August 11: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History; Eric Won’t Have His Personal Live Judged


Eric Pulls His Family Into Line

11 August 2016 B&B Spoilers
Eric is done being judged by his children who haven’t made the most steallar choices in heir personal lives either…

Eric reaches breaking point with his family.  Everyone is telling him who he can and cannot see or be with.  And he’s had enough.  Eric tells Ridge, Rick and Thomas that he is not a child.  He is the CEO of this company. And he will not have his private life pulled apart or judged in this office.

What Eric forgot to say was that he wouldn’t have his private life judged by children who haven’t dealt with their own private lives so well.  Ridge is embroiled in a paternity scandal yet to fully go public; and Rick’s personal life is a little less than usual as well…

Later, Rick and Ridge finally find common ground on something. He tells Ridge that they can’t let Quinn get that close to Dad ever again.

It Has to be Over

Meanwhile, over in Quinn’s apartment Wyatt is also telling his mother how to run her personal life.  Wyatt doesn’t care how good they are together or how Eric and Quinn feel about each other.  It has to be over Wyatt says focusing on what it is doing to his marriage.

Over at Spencer Publications, Liam tells his father that Eric Forrester has a new lady in his life…

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Monday August 11, 2014

Rescue Ivy or Meet Hope?

Liam struggled with a choice.  Did he rescue Ivy from the Seine, despite Ivy saying she was okay? Or did he continue on his way to meet Hope?

The choice was taken away from him when Ivy began to struggle in the water – her clothes weighing her down.  Liam immediately jumped into the river after Ivy and together they made it to shore.  Ivy told Liam to hurry up and go meet Hope.  Liam ran to his and Hope’s rearranged meeting spot but it was now after 3pm…

Hope Waits, Quinn Gloats

Hope waited in the park, oblivious to what was happening in the river nearby.  Wyatt waited in the distance watching Hope quietly praying that Liam didn’t turn up.

Quinn too watched; from a Parisian café with a stolen pair of binoculars. Quinn expressed joy when Hope appeared to be worried given it was now after 3pm and Liam was nowhere to be seen.

Brooke and Deacon

Deacon arrived at Forrester Creations with coffee and Brooke’s favorite donuts (which she actually seemed to be eating!)  They discussed how wonderful Hope turned out and what a good person she was.  They also discussed who each of them thought Hope should be with.

Brooke initially didn’t pick a favorite between the Spencer brothers given that she believed Liam was meeting her daughter in Paris as they spoke.  Deacon said he admired that Wyatt was slef made pulling himself up from his bootstraps.

Brooke agreed the Wyatt was a good guy and he was fun, but she thought Hope wanted someone more stable than Wyatt.  And his morals were very different to Hope’s she noted.  Which lead to the point that they were both glad that Quinn was far away and no longer a problem for their daughter.

Liam misses Hope in Paris

Liam made it to his prearranged meeting place with Hope.  He could see “Hope” waiting there.  Long blonde hair and a strappy white sundress, but when she turned around, the woman clearly wasn’t Hope.  Liam realized immediately that he’s missed Hope.  She’d left thinking he’d stood her up….


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