issues.

Though, Liam probably has Ivy to thank, at least in part, for letting Steffy know when she came to town in March that Liam hadn’t intended on coming to Australia and hadn’t been there since he left Los Angeles…

Ivy’s return comes at an opportune time.  With Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage at risk due to Quinn’s antics in Monte Carlo; and Liam making another effort to get Steffy to come back to him; one Spencer brother is going to be heart broken.

But which one?

And then there is Ivy’s absence and the reason for her return.  Is she returning to be with one of the Spencer brothers?  Or could she and Thomas revisit their flirtation (better than Thomas and Sasha…) Then there is the fact that Ivy has been gone for almost 9 months.  It could mean absolutely nothing, but in the soap opera world that seems like almost too big a coincidence to ignore…


  1. That could be intersting to see where this story line with Ivy is going. Wyatt and Liam are to busy with Steffy as we know Wyatt’s merrige to Steffy is on the rocks because of Quinn showing up at Eric’s door step. It will be nice to see Thomas trying to recapture anther moment with Ivy and to try and do it right this time they were attracteed to each other but as we know it didn’t end very well. Now Ivy is free to choose with how she wants to be.

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