August 18: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Not Such a Triumphant Return

2016: Wyatt tells his mom she cannot move into the Forrester Mansion 2015: Lt Baker is suspicious about Aly's death 2014: Wyatt and Hope honeymoon on the Stella Maris in Monte Carlo

Thursday, August 18, 2016 – Episode #7400


Wyatt Desperate to Remove Quinn

Quinn and Eric may be floating on air over their new romance, but their families sure aren’t. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed with Eric and Quinn.  After a romantic evening of piano playing, dancing and an invitation to move into the mansion that Eric has reclaimed from his kids, Quinn notes that her triumphant return hasn’t exactly gone over well with his family.

What Quinn doesn’t realize, yet, is that it hasn’t gone over so well with her family either.  While she has been sipping champagne with Eric, Wyatt has been copping an earful from his wife.  Wyatt still believes that Quinn’s biggest fear is for him to walk out of her life, but Steffy thinks he’s delusional. Quinn isn’t scared of anything and Steffy tells her husband there will be consequences to what Quinn has done.

Wyatt doesn’t have to read between too many lines to understand what that means.  He promises Steffy that he will get Quinn out of their lives.  Wyatt isn’t going to lose anything from his life because of his mother.  After banging down Quinn’s seedy apartments door, Wyatt turns up at the Forrester Mansion.

There he learns that his quest to get Quinn out of his wife’s life has hit another hurdle.  Eric and Quinn are more than just cozy with each other, Eric tells Wyatt that Quinn brings happiness and joy to his life; something he didn’t even know he was missing.  Wyatt also learns that Eric has made some other big changes in his life.

Eric has not only reclaimed the Forrester Mansion as his own; he’s cleared it of the children who have shown him no respect as the patriarch of the family and CEO of the company he founded.  And he’s asked Quinn to move in with him.

Wyatt tells his mother that it doesn’t matter what she says, and it doesn’t matter what she says she feels, she cannot move into the Forrester Mansion.  It would be the death sentence for his marriage.

Having watched Eric stand up to his family for their relationship, Quinn is likely to take a leaf out of his book and take the same stand for her relationship with Eric.  Which of course would mean Wyatt would break the promise he made Steffy; to eradicate Quinn from their lives.

August 18, 2016 B&B Spoilers

Steffy’s Deal Breaker

While Wyatt is at the Forrester Mansion fighting what has little chance of being anything but a losing battle, Steffy is with her father at Forrester Creations.  Neither are happy with the recent turn of events.

Thanks to Quinn convincing Eric that he should be the one to run Forrester Creations, Ridge has lost his job as CEO and been ousted from the family home. Ridge is as desperate as his daughter to rid their lives of Quinn Fuller.  If Katie comes through and gets Bill’s 12.5% share of Forrester Creations in her divorce settlement, Ridge just may have a chance or righting some of the perceived injustices delivered by Eric’s involvement with Quinn.

And Steffy?  Well, she has been steadfast in her determination to stick with her marriage despite admitting many times that if it weren’t for Quinn kidnapping Liam, she never would have married Wyatt.  Steffy has maintained that she loves Wyatt, perhaps not as deeply as she does Liam, but she does love him.  And their relationship grew out of Wyatt putting her first, when Liam had seemingly abandoned her.

To remain committed to her marriage however, Steffy needed Quinn out of her life. But Wyatt’s inability to keep his mother under control is a deal breaker for Steffy. And not indicative of her husband putting her first…

Steffy may just be coming to these conclusions for herself, but her brother Thomas has seen all along that Steffy may love Wyatt, but not in the same way that she loves Liam.  With Quinn’s latest manoever, Thomas can’t see how Steffy can stay with her husband.  Thomas tells Liam that he is certain that he is the love of his sister’s life, not Wyatt.  And as for Liam?  Well, his prediction that Quinn would destroy Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage for him, certainly is being fulfilled.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – Episode #7144

Ivy Finds Wyatt Trying to Delete the Video Proof

What are you doing Ivy demands of Wyatt.  This is proof of what Steffy did Ivy yells.  We need this video.

Ivy wants to know if Wyatt is playing her.  He went behind her back and took her phone.

Wyatt admits he spoke to Steffy.  Of course you did.  And Steffy got to you – because you’re a Spencer male and you can’t resist Ivy accuses of Wyatt.  Steffy me to him because he is so easy to manipulate.

Wyatt tells Ivy that Aly was trying to attack her with a rock. Ivy says there was no rock.  Ivy wants to know when everyone is going to realize that Steffy is a liar.  But what if she isn’t lying about this Wyatt says.  There are other ways to deal with this.  Forester has been good to them Wyatt reminds her.

Ivy says she isn’t trying to jeopardize their jobs.  Aly was hard to get along with but she was a good person.  She can’t let her death mean nothing.  Rock or not Steffy is responsible.  The video stays on her phone until Ivy works out how to use it properly – for Aly’s sake.

Steffy takes whatever she wants and everyone turns a blind eye.  Wyatt is worried about sending Steffy to jail if there is a rock.  They can’t turn this into a withc hunt.  Ivy says she thought he was on her side.  She feels so alone here in LA but to have fallen for Liam and have him leave her, then her cousin, her best friend, dies.  Its too much for her to take Steffy’s side when her loeliness is all because of Steffy.

Wyatt is sorry.  He doesn’t want to mess this up.  He’s found something in her.  She’s not alone.  Wyatt kisses Ivy.  Wyatt carries her to the bedroom.  She’s ready to give herself to him.  She’s ready to give her everything.  They make love.

Afterwards, Ivy tells him she doesn’t do this on a whim.  She doesn’t want to scare him off, but when she gives herself to a man she gves all of herself to him.  In return she wants all of him.  She needs to know that he is on her side as much as she is on his. She needs to trust him.  She tells him the footage is important to her and Aly’s legacy.  She needs to know she can trust he won’t delete it. If she can trust him with that, she can trust him with everything.

Lt Baker and a Police Investigation

Lt Baker is just making sure he didn’t miss anything.  There are a lot of questions he needs to ask Steffy. There are a lot of unanswered questions about that night.

He smells the hot dogs the interns delivered to Ridge by mistake.  Help yourself Caroline tells the Lt.  He still wants to talk to Steffy.  He wants to know for example if there was any animosity between Steffy and Aly.  Ridge doesn’t know if animosity is the right word.  They had issues.  Aly was troubled.  She would go off on people.

Like the night she died, Lt Baker notes.

Steffy is Confident in Wyatt

Steffy thinks Wyatt will erase the video, she tells Thomas.  Then she can put this horrible thing behind her.  Once the video is erases she’ll have no reason to worry about Ivy.  It will be her word against hers, even if Steffy tells them more.  Thomas reminds her she left out details which is obstruction of justice.  He thinks she should have gone to the police when she first remembered.  Now she looks guilty.  It looks like she lied.

Steffy says she didn’t.  She was in a daze.  Everything happened so fast, she was in shock. One minute she was changing a tire the next she was answering questions from the police while their cousin is dead on the ground.

She can’t change what she said that night.  Wyatt will get the video and they can all move on.  And Ivy can heal.

Thomas and Steffy find Pam listening in at Ridge’s door.  Lt Baker is in there Pam says. Whatever is going on needs to be good.  Steffy barges in with Thomas.

Lt Baker gives them his condolences about Aly.  Imagine his surprise to hear about another Forrester death on PCH.  Darla’s daughter no less.  He asks if Steffy’s difficulties with Aly stemmed from what happened with Steffy’s mother.  Steffy calls Aly crazy.  She tried to reenact her mother’s death.

Being a little crazy doesn’t justify killing someone Lt Baker says as he eats another hot dog.  After all years Darla and Taylor’s daughters confront each other on the same stretch of road that Aly’s mother died on.  Lt Baker believes Aly did target Steffy but to him it feels like something else is going on here.  An investigation needs to be done he says.  Anytime there is a death in his corner of LA county its his job to find out what happened – especially if that death could be a murder…


Monday August 18, 2014

Bill and Liam

Bill visited with Liam who was still trying to come to terms with what happened in Paris.  Bill told his son that he hung back and he lost to Wyatt who took advantage of the situation.  That is who Wyatt is, and that is who Liam is.

Liam defended his actions saying fate or something intervened when Ivy fell in the river.  Bill points out that Liam could have gotten on the plane to Paris when Hope first asked.  An upset Liam says he’s learned that lesson.

Bill admits he’s learned some lessons recently as well.  But its time to move on.  Bill told Liam he is throwing Wyatt and Hope a party when they get back and he expected Liam to attend.  Liam protested but Bill told him there would be peace in the family.  Liam would accept his brother’s marriage, not say anything to Hope about Paris and Ivy and move on.  That was how it needed to be.

Alone, Liam packed up packed the many photos of him and Hope into a box as he recalled their time together – the ups and the downs.

Hope and Wyatt’s Honeymoon

Meanwhile Hope and Wyatt were enjoying their time honeymooning on the Stella Maris.  Wyatt told Hope he loved her and Hope told him the same (is this the first time we’ve heard Hope tell Wyatt she loves him?)  Alone, however, Hope goes through the photos from Paris and remembers Liam not turning up and Wyatt being there.  Hope clearly has unresolved feelings for Liam.  Will they get in the way of her new marriage?

Deacon and Quinn

Quinn held Deacon at gunpoint and told him that they were much better off as allies than with him threatening to turn her into the police for Ricardo’s murder.  All he had was a message from the grave that he edited to say what he wanted.  Quinn told him she was in treatment when Ricardo died.

Deacon, however, wasn’t listening to anything Mommy Dearest had to say.  Deacon didn’t want Quinn anywhere near Hope – she was a dangerous nut job.  Deacon’s began to listen to what Quinn had to say when she asked him if they would be allies if she got him what he wanted most – Brooke.

Quinn decided that Deacon and Brooke were all about passion while Quinn and Bill were all about adrenaline.  And they would be putting their children’s families back together.  Deacon listened…


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