August 12: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Don’t Ever Put My Son In That Position Again

Friday August 12, 2016


Adam Unhappy with Chelsea

Despite Adam being happy to see his son on his third birthday, Adam isn’t pleased that Chelsea did what he specifically asked her not to do; she brought their son to the prison. Adam has been adamant that he doesn’t want his son growing up with memories of visiting his dad in prison.  (Better to have not memories?)

With Connor now out of the room Adam tells his wife to do him a favor and never put his son in that position again.  Chelsea intended the visit as a pick me up for all of them, but it doesn’t look like its panning out that way…

Dylan Continues His Investigation

Dylan goes home and tells Sharon that Paul suspended him and took away his badge and his firearm.  It appears that Paul’s desire, for Dylan to learn a lesson, isn’t happening any time soon.  Despite having no badge to officially investigate the link between Chloe and Victor, Dylan isn’t giving up.

Sharon realizes from their conversation that Dylan has no intention of stopping his investigation.  Dylan doesn’t think he can, because he thinks he has a way to prove Adam’s innocence.

Tough Love for Jack

Meanwhile, Jack is still worried about the state of his marriage.  This time he’s confiding in his brother, who unbeknownst to Jack, is the problem in Jack and Phyllis’ marriage.

Clearly, Billy is having a tough time listening to Jack try to save his marriage to the woman Billy loves. He tells Jack that the problem might be that he is doing to Phyllis what he always does. He’s not letting Phyllis be Phyllis.  He’s sucking the life out of her.

Jack looks just a little taken aback by his brother’s candor.

August 12, 2016 Y&R Spoilers


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