August 31: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History: Ivy is Back

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – Episode #7409


Eric Questions Steffy’s Motives for Leaving Wyatt

In a bid to make things right for Steffy and Wyatt, and thereby making Quinn happy, Eric goes to see his granddaughter who has moved out of her marital home and in with her brother, Thomas.

Eric defends his choice as precisely that, his choice.  He listened to what everyone has to say and he made his choice based on what is right for his life.  Eric thinks Steffy needs to do the same, but wonders if there is another motive behind Steffy moving out of her home with Wyatt.

Eric wonders if Steffy is using his relationship with Quinn as an excuse to get a step closer to the man she really loves – Wyatt.

Steffy defends her position.  Her marriage and her family are in trouble because of Quinn’s manipulations.  Steffy can’t believe that her grandfather can’t see why Steffy is doing what she is doing.  She wants Quinn out of all of their lives.  Does Steffy have to go down the list of all the terrible things that Quinn has done to their family she asks her grandfather.

31 August 2016 B&B Spoilers

Liam Can’t Support Wyatt

When Wyatt turns up at his brother’s house and finds that he has the place set for a romantic evening, he tells him that he hopes Liam doesn’t think Steffy will be joining him.  Steffy is still his wife Wyatt reminds Liam.  Wyatt wishes that Liam could be a supportive brother at this time rather than try to steal his wife.

But Liam can’t support Wyatt because of all that his mother has done to alter the course of his and Steffy’s life.  Wyatt tells Liam that he can’t use that logic. Just because his mother did something to him doesn’t mean that he gets to do something to him.  But Liam still believes that he is in the right.  He tells his brother that sooner of later he and Steffy will resume the life that Quinn stole from them.

Ivy Is Back

Back at Forrester Creations where Quinn is settling back into her creative role as jewelry designer, her former colleague Ivy Forrester turns up.  Ivy tells Quinn that she isn’t overly proud of her behavior before she left Los Angeles last year.  Ivy does hope however that they can take all of that and put it behind them because she’s coming back with a whole new mindset.  And Quinn could use an aly in the Forrester family.  And this Forrester has no birthright on the line…

Will Ivy support Eric and Quinn’s relationship in return for her job back?  Looking like it.

Monday, August 31, 2015 – Episode #7153

Thomas Understands…

Caroline draws holding Thomas’ hand, but it’s not designs he’s thinking of. He tells Caroline he understands now.  How it only took one touch for her and his dad.  What is he saying Caroline asks.  He gets how creating hand in hand could lead to something more. He just wants Caroline to be happy and fulfilled.  Caroline gets a text from Ridge to meet her at home.

Brooke Doesn’t…

Brooke wonders if Ridge is now saying he’s going to have a child with Caroline even though he doesn’t want to.  Brooke wants to know if he’s seriously considering midnight feedings, toddler tantrums when he’s already done it.  Caroline hasn’t Ridge says and he’s not going to stand in her way.

Thomas comes into Ridge’s office and finds Brooke there. Brooke tells him that Ridge is about to make Caroline very very happy.

Thomas wants to know what Brooke means.  Caroline wants a family Brooke says, and ridge doesn’t Thomas finishes.  Brooke is concerned that Ridge has changed his mind.  She thinks Ridge is telling Caroline that now.  Thomas is stunned that Ridge changed his mind.  Maybe he was wrong about ridge and he is more invested in Caroline than he thought.

Thomas admits he thought one day Ridge would walk out on Caroline.

Maya and Rick Return from their Honeymoon

Eric, Nicole and Zende welcome home Rick and Maya from their honeymoon.  They look at photos.

Zende asks Nicole how if feels to have her sister home.  Back to normal Nicole admits. Eric and Zende get glasses for a toast.

Maya asks what she missed when she was gone.  She asks about Zende. He doesn’t take his eyes off of you, Maya tells her sister. Maya asks about their father.  Neither of them have heard from him.  Maya says being connected to her mother again is more than she ever hoped for.  Eric tells maya that her mother is family and if there is anything they can do for her, Maya is to ask.  They toast Maya and Rick’s homecoming.

Ridge Wants Caroline to have her Child

Caroline arrives home to find Ridge already there. She says Ridge isn’t going to be ripping up Thomas’ designs anymore. Ridge says he wants the best for Thomas and for her.  Caroline has shopping with her.  Ridge asks what it is.  A present for her friend, Mariah’s baby she says. Ridge wants to talk about the baby she wants.

Caroline knows how he feels about it.  Ridge says he finds it amazing that she chose him over having a family.  Having his family was one of the best experiences of his life.  He can’t have her sacrifice that for her.  Ridge wants her to have her child.

Ridge says he’s been unfair.  Living in the moment works for her.  She’s somewhere else and he remembers how excited he was about having a family.  He would have been devastated to have someone say not to him back then.

Caroline is ecstatic.  She was trying hard to be okay with not having kids.  She thinks they have so much love to give a little family. Ridge says that is what she is going to have.  She is going to be an incredible mother and whoever the father is, is going to be one lucky guy.  But it can’t be him.

Caroline’s mood changes with his final words.  Ridge is setting her free.  But Caroline wants to be with him.  She wants to be with him.  But Ridge notes that she wants a family more.  Ridge can’t be the man that gives her that.   He can’t have a child with her.  Caroline thinks its her.  Ridge says she is his irreplaceable, but they weren’t meant to be.

A tearful Caroline tells him he’s never been more wrong and leaves the loft.  Alone Ridge pulls out a letter from his folio….