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Wednesday, August 3, 2016 – Episode #7389


Quinn’s Relationship Puts Her Son’s at Risk

August 3, 2016 B&B Spoilers
Steffy didn’t sign up for Quinn when she married Wyatt

In his hotel suite, Steffy confronts her grandfather about seeing him kissing his mystery girlfriend, chasing her down and realizing it was Quinn.  Steffy is livid; with Quinn and her grandfather.  She has forbidden him to have a relationship with her mother-in-law from hell.  She goes on to tell him that she isn’t going to allow her to have a relationship with “that woman”.

Meanwhile, Wyatt was stunned when he found his mother in his hotel suite.  He had to face two realities.  First that Liam was right, he had seen Quinn in Monte Carlo, and that Wyatt was the one who was nuts for believing that his mother wouldn’t compromise another of his marriages.

The bigger shock, however, was yet to come.  He couldn’t fathom why Quinn would have come to Monte Carlo when Steffy and he had explicitly asked her to stay away.  Quinn admitted she came to Monte Carlo to see Eric.

Wyatt is about to realize the full extent of the damage that his mother has done to his relationship.  Quinn insisted to Steffy and now Wyatt that her being in Monte Carlo had nothing to do with them.  It was all about her relationship with Eric.  She tries to explain to Wyatt that Eric was lonely and looking for companionship.  And so was she.

Wyatt calmly tries to tell his mother that if she keeps seeing Eric Forrester he will lose his wife.  And Wyatt is right.  Steffy is still furious when she talks to Wyatt about what happened.  She tells Wyatt that she isn’t doing this anymore.  She isn’t going to live under the threat of Quinn, Steffy rants about her husband’s mother.  I didn’t sign up for this she continues.  I didn’t sign up for “her” when I married you, she tells her husband.

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Episode Summary:

Steffy Demands Eric End His Relationship with Quinn

You cannot be with Quinn.  You need to calm down Eric tells Steff.  She’s dangerous and she’s targeting you.  Eric tells Steffy that isn’t what is happening here.

Steffy isn’t going to allow him to have a relationship with that woman.

Eric explains that Quinn came to see him about getting her job back.  Eric enjoys her.  Theya re very close.

Steffy thought he was with someone good. And all this time it’s been Quinn.  People are not just one thing, Eric defends Quinn.  Steffy loves her grandad but she needs Quinn out of his life.  He needs to shut it down; end it, Steffy tells Eric adamantly.

Everyone knows how psychotic Quinn is.  She kidnapped Liam and held him hostage.  Steffy wants them to get a restraining order.  Eric laughs. Eric says he and Quinn have never been about her.  But Steffy thinks Quinn is using Eric.  Eric begs Eric to shut Quinn out of his life.  Steffy is trying to protect him.

Eric doesn’t want to hurt Steffy.  He can see how upsetting this is.  Steffy says she’s afraid. Eric says he knows what Quinn is capable of, but Eric thinks she’s changed and she’s good for his life.  Steffy doubts that. Its her turn to protect him.  She can’t imagine regretting not stopping Quinn if she hurts Eric.

Eric agrees to end it with Quinn.  He tells Steffy that he won’t let her down.  Steffy hugs him and tells him she loves him.  Eric loves her also.

Alone, Eric reflects on his relationship with Quinn and how she eases his loneliness. And Steffy’s feelings about Quinn.

There is a knock at his door.  Its Quinn.  Eric tells her Steffy was just here.  She’s sorry.  She didn’t want to cause a problem.  He was very glad she came. Eric says Quinn can’t blame Steffy for what she’s feeling.  Quinn again says she’s changed and they should all be able to get what they want.  Eric notes that isn’t likely. Quinn wonders if he’s angry at her like Steffy is.  She realizes it was a mistake coming here.  She missed him.  She needed to come because she’s in love with him.  She’s made a big mess but she knows they can make it though if she knows this isn’t over.  She asks him to tell her it isn’t over.

Wyatt Fears He Will Lose His Wife Because of His Mother

Quinn tells Wyatt she has a man in her life.  A wonderful man.  That’s why she came to Monte Carlo  to be with Eric.

Wyatt doesn’t believe it.  It’s a trick.  You’re trying to hurt Steffy by telling the outrageous like.

Quinn says its trues.  Wyatt asks if she is deliberately trying to sabotage his marriage.  Quinn feels respected and appreciated with Eric.  Wyatt notes that she said the same thing about Liam.

Wyatt asked how it even happened. She went to him to get her job back.  She went over Steffy’s head.  But her only thought was getting her job back. She reminds Wyatt the she and Eric have always gotten along.  He’s lonely and wanted companionship.  And so did she.  She assures that she didn’t target Eric.  It just happened organically.

Quinn compares herself to Stephanie.  Eric likes bad girls. There is something else she has to tell Wyatt.  Quinn tells Wyatt that Steffy knows.  She saw her and Eric kissing outside the hotel.

Wyatt is horrified.  How many times did they tell her to stay away from her and her family.  Wyatt tells Quinn to go; go back to LA.  Quinn says the last thing she wanted to do was cause trouble for him and Steffy.

Quinn tells Wyatt she’s in love with Eric. Wyatt says it can’t be.  Not with Styeffy’s grandfather.  If she continues to see Eric, he will lose his wife.  Wyatt doesn’t care if Quinn is in love with Eric, she can’t be with him.

Steffy arrives back at her suite.  Steffy says Quinn is poison,  She targeted her grandfather to get back at her.  Steffy goes off on a rant.  Steffy told Quinn over and over again to stay away from her and her family.  She told Wyatt to keep her away.  She thought he had this under control and was going take care of this. But he didn’t.

He’s blind Steffy tells him.  Steffy says Quinn will be lurking outside Eric’s door.  Wyatt says that she’s on her way back to LA.  Steffy tells him that’s the problem right there.  He believes Quinn, but she’s a liar. And Wyatt is blind to it.

Steffy didn’t sign up for this.  Everthing she’s done to Liam, her, him and now her grandfather.  Steffy doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Brooke and Ridge Speculate About Eric Seeing Somene

Brooke tells Ridge he seems alright.  They both ended their marriage.  They did the right thing for everyone. Its time to move on and change focus.  To the children and his dad, Ridge says.  His father seems lonely and he’s worried about him. Ridge doesn’t want him sitting alone in the guest house making cocktails for two. Ridge thinks they need to find him someone.

They wonder if he’s already seeing someone.  They discuss the many years Eric and Stephanie spend together.  But he needs to find a woman to take away the sadness.  Maybe he already has Brooke states.


Monday, August 3, 2015 – Episode #7133

Thomas and Ridge

Thomas is furious with Ridge’s reaction to his designs. Ridge assures him no free rides.  If this is the best he can bring he won’t be part of his design team.

Thomas suggests that maybe it is Ridge without his pulse on the latest trends.  He’s been cloustered in there becoming CEO while Thomas has been in Paris.

Caroline and Brooke

Caroline teases a game changer to the design team  on social media.  Brooke isn’t so sure she should do it.  Caroline is certain that Ridge will take Thomas onto the design team.  A father and son design team. As long as Caroline referees between Thomas and Ridge their partnership might work like Ridge and Eric’s did.

Brooke asks if Caroline saw Thomas’ design and what she thought.  Caroline deflects its Ridge’s opinion that counts.  Brooke tells her not to underestimate her influence.  She’s his muse, and confidante – everything Brooke used to be. Caroline gets a text from her moms.

Later, Brooke is with Ridge.  She tells him Caroline went home because her moms told her to take it easy. Ridge says he tells her the same.  Caroline texts Ridge from home.  Brooke knows what it says.  How Ridge jokes when she guesses.  Brooke says it’s because she used to be the one waiting at home for him.

Brooke notes its funny how she and Taylor fought for him for so many years and in the end it was someone else – younger.  Round about they discuss Brooke marrying the much older Eric.

Brooke sees Thomas design ripped up.  Brooke says he could have shown his son some diplomacy.  But Ridge doesn’t want him to just get by on his name alone. Brooke notes they are very similar.  Ridge doesn’t see it.  Brooke sasys one thing they have is that no woman can say no to them.

Quinn and Eric

Eric arrives on the sky lounge and jokes with Quinn and Deacon about public displays of affection and writing them up to HR.  Eric asks how their marriage is going.  Well despite Brooke, Quinn notes.  Eric later tells Quinn she is doing an exceptional job with the jewelry.  Quinn thanks him and says the new CEO has been complimentary also.

Quinn notes Eric still doesn’t like how Ridge took over.  Eric agrees but that Ridge.  He sees what he wants and takes it.  Just like he took Brooke from you, Quinn states.  Eric says it was a long time ago.  Fathers and sons have complicated relationships Eric notes.  Ridge and his own son have had their ups and downs.  Eric just hopes that Thomas inherited his father’s design skills and not some of his other traits.

Caroline and Thomas

Thomas visits Caroline at home frustrated that Ridge tore up his design – literally.  They used to also have a good family and he tore that up too.  Nothing is ever good enough for him.  Caroline gets up but she is having trouble with her ankles.  Caroline says Ridge usually rubs them for her.  Thomas insists he can do it.  He can just be a stand in for his old man.

So Ridge poo-poo-ed Thomas’ design, Caroline states.  It’s not like he handed Thomas a one way ticket back to Paris.  Thomas thinks that Ridge is ticked about something else.  Caroline tells him that Ridge is really happy he is back in town.  She is too.

Thomas again jokes about the age difference.  Age and maturity don’t go hand in hand she notes.  Caroline tells him living abroad was a good thing for him.  He’s more mature and confident. And his father will see that in his designs.

Thomas says she’s beautiful and is sad that her hopes will be dashed once Ridge moves on.  Caroline frowns.  Thomas says his father isn’t big into monogamy. Caroline asks if its so hard to believe Ridge has something with her.  No says Thomas, he well remembers when she first arrive in LA.  They discuss their history.  Thomas kisses her legs…Caroline says he has to leave.  Instead he locks the door. He returns to the sofa and pulls Caroline onto his lap.  She can’t Caroline says.  Thomas tells her he lost her once, he won’t lose her again.  He kisses Caroline.  No Caroline says.  Yes, Thomas says…


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