August 23: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: 100% Dedication…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 – Episode #7403


100% Dedication

Wyatt is shocked to hear his wife’s ultimatum to his mother.  But he’s determined not to let his wife walk out the door because of his mother’s living arrangements.  But Steffy is adamant.  She’s moving out.  She can’t risk having Quinn Fuller in her life.

Wyatt tries his best to convince Steffy not to leave him.  She is leaving not because of him, but because of his mother which he doesn’t seem to think is very fair.  Wyatt tells Steffy that he is not Quinn Fuller’s son right now; he is her husband and he is 100% dedicated to her.

Unfortunately, for Wyatt, Steffy doesn’t seem to be able to separate Wyatt, her husband, from Wyatt, Quinn Fuller’s son.

23 August 2016 B&B Spoilers

Quinn a Threat to Steffy’s Happiness

Thomas and Liam continue to discuss Steffy’s situation.  Thomas says that Wyatt was supposed to keep his mother out of their lives and he’s done it so well that Quinn is now moving in with his grandad. Thomas firmly believes that Quinn is a threat to his sister’s happiness.

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