August 22: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: If Quinn Doesn’t Move Out, Steffy Will

Monday, August 22, 2016 – Episode #7402


If Quinn Doesn’t Move Out

Quinn is upset as she explains her confrontation with Steffy to Eric.  Steffy told Quinn that because Quinn won’t move out of the Forrester Mansion that Steffy will be moving out on Wyatt.  Quinn I clearly upset that her happiness is at the cost of Wyatt’s but she isn’t going to give up having Eric in her life.

When Ridge turns up to have another round with Eric and Quinn about their relationship and what it is costing their families, Eric tells Ridge that he is his father; not his child and he’d better start remembering that

August 22, 2016 B&B Spoilers
With Wyatt unable to control his mother, Steffy takes matters into her hands…

Steffy Will Move Out

Meanwhile, Steffy has gone from the Forrester Mansion where she deleivered her ultimatum to Quinn, to the home she shares wither husband in Malibu.  Steffy wasn’t just blowing hot air.  Steffy tells Wyatt what she told Quinn.  She looks her husband in the eye and tells him that she told his mother that if Quinn didn’t move out, then she would

Wyatt is stunned that his marriage has come down to this.  He tells his wife that he would do anything for her and begs her not to leave.  Wyatt’s intentions may be good, but he hasn’t been able to deliver on his promises to keep Quinn under control so Steffy is unlikely to change her mind…

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Friday August 22, 2014

Deacon tells Brooke about Ridge

At the party it quickly became apparent that Bill and Brooke were back together.  Quinn pushed Deacon into telling Brooke what he about Ridge being unable to draw since his accident.  Deacon found the moment when Brooke was alone in the kitchen.  Deacon wasn’t impressed that Brooke had gone back to the man who had almost cost Ridge his life.  Brooke defended Bill saying he’d changed and that Ridge was fine.  Deacon then dropped the news that Bill was still hurting people she loved.  And Ridge wasn’t’ fine.  How was work going Deacon asked.  Ridge done any great designs lately?  Brooke stumbled thinking he must have then realized he hadn’t.  he can’t draw Deacon told a shocked Brooke.  Bill took Ridge’s biggest passion in life away from him

And Ridge confirms it

Katie and Ridge also noticed that Bill and Brooke were very chummy.  She’s gone back to him Katie noted.  The only way to keep Bill and Brooke apart now was for Ridge to tell Brooke that he could no longer design, Katie told Ridge.

Ridge went into the kitchen and found Brooke having a quiet moment after Deacon dropping his bombshell.  Is it true Brooke asked Ridge can you not draw?  Ridge didn’t answer but simply looked away.  Brooke realized it was true!

Liam did go to Paris

Bill put Liam on the spot asking him to congratulate Hope, the new bride.  Liam couldn’t do it.  Wyatt stepped in and thanked Liam for coming.  The tense situation was slowly diffused as Wyatt thanked everyone for coming to celebrate with them.

There were toasts to Wyatt and Hope.  Wyatt was happy; Hope seemed a little distracted saying that this was how she imagined starting a marriage – with her friends and family around her.  Never did she effuse about her new husband.  Everything Hope said was very generic.

Later as the two brothers spoke alone Wyatt thanked Liam for coming again and that he hoped one day that Liam could accept and even support his marriage to Hope.  Wyatt tried to make light by saying it was a relief with the decision now made.  Hope was his wife.  But Liam simply took a large swig of his champagne.

Ivy and Aly told Liam he had to tell Hope that he was in Paris.  While talking to Hope with Carter, Aly and Ivy asked to see photos.  Hope said they were upstairs.  When the girls really wanted to see them, Hope went upstairs to get them.  Ivy told Liam that Hope was alone upstairs.  She and Aly would keep Wyatt occupied.  Liam should go upstairs and talk to Hope.

Liam walked into Hope’s room.  You shouldn’t be here, Hope told him. Liam retorted with you shouldn’t be married.  Hope still a little angry at being rejected and humiliated told Liam that he had no right to say that since he didn’t turn up in Paris.  Liam looked Hope in the eye and told her he did turn up.  He was on the bridge and he could see her.  Liam did go to Paris he told a shocked Hope.



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