August 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Does Quinn sacrifice her happiness for Wyatt's? 2015: Caroline's divorce is final; Thomas kisses Caroline 2014: Hope asks Liam to meet her in Paris

Thursday, August 4, 2016 – Episode #7390


Does Quinn Take the High Road?

August 4 2016 B&B Spoilers
Does Quinn sacrifice her happiness for her son’s marriage?

Quinn explains to Eric what happened with Steffy.  Quinn quietly tells him that she really tried to explain but Steffy was just so angry she wouldn’t listen.  Steffy wouldn’t even believe that her feelings for Eric were real.

Now that Quinn has professed that she is in love with Eric will it change his mind about telling Steffy that he would end it with Quinn?  Eric may not get the chance.  Is Quinn about to put her son’s marriage ahead of her own feelings?

Quinn tells Eric that he never has to see her again.  But is that what Eric really wants?

Liam Knows Quinn Will Flip Steffy’s World Upside Down

Liam confides in Eva about his worries for Steffy’s safety where Quinn is concerned. Though Liam is certain that he saw Quinn in town, he tells Eva that even if Quinn isn’t’ here in Monte Carlo this time, it won’t be too long before Quinn flips Steffy’s world upside down.

Ridge and Thomas Forgive Each Other

Ridge and Thomas have a discussion about recent events.  Ridge asks his son if this is the place where they try to forgive each other and move on.

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Episode Summary:

Steffy Yells That Liam Was Right

Wyatt is so sorry.  IF he had any idea what his mother was up to…that’s the point Steffy says, no one knows what sick vile thing she is going to do next.  Steffy doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Steffy doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Quinn is with Eric.  Steffy says Wyatt needs to put a stop to Quinn for all their sakes.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Eric and Quinn’s relationship is so simple. Steffy goes on a rant about how evil Quinn is.  And Liam warned her, Steffy says.  Liam was right.

Wyatt promises to handle his mother, but Steffy thinks Quinn is toxic to their marriage.  Wyatt swears he will fix this.  Steffy worries that Quinn is with Eric.  Wyatt goes over there to put her on a plan himself if she isn’t already.

Eric Ends His Relationship with Quinn

Quinn wants to know if they can survive this, but she loves him. Before she gets on aplane back to LA she needs to know if this is not possible.  IF that is how he feels say the words and he will never have to see him again.

Quinn wishes she’d stayed in LA.  But when he sent the email she thought she had to come and fight for them.  Obviously she made things worse.  She’s never seen Steffy angrier at her.  Eric says Steffy is angry for good reason.  Steffy is horrified Eric says.

Quinn tried to explain but Steffy wouldn’t even believe her feelings for Eric are real.  Eric tells Quinn he believes the inherent goodness in people, and he sees it in her.  But he has to put her family first.  He’s sorry.

Quinn understands.  She asks him to just hold her for a minute, so she can feel safe in his arms jus one last time.  Eric does. Quinn tells him she’ll always treasure their time together.

Wyatt arrives and asks Eric to tell him that his mother is on a flight back home. Eric tells Wyatt that Quinn is but that Steffy is wrong about what happened between him and his mother. Wyatt admits he’s worried about that his wife.

Liam Confides in Eva

Liam apologizes that he went on and on about his personal life. Eva realizes that Steffy is never far from Liam’s thoughts.  Eva wonders if it possible that Quinn is in Monte Carlo.

Quinn doesn’t listen to anyone Liam says.  Even if she isn’t in MC it won’t be too long before Quinn turns Steffy’s world upside down.  Eva says he and Steffy got a raw deal. Liam admits his brother and father would be thrilled if he moved on, with for example a hot publicist, Liam jokes.  Eva admits she admires Liam, but she tends to fall for the unavailable type.  That doesn’t change that he’s still in love with Steffy though.

Eva heads back to work.  She’s sending him love and light.  That’s what she’s all about.  Just like him.

Thomas and Ridge Learn About Quinn and Eric

Thomas stops by to see Ridge.  He thinks it’s so strange.  Ridge tells him they ended his marriage for their family; for the children.  Ridge says he handled it badly and Thomas deserved better from him.  So did he Thomas tells Ridge.

Ridge says he jumped to conclusions about the night Douglas was conceived.  He’s sorry.  Thomas says what matters is they are a family and that Douglas will see him as a father.

Thomas changes to subject to business and how Eric’s big announcement in Monte Carlo went. They discuss Eric replacing Ridge as CEO.  Thomas says Eric has big shoes to fill.  But Ridge is pleased he’s taken over.  Eric has seemed lonely. He thinks Eric is in a vulnerable place and someone could take advantage of that.

Thomas calls Steffy.

Steffy gets a call from Thomas and tells him what is going on.  She tells him that Quinn followed Eric to Monte Carlo.  Steffy doesn’t know how much more she can take, she tells her brother.

Thomas tells Ridge that he was right about grandad.  He’s in a vunerable place.  He’s involved with Quinn Fuller. Neitehr Thomas or Ridge are pleased.  Ridge hopes that Eric is okay.

Liam Makes A Move To Win Steffy Back

Steffy is alone walking alone outside thinking about what Quinn has done.  Liam is also.  He sees that Steffy is upset.  She tells him that he is right.  Quinn is here.  She’s having a relationship with her grandfather.  Liam is horrified.  He’s sorry. But Quinn won’t change.  Tahts why she has to get out of this marriage. He is the only one who can protect her from this.  She has to come back to him and he’s not taking no for an answer.

Liam kisses Steffy.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – Episode #7134

Thomas, Caroline and Ridge

Thomas tells Caroline he is there for her.  He’s stayed away too long but he’s back.  He kisses her.  Caroline kisses back after a weak protestation.

There is a knock on the door – its Ridge. Thomas opens the door.  Ridge says he can’t find his keys.  Ridge wants to know what’s going on when he sees Thomas there. Caroline says Thomas was helping her – rubbing her seized up ankle.

Thomas leaves.  Ridge is surprised that Ridge doesn’t want to lay into him.  Thomas thinks he deserves it, but he doesn’t’ want to get into a fight.  Ridge says he’s glad Thomas is here.  He wants to apologize. He went too far trying to make a point.  He needed encouragement not him ripping up the design.  Ridge says he knows he can do better. He believes in him and trusts his instincts.

Thomas accepts that he didn’t have to take it so personally.  He wants to get back to the office and work on some designs.  He turns down drawing with them – he needs to clear his head.

Ridge and Caroline discuss what Ridge did to his drawing. Caroline saw it.  It wasn’t terrible. Ridge says they don’t put “not terrible” into production. Caroline is glad he apologized.  Thomas left a lot less upset.

Ridge and Caroline kiss and Caroline gets a text. It’s from Rick.  The divorce is final.  Her marriage is over. She’s been so busy she lost track of time.  Caroline tells Ridge she has never failed at anything before. It just didn’t work out Ridge says, sometimes working hard isn’t enough.

Caroline says if she has a goal she reaches it. She was on the right path…but it was good there were no kids with Rick, it would have made the divorce so much harder. Caroline tells him she’s an incredible place with him.  Ridge tells her to live in the moment.  They kiss.


Brooke and Zende talk about his internship. They discuss his friendship with Nicole.  They discuss Zende being back and Thomas too.  Brooke tells him that Ridge tore up Thomas design.  Ridge is pushing him to be the best he can be.

They discuss all the changes while they were gone.  Zende notes Brooke was gone for  while too.  They end up talking about Ridge and Caroline.  Brooke doesn’t think they can last.  They are in very different places in their lives.

Zende and Thomas

Zende finds Thomas working out – hard – on the sky lounge.  Zende asks it this is about Thomas’s dad.  Brooke told Zende about his design.  Thomas says Ridge apologized. Thomas just hopes that Ridge isn’t as harsh on Caroline.  Brooke says they are good for each other, Zende notes. Thomas just wants to see Caroline happy after what Rick did to her.  All the things she wanted with Rick – family and kids –  aren’t possible with Ridge, Thomas notes.  Ridge hasn’t pulled diaper duties in a long time Thomas says.  Maybe he would do it again, maybe not.  He just doesn’t want to see Caroline get burned.  He loves his father but he’s not the most dependable guy to the women in his life.  His idyllic futures never happen.

Monday August 4, 2014

Wyatt asks Quinn about Ricardo’s Death

Wyatt told his mother that the Mexico City Police were  now treating Ricardo’s death as murder and were coming to ask him some questions.  Quinn blew it off as procedure since Wyatt inherited the diamond.  Wyatt, however felt the need to ask Quinn is she was involved in any way.  Quinn assured her son she was in treatment – far away from Mexico City.  When Wyatt was called into the office, however, Quinn researched Ricardo’s death online…

Liam and Hope

Aly told an upset Hope that she didn’t say yes to the diamond, she said yes to Wyatt.  And that’s why Liam was upset and walked out on her.  Meanwhile Ivy was lending Liam an ear.  Ivy interpreted what happened as Liam breaking up with Hope, which stunned Liam.  He didn’t break up with Hope he insisted.

A Paris Press Tour with the HFTF Diamond

Hope, Aly, Ivy and Wyatt are called into the CEO’s office to join the discussion about capitalizing on the momentum Wyatt had created with the press conference by gifting Hope the HFTF Diamond. Eric stated that Thorne had suggested bringing the diamond to International.

Everyone wanted to know Wyatt’s opinion since he was responsible for the buzz.  Wyatt liked Thorne’s idea but put a spin on it.  He wanted to bring 3 icons together for a photo shoot – The Diamond, Hope and The Eiffel Tower.  Eric asked if he could be ready to go as soon as the jet was ready.  Wyatt answered in the affirmative if Hope was.  Hope wouldn’t answer until she told Liam.

Let start our lives together – in Paris

Hope arrived at Liam’s home and Hope told Liam that her decision to accept the diamond had been purely a business decision.  Only he was making it personal.  Liam agreed it was very personal for his fiancé to accept jewelry from another man. Hope wanted to clear the air before heading out of town to Paris.  Liam was unimpressed that Wyatt was also going.

Hope told Liam it was him she wanted.  She wanted to start their life together.  Why couldn’t they do that in Paris?  Come with me, Hope asked of Liam.

Deacon and Brooke

Brooke pulled away from Deacon and asked why he’d done that (kissed her).  Deacon was getting through to her the only way he knew how.  He wanted remind her of what they once shared.  Now they also shared priorities.  Hope was her priority, Brooke stated as her phone alerted her to incoming news.  One her phone she say the news that Hope had accepted the diamond from Wyatt.  She showed Deacon who commented that Hope had taken her advice.  Deacon noted that Hope was logical and careful but also had Brooke’s heart that wanted what it wanted.  Brooke noted that Liam would not be happy…


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