August 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Monday, August 1, 2016 – Episode #7387

Liam Concerned About Quinn

Steffy and Wyatt discuss the summit over breakfast.  Liam arrives he’s dressed in a suit. Steffy asks how his interview with Prince Albert was. They discuss his interview with Ed Begley Jr and his wife.  Steffy wishes him luck. He wishes him luck on her photo shoot on the Stella Maris.  Liam asks if Wyatt checked in with his mother, because he distinctly saw Quinn.  Wyatt hasn’t.  he tells Liam that his mother isn’t here. She isn’t an issue.  She won’t screw this up, Wyatt insists.

Eric Wants Quinn to Go Back to LA

August 1 2016 B&B SpoilersIn Eric’s room, Eric and Quinn wake up. He has to go to the Summit again today.  He’s finding it revitalizing and energizing. It’s the magic of Monte Carlo also.  Its magical and passionate easy to get caught up in.  Eric says its made him a little reckless.

Quinn says inviting me to stay.  Eric says her being there is dangerous.  He tells her she needs to go back to LA.  The longer she stays the more chance she’s seen.  He’ll book her a first class flight and he’ll be home soon.  He doesn’t want her to jeopardize her relationship with her son.  And his granddaughter wouldn’t approve of him being here either.

He doesn’t want them to cause problems for Wyatt and Steffy. Quinn packs. Eric tells her he will miss her.  He tells her they will work out how to fix this.  They will work this out together. This is something so wonderful Eric doesn’t want to give up on it.  Quinn won’t let him. She says this was worth the risk.  He tells her to stay out of sight.  Quinn agrees. She will go straight to the airport. Eric gets dressed to walk her out.

The Photo Shoot.

This is to be the crown jewel of the whole campaign Wyatt says. The photo shoot gets underway on the Stella Maris.

Steffy and Wyatt get back to the hotel. Wyatt is thrilled.  Her followers are going to skyrocket his says. The photographer asks to get one more shot because the light is good. Wyatt plays up her presence when others arrive.

Liam’s Meeting

Liam meets with Ed Begley Jr and his wife. Liam tells him he wants to give back and one area he’s interested in is the environment. Liam interviews them.

Wyatt asks Liam how his meeting went.  He says Steffy is outside finishing up some shots. Liam agrees to go outside and see what they are doing.  But Liam is disappointed that all Wyatt can think of is how many hits Steffy is getting on social media.  Conversation turns to Quinn again and Liam insists he saw her in Monte Carlo.  Wyatt still isn’t buying it.  He’s too busy enjoying Monte Carlo with his wife and focusing on what they came here to do.  Wyatt isn’t worried about his mother.  Liam is still worried.  She is standing between everything Quinn wants, and that is dangerous. Liam says Wyatt has thought Quinn was better before and it never happens.  Liam doesn’t want Steffy getting hurt.

Steffy Finds Out About Eric and Quinn

Eric sees Quinn out. She will never forget her night in Monte Carlo.  They kiss.  Steffy comes around the corner and sees them.  She approaches. Steffy smiles seeing how happy Eric is. Eric walks away. He gets in the car to go to the summit.  Steffy approaches.  Quinn asks for a cab. When Steffy tries to talk to her, still not knowing who she is, Quinn pulls her sunhat around her face and runs; Steffy chases. Steffy is accosted by fans and almost loses her. Steffy tackles her to the ground.  Steffy is furious when she realizes who it is.  Quinn.  You and my grandfather, she spits.


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