August 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Recaps and History: Don’t Do This to Us

Monday, August 15, 2016 – Episode #7397


Don’t Do This to Us

15 August 2016 B&B Spoilers

Eric’s announcement that as CEO of Forester Creations he saw a problem and took steps to correct it, turns the rift between the Forrester Patriarch and his family into a chasm.

Eric reasoned that the jewelry line that differentiated them from other design houses is gone, so Eric hired back a jewelry designer.  Steffy thought Eric meant Ivy, but instead when the door opened it was Quinn Fuller who walked into the meeting.  Steffy aghast yelled out No Grandfather, no.

Steffy is vocal in her opposition to her grandfather latest hire. And the rest of Eric’s family isn’t supportive either.

Involving yourself with Quinn Fuller would totally disrespect Stephanie’s memory, an emotional Pam tells Eric.

Steffy tells her grandfather that he is asking too much of all of them.  Don’t do this Steffy begs while Quinn stands by Eric’s side.

Thomas and Sasha

Thomas and Sasha continue to bond.  Thomas now understands that Sasha’s relationship with Zende was the first time she’d felt love from a man; something she never got from her father.

Reality Check for Wyatt

Meanwhile over at Spencer Publications Liam is explaining the reality of Wyatt’s situation to him.  He looks almost sorry for his brother when he explains that the only way Steffy has to distance herself from Quinn is to distance herself from Wyatt.

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Friday August 15, 2014

Liam is done…

Liam and Ivy flew home on the Forrester jet.  Ivy still felt guilty over Liam not making it to Hope in time because he rescued her from drowning.  Liam told Ivy there were many what-if’s but nothing would change that Hope was now married to his brother.

Liam shared memories of his and Hope’s relationship with Ivy.  She told him it would take a while for him to process what had happened. There was always someone trying to break them up, Bill, Deacon, Steffy.  They came so close so many times.  Maybe you only get so many chances, Liam philosophized.

Hope told him only recently that she couldn’t imagine life without him.  Liam told Ivy that was because she never had to.  He’d always been there.  He followed her to Hawaii, he followed her on the coast road trip and he followed her to Paris.  But no more, Liam said.  He had to be done.  Hope was now married to his brother and he would meet someone else – eventually.

Ivy told Liam that she knew it didn’t feel like it now but good guys, like him, always won in the end.

Bill wanted Brooke to marry him

Now that their children are married Bill thought that he and Brooke should do the same.  Fly to the Stella Maris and get married; right after the party Bill planned to throw of Wyatt and Hope upon their return.

Brooke didn’t seem comfortable with Hope having married Wyatt.  Bill conceded he knows that Brooke would have preferred Hope married Liam, but Liam hesitated and it cost him the girl.  Brooke wasn’t concerned so much about Wyatt but that Hope hadn’t wanted Quinn as a mother-in –law.  Brooke hoped that Quinn would be in therapy for a long time keeping her away from Los Angeles.  Bill told Brooke that Wyatt was a lot like him.  If Wyatt told Hope that Quinn wouldn’t be an issue, then she wouldn’t be.

Deacon was too sharp for his own good

Quinn returned to her loft surprised to find Deacon there.  They quickly established that the other knew about Hope and Wyatt’s marriage.  Deacon told Quinn he wasn’t dumb enough to believe that Quinn hadn’t had a hand in Hope suddenly marrying Wyatt.  Since that was the outcome that Quinn had been desperate enough to kill Liam for.

Deacon told Quinn about the investigators visti.  He also told Quinn that it was suspicious that Ricardo had been poisoned from mishandling rare gems, died and then left the diamond to Wyatt.  Quinn told Deacon that Wyatt wouldn’t hurt a fly, but Deacon declared that Quinn would.  He told Quinn she was very beautiful, but she was also a crazy nut job and a murderer.  Quinn scoffed until Deacon said Ricardo told him that Quinn was responsible for his death.

Deacon played the video from Ricardo that accompanied the diamond when Wyatt received it.  First Deacon plays the full version.  (Read it here).  Then Deacon played an edited version:

She is your mother, Quinn Fuller.  I am at her mercy.

Deacon yells at Quinn that if she is responsible for Ricardo’s death he will see to it that she goes away for a long time.  She not only threatened Liam’s life but also Hope’s and he wasn’t going to stand for that.  Deacon would let everyone know what she had done.

Quinn got her gun from a box in her living room loft and pulled it on Deacon.  You’re a little too sharp for your own good Quinn told Deacon…


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