August 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History; Ridge Wants a Piece of Katie’s Divorce Settlement

2016: Katie isn't sure about rocking the boat with her divorce settlement 2015: Maya stopped her own wedding

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 – Episode #7394


Everyone Wants A Piece of Katie’s Divorce Settlement

Katie isn’t so sure about Ridge’s suggestion that she go after the Forrester Creations shares as part of her settlement.  Ridge thinks it would set her for life. And he admits, it would help secure Forrester Creations from Eric’s new love interest – Quinn.  Of course, it would also get Bill out of Ridge’s hair.

But Katie knows she has a lot to lose if she doesn’t take Bill’s settlement, and that everyone’s concern for her being set for life is more than a little self-serving.  Bill has threatened to have her declared incompetent and has only recently agreed not to go there. Katie doesn’t want to rock that boat because Bill is going to fight this, Katie tells Ridge and she doesn’t want to go to court.

Over at Spencer Publications, Bill tells Justin his legal eagle buddy that he is confident that Katie will sign the settlement offer he gave her.  Katie doesn’t want to go to court, and Bill doesn’t want to have to deal with a riled up Katie.  Bill is confident that he gave her everything she wanted in his settlement offier and despite Katie leaving his office without signing, that she will sign.

10 August 2016 B&B Spoilers
Bill thinks Katie has everything she wants in a divorce settlement. But he hasn’t counted on other people using his divorce to achieve their own goals…

Ridge Confronts Quinn

Quinn is back home and gets a visit from best buddy and ex-husband, Deacon.  Deacon advised against Quinn chasing Eric to Monte Carlo for the sake of her son’s marriage.  And Quinn would have taken that advice if it weren’t for Eric’s email/text, dumping her.  Deacon supposes that Quinn’s little surprise in Monte Carlo for Eric didn’t go over so well…He’s half right.  Eric was happy enough to see her, but Steffy wasn’t…

And nor was Steffy’s dad when he found out.  Ridge, newly separated and out of a job has had nothing to occupy his time and has suddenly become concerned about his father being lonely and some black widow taking advantage of him.

Of course, Ridge’s concern came too late.  Eric and Quinn had already been secretly seeing each other for a while. Now Ridge is in damage control mode. He goes to see Quinn to get her to stay away from his father.  Quinn tells Ridge there is no need for him to be concerned.  Eric ended things between them.

And no conversation would be complete without discussing Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage, and Ridge has a message for Quinn.  He thinks that this little dalliance with Eric will cost Quinn a lot. Ridge believes that his daughter will end her marriage to Quinn’s son, just to get Quinn out of her life.

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Monday, August 10, 2015 – Episode #7138

Julius’ True Feelings

Vivienne says he can’t call their daughter a freak.  Vivienne wants to know what happened to “I’ll try”.  Julius lost his son a  long time ago.  He can’t replace what he was with what he now is.  He’s just not ready.  Maya hears from the balcony and runs off crying.

On the day that should be the happiest of her life, Maya overhears her fathers true feelings about her
On the day that should be the happiest of her life, Maya overhears her fathers true feelings about her

Maya Overhears

Downstairs Nick tells Nicole to go get Maya.  In her bedroom Maya cries and reflects on what her father said. Nicole finds Maya crying and asks what’s wrong.  It was there father, Maya says.  She knew not to trust it, but she wanted to believe so badly that her parents wanted to be in her life.

Maya fills Nicole in on what Julius said.  Nicole is horrified.  Maya says they didn’t know she overheard. She was ready to let that man walk her down the aisle.  She can’t face him now Maya says.  Nicole asks if she’s calling off the wedding.  She doesn’t want tom but how does she go on with an ache in her stomach.  This can not be how she remembers her wedding day.  She just wants to feel loved today.

Maya tells Nicole her mother didn’t agree with their father.  Nicole says that their father is a closed minded jerk – that is new information.  He doesn’t’ matter today.  This is only about her and Rick; their story and their marriage. Everyone downstairs is waiting to celebrate with them.  Nicole tells Maya not to let their father take this day away from her.  Own your day, Nicole tells her sister.

Maya agrees.  She is stronger than their father’s embarrassment and hate. The sisters hug.  This wedding is happeneing.

Waiting for the Bride

Downstairs as they wait, Nick tells bad jokes to entertain the crowd while they wait.  Vivienne tells Julius to look at Maya’s life and asks if they could want any more for any child of theirs.  She is being her true self. And will never have the money problems they’ve had all these years. Can’t you find joy in that Vivienne asks.  Getting through the ceremony is all that will bring Julius joy however.

Bridget likes her dad’s beard.  They discuss his travels with John, but he never makes it to New York.  Eric says that if he makes it to NY he’ll have to admit Bridget lives there.  They discuss Brooke.

Zende brings Brooke champagne.  Brooke accepts it., then when Zende moves on, she puts it down.

Katie and Bill introduce themselves to Maya’s parents. Julius realizes who Bill is. He tells bill he’s the guy who likes to make money out of other people’s misery.  Bill says it seems to have worked out for Maya – she’s blossomed.  He publishes the truth.  How people react to it is not his problem. Julius notes that if people didn’t want to be fodder for the tabloids they should do things to make them targets.

Eric wonders if Nicole has been sucked into the same bridal vortex.  Nicole arrives downstairs.  Is maya okay rick asks.  Nicole says it’s all systems go.

The wedding march commences and Maya comes down the stairs to her parents waiting at the bottom to give her away.  She looks towards Rick.  Julius offers Maya her arm. Maya takes her bouquet from her mother and takes her father’s arm.  Her parents walk her downt he aisle to Rick.  He asks if she’s alright.  She is now, Maya tells him.

Nick begins the ceremony and talks about her family coming to her wedding.  Maya quietly tells Nick to stop when he talks about both sets of parents giving their children.  She can’t look back on her wedding day listening to the wonderful words Nick is saying aren’t true.  She needs to talk to her father before they continue…


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