August 19: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Steffy to Quinn: “Get Out!”

Friday, August 19, 2016 – Episode #7401


Steffy Tells Quinn to “Get Out”

Wyatt continues to press his point with Quinn.  He wants her to give up everything so that his marriage doesn’t end.  But Quinn likes the way being with Eric makes her feel.  And for the first time in her life she isn’t putting Wyatt’s needs ahead of her own.  She and Eric both believe their families will get used to the idea of them being together.

But Wyatt believes his wife.  Steffy has told him there will be consequences.  So a desperate Wyatt is telling his mother that she can’t take the job at Forrester Creations or move into the Forrester Mansion.

Quinn asks her son what she is supposed to do?  Just give Eric up.  Wyatt confirms that is exactly what he expects her to do.  A desperate Wyatt tells him mother that she helped get Steffy into his life.  Now he’s asking her not to be the reason for Steffy to leave it.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Steffy is as determined as ever to get her grandfather clear of Quinn’s clutches.  She’s going to keep talking to Eric until he finally realizes that he’s dating a psychopath.

Steffy’s heads over to the Forrester Mansion where Quinn has just taken a barrage from her son.  Steffy comes in with both barrels blazing especially when she sees Quinn all cozy and playing lady of the manor.  Steffy’s fury with Quinn runs deep.  Steffy sees Quinn’s kidnapping of Liam as the only reason that she and Liam aren’t married.  And she won’t see Quinn edge her out of her life and family.

Steffy tells Quinn that she took Liam away and she’s not going to let her take her grandfather away.  Steffy tells Quinn to get out.

19 August 2016 B&B Spoilers
Quinn took Liam away from Steffy; she won’t let her take her Grandad as well…

Sasha Chases Thomas

Sasha turns up on Thomas doorstep.  She’s taking a chance that he was home and looking for some company.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015 – Episode #7145

Wyatt Didn’t Delete the Video

At Wyatt’s beach house Ivy and Wyatt are getting ready for work.  She has to go home and change first though.  She reminds him deleting the video would have been a big mistake. He didn’t delete is because she asked him not to.

Steffy has something to do

Meanwhile a distracted Steffy is in a meeting at Forrester. They others are worried about an investigation getting out to the press.  Liam is surprised it’s the first time he is hearing about this.  Steffy says it’s taken care of.  But she needs to go take care of something now.

Later working with Thomas Ridge asks about what Steffy is up to.  Ridge has known Baker for a long time.  Steffy is on his radar.  The visit wasn’t a formality.

Ridge wants to know what Thomas and Steffy are fighting about.  He turned his back on his sister and sided with Wyatt. Caroline thinks Keeping Steffy out of the spotlight is the right thing to do.  Thomas says he didn’t do it to hurt his sister, he did it to protect her.

From what Ridge wants to know. Thomas tells him he deosnt’ need to know everything.  Ridge leaves his office.

Later Thomas and Caroline are working on one of his designs. He’s distracted and Caroline realizes that Thomas is worried about Steffy.

Steffy Meets with Wyatt

Steffy stops in at Wyatt’s house.  Did he delete the video, she wants to know.  Wyatt says he couldn’t do it. Steffy is upset that Ivy now knows that Steffy knows about the video.  Steffy tells him to try again, but Wyatt can’t because things have changed between him and Ivy and their relationship.

Since when Steffy wants to know.  Last night Wyatt tells her. Deleting the video wouldn’t change anything, there is probably another copy somewhere, Wyatt says.  Steffy isn’t assured about Wyatt telling Ivy not to use the video.  Wyatt tells Steffy this isn’t about her, its about Ivy hurting over the loss of Aly.

Steffy says it’s about Wyatt being angry that Steffy chose Liam over him. This video could get her in real trouble and she’s innocent Steffy says.  The video is dangerous and it doesn’t show what really happened.

Ivy Realizes Steffy hasn’t told Liam

Ivy finds Liam at the office and realizes Steffy hasn’t told him about the video.  Ivy thinks Liam deserves to know what he has in dangerous, edgy darker Steffy.  His precious little Steffy isn’t a s blameless in all this as she pretends to be Ivy tells Liam.

Ivy wants to know what Steffy has told her about that night.  Not much Liam admits she doesn’t like to talk about it.   The only question that matters if Aly really fell and hit her head on a rock.

Liam tells Ivy this has to stop.  He gets that she is angry that he chose Steffy.  Ivy says now you have Steffy and all of her secrets, Ivy tells him.  If you want to know what happened that night, go and talk to your girlfriend Ivy tells Liam.

Ivy Goes Home to Wyatt

Ivy is angry about Liam.  He thinks that if he apologizes the right way they can be friends.  Steffy broke up their relationship and Liam thinks Ivy is the one being hurtful and vicious.  She tells Wyatt that Liam doesn’t know about Steffy and the video.  Wyatt tells him to let Steffy deal with this.

Steffy Finds Liam

Liam realizes that Steffy left the meeting and went to the Wyatt’s beach house.  Steffy says someone needs to remind Ivy that she is her boss and she needs to show some respect.  Steffy lets Liam think that Ivy is mad about them.  Liam says Ivy is very angry with Steffy.  Ivy said he was clearly interested in dangerous and dark, like Steffy.  And she brought up the night Aly died .

Liam tells Steffy that Ivy thinks something else happened the night Aly died.  She seems to blame Steffy.  Liam says he told her Steffy wasn’t responsible for Aly’s death.  You aren’t are you?  Liam asks.


Tuesday August 19, 2014

Quinn and Deacon – an Alliance

Quinn convinced Deacon that they should work together to break up Bill and Brooke.  They would both have what they wanted.  And their children would have their families together.  They set about the first step in their plan.

At Forrester Creations

Aly, Oliver, Charlie and Pam are writing a medieval love ballad outside Ridge’s office at Quinn arrives.  Quinn barged past Pam and Charlie (the security guard) into Ridge’s office.  Ridge was drawing and threw his latest attempt into the trash before Quinn could see it.

Quinn told Ridge the next stage of her therapy was to make amends with those she’d hurt and she’d hurt no one more than Ridge.  Ridge wasn’t buying her reasons for being there expecially when she quickly parlayed the conversation into Bill and Brooke’s relationship.  Ridge agreed with Quinn that she and Bill were perfect for each other, though Quinn denied that was what she wanted.

Ridge, irritated by her presence accepted Charlie’s offer to throw/show Quinn out.  Ridge left for his lunch date with Katie.  Quinn forgot her purse and went back into Ridge’s office stuffing the discarded paper in the waste paper basket into her bag.

Deacon visited Brooke

Deacon turned up at Brooke’s place.  Brooke wasn’t thrilled to see him but asked him in as she had something to talk to him about.  She and Bill were throwing Hoep and Wyatt a reception to celebrate their marriage when the young couple returned to Los Angeles.  Deacon wa invited – he is after all Hope’s father and it would mean a lot to Hope – but only if he could be respectful of Bill.  Deacon asked if Bill would be respectful of him too.

Deacon asked Brooke to consider their relationship as well if she was considering taking Bill back.  He and Bill had both made mistakes.  IF Brooke was considering forgiving Bill his, why not Deacon?  Deacon old Brooke he still remembered what her hair smelled like and what she felt like in his hands.  Everything else had changed but that hadn’t.

Ridge and Katie

Ridge met Katie for lunch.  Katie asked if he still had a headache – he had one earlier and he has a murderous expression on his face.  Ridge admits that Quinn came to visit under the guise of making amends but Ridge knows she was really trying to strong arm him into making sure Brooke and Bill don’t marry.  Katie suggested that maybe if Brooke knew there were repurcusions form Ridge’s fall, Brooke would leave Bill once and for all.  Ridge, however, didn’t want anyone to know about his inability to draw.  He could no longer do the thing that defined him.  No one was to know.

Quinn and Deacon at the loft

Quinn returned to the loft to find Deacon already there.  She took out the sketches she’d taken from the waste paper basket.  Deacon thought they were Rj’s art projects but Quinn assured him that Ridge had been a mess (grumpy and sweaty)and these were his drawings.  It dawned on Quinn that the worlds best designer could no longer draw.



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