August 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Will Steffy Move Back in With Wyatt if Quinn Moves Out?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 – Episode #7404


Wyatt Lashes Out

As Quinn and Eric settle into their new life together, Quinn tells Eric that she couldn’t be happier.  But she doesn’t like being the reason that his family is turning against him.

Life doesn’t stay peaceful at the mansion for long.  A furious Wyatt tears over there and tries to execute on his promise to Steffy.  He begged his wife to give him one more chance to rid them of Quinn.  But Steffy moved out anyway.

Quinn is sorry that Wyatt’s marriage is suffering for her happiness, but she’s not going to give up on the happiness she has found with Eric.  Quinn, frustrated with her son’s expectations of her asks why she can’t have a little happiness.  Wyatt lashes out that Quinn gets bored with happiness.

Eric is steely eyed and determined when he tells Wyatt that if he takes his mother out of the Forrester mansion he will simply come right after her and bring her back.

24 August 2016, B&B Spoilers

Steffy Moves In With Thomas

Meanwhile, as Eric and Quinn get comfortable with their new living arrangements so does Steffy.  After saying goodbye to her husband and walking out of the house that they have shared as husband and wife, Steffy turns up on her brother’s doorstep.  Thomas has questioned Steffy staying with Wyatt from the moment it was revealed that Quinn had kidnapped an amnesiac Liam.  With his sister now his roommate, Thomas asks her if Quinn moves out of their grandfather’s house whether she will move back in with Wyatt.  A dejected looking Steffy tells her brother that is one way it could go, but her expression implies that her marriage is suffering from more issues than just Quinn.  Steffy no longer has faith in her husband…

Rick and Ridge Join Forces

Over in Brooke’s kitchen, Quinn’s infiltration into the Forrester family and business is also the topic of conversation.  Brooke, Ridge, Rick and Maya discuss the situation. Ridge and Rick haven’t’ agreed on much during their adult years, but Eric’s children find themselves putting their differences aside and working together to limit their father’s ability to influence them and the business.

August 22 - 26, 2016 B&B Spoilers

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Monday, August 24, 2015 – Episode #7148

The New Face of Forrester is…

Steffy is stunned that the rock can’t be seen in the video. Liam doesn’t doubt Steffy though.  Steffy is sure Ivy is disappointed by that.  Liam admits Ivy doesn’t seem herself.  Steffy says Ivy didn’t kill anyone.  She did – accidently.  Steffy decides that maybe she should just let the chips fall where they may.  She won’t let Ivy Forrester control her life.

Liam and Steffy stop talking when Ridge enters.  Ridge asks Steffy if everything is alright as they wait for everyone to arrive to Ridge’s meeting.

Wyatt and Ivy arrive.  They get started.  Ridge acknowledges Face of Forrester is a c critical position – it defines who they are as a company.  They need someone to do the kind of work Maya already does.  Ridge appreciates Ivy throwing her hat in the ring but Steffy is going to be the new Face of Forrester.

Thomas defends Ridge not playing favorites when it comes to his children.  Wyatt brings up the PR aspect. Ridge assures him that Steffy can deal with the press. She’s done it for years.  Ivy thinks he’s making a mistake that Ridge will end up regretting.

Steffy asks to talk to Ivy alone. The others leave the room. Ivy says this is just another thing Steffy has taken away from her.  Their family will never be the same Steffy says.  Ivy says she is getting justice for Aly, Steffy is trying to save herself.  You are using our dead cousin for blackmail to get ahead Steffy accuses.  Ivy says she knows what Steffy is doing.  Trying to look reasonable by reaching out so Liam will continue to defend her.

You took Liam, you took Aly and you took away the face of Forrester.  You’re not getting away with this anymore Ivy tells Steffy.

Steffy wants to see the video. Ivy shows her.  Steffy is stunned.  There is no rock Ivy says.  You attacked Aly not the other way around.  Ivy asks if Steffy really wants the whole world to see what is on the video?  That Steffy killed her cousin.

Ridge enters.  Steffy tells her father that she thought she wanted this, but he should let Ivy be the Face of Forrester.  Ridge is stunned by his daughter’s change of mind.  She has enough on her plate as President Steffy explains.

Alone with Ivy Steffy notes Aly had issues and she is wondering whether Ivy does too. The video shows Steffy is a murderer.  Ivy has played it too nice for too long.  As long as Ivy is around here, Ivy owns Steffy.

Poison Ivy

Quinn and Ivy discuss one of her designs. Ivy doesn’t want to change the setting. Ivy isn’t backing down. She gets a text. She and Wyatt hope it’s the Face of Forrester decision.  She hopes Ridge has chosen her and not Steffy.

Quinn finds that amusing – Ivy being the Face of Forrester. Quinn thinks that Steffy is the better choice. Wyatt defends Ivy and mention putting more PR on Steffy with questions over Aly’s death.  Deacon enters as Ivy and Wyatt leave for a meeting.

Quinn talks to Deacon about Ivy’s new prima donna status.  Quinn remembers when she was nice and easy to manipulate.  Deacon wonders what Quinn did to set her off. Deacon says it hasn’t been long since she lost her cousin.  They were really close.  He suggests going to Ridge if there is a problem.  But Quinn can’t say that she’s stepping into her nickname – Poison Ivy – Quinn and Deacon giggle.

Wyatt enters as Deacon is rubbing his mother’s feet. Wyatt tells them that the underdog lost out again and appointed Steffy.  Deacon notes Ivy has nothing to use.  She has nothing to fight with.  You’d be surprised Wyatt notes.   Quinn suggests Wyatt reign in his new girlfriend or whatever she is to him; otherwise she will do it for her.

Wyatt warms his mother not to get on Ivy’s bad side right now.  Wyatt says Ivy may get the promotion yet.  And if not, let the chips fall, Wyatt says enigmatically.

Stopping Ivy

On the sun lounge Ridge questions Liam and Thomas. Whatever the reason for Thomas not supporting Steffy, Ridge warns him to support his sister – and Ivy also.

Later Liam and Thomas discuss the video.  They have to stop Ivy they agree.  But they don’t know how.


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