August 29: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Bill’s Wedding Gift

Monday, August 29, 2016 – Episode #7407


A Wedding Gift

Bill is no dummy.  He knows that when Brooke comes to him looking for help with Quinn’s infiltration into Forrester Creations (and Eric’s bed) that Ridge has put her up to coming to see him.  Bill has some news of his own.  Katie has moved out,  She didn’t want the house.

Bill tells Brooke about the generous divorce settlement he has on the table for Katie.  $50 million and he’ll even throw in the company jet.  Brooke is surprised.  But Katie isn’t getting the Forrester Creations Shares, and he’s not handing them over to Ridge either Bill tells Brooke.

Bill tells Brooke that he will give her the Forrester Creations shares.  As a wedding gift.  From there she can do what she wants with the shares; keep them or give then to Ridge.  Bill doesn’t care. It will be his wedding gift to her.

Bill can see his and Brooke’s future.  Finally, life is good.

Brooke returns to Forrester Creations and tells Ridge and Katie about Bill’s offer.  In Brooke’s absence, Katie had been telling Ridge that Bill is a man used to getting what he wants and that he shouldn’t be surprised if Bill and Brooke renew their relationship now that Katie’s divorce is almost final.

Katie tells her sister not to hold back on her account.  Katie has moved out of the house she once shared with Bill (she doesn’t want it) and she’s moving on.  Katie tells Brooke that she isn’t like her.  She doesn’t need a man to validate her.   Katie can amuse herself until the right man comes along.

29 August 2016 B&B Spoilers

Sasha Joy riding with Thomas?

Sasha doesn’t know where she and Thomas are headed.  She just know that Thomas is a really cool guy and she wants to take the ride.  Find out where it could go.

Friday August 29, 2014

Make your move…

Quinn came back home to find Deacon mooning over Brooke.  She noted that he had it bad.  He had a chance with Brooke but only if he moved fast.  Deacon was right, Ridge could recover at any time.  Then Brooke would forgive Bill.  Bill Spencer wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for that to happen.  He would be over there right now working on Brooke forgiving him.  Quinn told Deacon to make his move on Brooke now.  She’d paved the way.  Now it was his turn to go make it happen.

Bill tried to convince Brooke to forgive him

Quinn was right.  Bill was working on Brooke forgiving him.  Bill wanted to stay the night and he kissed Brooke.  But Brooke didn’t believe Bill truly understood the magnitude of what he’s done. Bill assured Brooke that Ridge would be fine and that they needn’t put their life on hold waiting for that to happen.  But Brooke started to come up with other excuses that they couldn’t be together.  Bill reminded Brooke that she was the only woman for him and that he was the only man for her.  As he left he promised Brooke he would never give up on them being together…

Deacon proposed

Brooke opened her door – wine in hand – to Deacon and was relieved it wasn’t Bill for a return encounter. Deacon noted she was drinking in the dark alone.  He was sorry that  he’d been the bearer of bad news but felt she needed to know.  A tipsy Brooke began confiding in Deacon that Bill didn’t understand that she and Ridge had a connection and that when he hurt so did she.  Brooke wondered out loud why she kept choosing men who self destructed and she was collateral damage.  They joked about that being her middle name. Brooke told Deacon she’d forgotten how easy he was to talk to.

Deacon doesn’t want to leave Brooke alone with her friend from the Napa Valley.  They discuss being grandparents one day to Wyatt and Hope’s children. Deacon told Brooke he missed her.  That the times he’d spend with her were the best of his life.  Deacon told Brooke he loved her and wanted to make love to her so badly it was killing him.  Deacon and Brooke kissed.

After the kiss, Deacon asked Brooke whether she would go with the “slap” or the “wine in the face”.  Brooke did neither. Brooke noted that “this” had always been good between them but it had gotten them into a lot of trouble also.  Deacon told Brooke he loved her and wanted to be the man she deserved.  “Ridge is gone, Forget about Spencer. Our daughter is married, we should be too.  Marry me Brooke”  Deacons asked.

End of Summer Beach Party – Ivy kissed Liam – Again!

At the beach party Maya gushed to Ivy about her jewelry and the expensive gems she worked with.  Maya then steered the conversation to her once dating Rick and that she’d made a mistake letting him go.  Ivy suggested that since Rick was happily married to Caroline that ship had sailed.  Liam saved Ivy from Maya.

But Maya headed over to Rick who told her there were a lot of eligible men there tonight.  Not for her, Maya told Rick.  She missed Rick Maya stated.  Especially at night.

Ivy and Liam headed outside where it was quieter.  The talked about themselves.  Ivy told Liam that her father, John, was her best friend. Liam told Ivy that it felt good to be out.  He had to find a way to move on with his life he stated.  Ivy looked at Liam and told him that maybe she could help him with that.  Ivy leaned in and kissed Liam.



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