August 11: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: You Don’t Deserve To Wear That Badge

Thursday August 11, 2016


Will Dylan Lose His Badge?

Dylan has repeatedly ignored requests to stop investigating Adam’s case.  But Dylan is convinced that Adam is innocent and he is determined to prove it.  Discovering that Chloe is back in town and living in Adam’s penthouse has set Dylan about investigating Chloe.  And he’s even got Kevin reconsidering if Chloe could be the mystery woman in the prison surveillance video.

But Dylan seems honestly stunned when Paul reads him the riot act about investigating a case that as far as he is concerned is closed.  Dylan’s father yells at him that until Dylan can learn to work within the system he does not deserve to wear his badge.

11 August 2016 Y&R Spoilers

The Fight Isn’t Over

Micheal visits a despondent Adam in prison.  Michal reminds him that the fight isn’t over.  There are still some fierce people fighting for him on the outside.  He isn’t to give up hope and should concentrate on his future.

Meanwhile, Victor reminds Chelsea that he is Adam’s only hope…

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Episode Highlights:

Adam writes a birthday letter to his son who is turning 3 today.  Dylan visits.  Adam appreciates that Dylan isn’t buying into Chloe’s act like Chelsea is. Dylan takes the letter for Connor but warns Adam that Victor covers his tracks well.  Chloe has an alibi for the time Victor received Dorothy Gale as a visitor.

At home Connor celebrates his birthday with Chelsea, Chloe, Victor and Nikki. Chelsea isn’t pleased to see Victor.  He has a right to celebrate with his grandson Vic maintains. Chloe throws Vic out.  Chelsea is grateful.  Chelsea knows it’s against Adam’s wishes but she’s going to take Connor to see his father. The family visit on Connor’s birthday.

Kevin studies the surveillance video from the prison while Paul tells Michael that Adams case is closed. Dylan continues to investigate Adam’s case and Chloe’s involvement.  He consults with Kevin. Paul overhears and yells at his son.  He’s suspended for defying an order.  In his office Paul continues his rant. Until Dylan can work within the confines of the system he won’t be wearing that badge. Paul asks for his badge and firearm.

Michael visits Adam to tell him not to give up. But Adam is about to snap. He tells Mike to get Kevin to help find proof Chloe was working with Victor. Michael goes back to the station to persure Kevin into helping.  Kevin tells him to back off.  Chloe isn’t involved. Mike realizes Kevin still loves his ex.

Mariah admits to Sharon she stole the flowers she’d brought home.  They were intended for Chloe. Mariah is trying to spare Kevin because Chloe doesn’t want him. Mariah wants Kevin to be happy.  Sharon wonders how Mariah would feel about Kevin getting back together with Chloe.  Clearly it’s sad. Kevin calls needing Mariah’s help.

After getting a text, Victor meets Chloe at Chancellor Park.  She was supposed to leave town Victor reminds her as they argue.  Victor orders Chloe to hand over the journal pages and leave town.  Dylan sees the exchange.


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