August 2: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 – Episode #7388


Steffy Learns Quinn is in Monte Carlo; Wyatt Tells Liam She isn’t

August 2 2016 B&B Spoilers
While Wyatt is Adamant that Liam didn’t see Quinn in Monte Carlo, Steffy comes face to face with Eric’s mystery woman. Its Quinn!

After chasing down Eric’s mystery woman and tackling her to the ground, Steffy learned her identity.  It’s Quinn!  A hysterical Steffy yells at Quinn that she saw her kissing her grandfather.

Quinn tries to defend her relationship with her daughter in law.  Quinn says she knows that Steffy won’t believe it but Quinn’s relationship with Eric has absolutely nothing to do with Steffy.

Meanwhile, in Liam’s hotel room, he is adamant that he saw Quinn in Monte Carlo.  The more adamant Liam becomes the more definite Wyatt is that he didn’t.  Wyatt suggests that maybe Liam saw a woman who looked like his mother, but it wasn’t her.  It couldn’t have been.  Liam rolls his eyes at Wyatt’s naiveté when it comes to his mother.

Ridge Confides in Brooke About Ending His Marriage

Ridge confides in Brooke that he and Caroline are ending their marriage because it is the best thing for everyone.  Brooke is surprised by Ridge’s decision.  She tells him that Thomas can still be in Douglas’ life; be his father; without Ridge ending his marriage.

Episode Summary:

Steffy Threatens Quinn With a Restraining Order

You are sick Steffy yells.  You go after my grandfather?  I saw you kissing him!  Steffy yells. Quinn begs for a chance to explain.

Quinn wants to go back to the hotel and talk to Eric.  Quinn understands it hard for her to understand but this has absolutely nothing to do with her.  Something special just happened between her and Eric.

Steffy says that she is targeting her grandfather and she’s going to put a stop to it.  She’s going to make sure that Eric has nothing to do with her grandfather, Steffy fumes at Quinn.

Quinn’s tone changes from trying to explain to one of steely determination.  No you won’t, Quinn tells Steffy.  Steffy asks if that is a threat.  No Quinn says.  Steffy hisses that she is done trying to worm her way into her life through her grandfather.  Steffy says she’s to stay away from her grandfather.  Steffy yells at Quinn that they are filing a restraining order. Quinn is to stay away from Eric and not to contact him ever again.

Never again Steffy says.

Quinn yells that she loves him.  Steffy slaps her to the ground.  Never Steffy reiterates as she walks away.

Wyatt Learns Liam Was Right About Quinn

Wyatt tells his brother that he doesn’t want Steffy to get hurt either.  She’s safe here at the summit. She’s probably on the beach having a cocktail Wyatt states to underscore his point. The only danger Steffy is in is if she forgot her sunscreen.

But Liam insists something is wrong.

Wyatt thinks Liam’s hero complex is kicking in. Or he and Steffy and Steffy have some great cosmic connection that Wyatt just can’t comprehend. Are Liam’s spidey senses tingling?  All Liam is concerned about is something happening to Steffy. If something does happen to Steffy, Liam yells back, you can bet Quinn is the reason.

Wyatt says he’s gone from annoying sidekick to paranoid lunatic in record time.  Quinn is thousands of miles away from Steffy.  Liam asks how he knows Quinn is in LA?

Wyatt thinks that Liam saw some woman that looks like Quinn because it makes no sense for Quinn to be in Monte Carlo. Liam hopes he’s right.  Wyatt tells him to stop creating problems where there are none. Steffy is safe.

Liam says the danger is Quinn herself.  And Steffy deosn’t need that.  Wyatt says that Steffy told Quinn to stay away and she has.  Wyatt thinks Liam wants Quinn to push Steffy over the edgeand back into Liam’s arms.  But its not going to happen.

Later, Wyatt comes out of the bedroom and finds Quinn in his suite.  Why are you here Wyatt asks.  Steffy and he asked her to stay away an angry Wyatt states.  Coming here had nothing to do with Steffy.  Wyatt realizes Liam was right.  This is what she does.  He is the one who was nuts for believing she would do what he and his wife wanted.

What’s so important?  Wyatt asks.  She’s not working so it has to be personal. Was her sold purpose to cause problems in his marriage.  Quinn tells him she had to see Eric.

Ridge and Brooke Discuss Eric Being Ready to Move on From Stephanie

Brooke is at the Forrester Mansion.  She’s there to see Ridge.  She’s sorry for him.  Ridge quips that she’s not the one getting divorced.  She knows how much he and Caroline mean to each other.  Ridge says it was a mutual decision.  Ending their marriage is best for everyone, Ridge explains.

Brooke asks if he’s sure about this.  Ridge says he’s not.  But living with the regret over ending his marriage will be easier than being in the way of the family that Thomas Caroline and Douglas may have had.

Brooke insists that Thomas can be Douglas father without Ridge ending his marriage.  But Ridge maintains this is the right thing to do. Someday Douglas will thank him Brooke says.  He’s doing what is right for the kids, Ridge says.  Brooke says that is not always easy.

Conversation turns to Bill and Katie.  Brooke says this is the beginning of a new relationship for her and Katie.  Ridge says what they need to focus on kids and family.  Brooke says Stephanie did that all the time.  Ridge needs to talk to his dad and tell him how much he appreciates his dad raising another man’s son. Ridge wants to spend more time with his dad.  Brooke thinks it’s a good idea.

Stephanie would be proud of him, Brooke says. Ridge says that maybe one of Stephanie’s jobs, keeping Eric in line, should fall on him.  Brooke wonders if Eric is ready to move on.  Brooke thinks he needs female attention. Ridge hopes she doesn’t mean Donna.  Brooke would like him to have another relationship.  Ridge notes that Eric is a rich widower, he could also be taken advantage of.

Steffy Forbids Eric’s Relationship

In Monte Carlo Eric arrives back at his hotel room and reflects on how he felt seeing Quinn when she arrived. He looks at photos of Quinn on his phone and remembers waking up with her that morning and sending her away so that she wouldn’t be seen.

Steff arrives at Eric’s door.  She saw her, Steffy says.  It’s so scary how far she will go, the things she will say.  I saw you kissing Quinn by the limo Steffy says.  Do you have any idea what you are doing?

Eric tries to explain.  She’s good for him, Eric says. Quinn is not like any woman he’s ever been involved with. She’s dangerous.  Steffy tells Eric that his relationship is over.  What if he doesn’t want it to be, Eric calmly counters.  Steffy yells that he has no choice because she forbids it.  She absolutely forbids it.


  1. I don’t think Steffy is going to let it go once she found out that Quinn is with Eric it’s a hard pill to swallow.Steffy don’t trust Quinn and Liam would agree with her she done nothing but intefer in there lifes. Wyatt gets blam for his mother’s crazyness which he can do nothing about it. Eric is very taken by Quinn he knows that nobody will want her around so why get ivolved with her? Eric likes bad woman he doesn’t care what any body thinks let’s see how he will explain Quinn to his family. Ridge should take the CEO back before his father will get crazy with Quinn.

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