August 5: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Does Quinn sacrifice her happiness for Wyatt's? 2015: Caroline's divorce is final; Thomas kisses Caroline 2014: Hope asks Liam to meet her in Paris

Friday, August 5, 2016 – Episode #7391


Liam to Steffy: This is Where You Come Back To Me

August 5 2016 B&B Spoilers
Steffy doesn’t know who much more she can take. Liam sees his opportunity. Monte Carlo is where you leave your marriage and come back to me Liam tells Steffy…

Outside the hotel, Steffy has told Liam that he was right; not only is Quinn Fuller in Monte Carlo, but she is involved with her grandfather.  Steffy remains on shaky emotional ground.  As much scared as angry.  She told her husband she didn’t know how much more she could take.

Liam sees this situation as confirmation of all his concerns for Steffy’s safety.  She isn’t above targeting Steffy’s grandfather to get back into Wyatt and Steffy’s orbit.  Liam, like Steffy, maintain that Quinn is dangerous.

Liam tells Steffy that this is it. Monte Carlo.  This moment. This is where she leaves her marriage and comes back to him Liam asserts.

Eric Tells Wyatt He Cares For Quinn

Wyatt and Eric discuss his relationship with Quinn.  Wyatt is surprised to hear that his mother’s affections aren’t one-sided.  Eric reciprocates.  Eric tells Wyatt that he cares for Quinn.  He stops short of using the “love” word like Quinn did, but there is no double Eric cares for her.  His inability to end it, despite trying several times, is testament to that.  And fi Wyatt understands that Eric also cares for Quinn, its going to make it just that little bit harder for him to insist that his mother stays away from Eric for the sake of his marriage…

Thomas and Ridge Discuss The Fallout From Eric and Quinn’s Relationship

After calling Steffy in Monte Carlo, Thomas learns that Ridge is right to be worried about Eric being lonely an taken advantage of.  Thomas breaks the news that Eric is involved with Quinn Fuller!  Ridge is shocked.  What has his father gotten himself into now, Ridge wonders.

Converstaion turns to the impact this news is having on Steffy. Thomas is concerned for his sister.  She doesn’t know how much more of this she can take, Thomas tells Ridge.  And Thomas doesn’t think this is only about Quinn; it’s about her marriage also…

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Episode Summary:

Leave Your Marriage and Come Back to Me

Come back to me Steffy, Liam begs.  Quinn will never stop and Wyatt can’t stop her.  Come home to me Liam asks.  Liam says its only a matter of time before Steffy or someone else gets hurt.

This is it, Liam tells Steffy.  This moment.  Monte Carlo is where you leave your marriage and come back to me.  Steffy looks at her wedding band tattoo.  Liam takes her hand.

This tattoo is a mark of deceit.  Quinn may as well have branded you, Liam tells Steffy who is emotional. Steffy says she made a commitment.  Liam tells her it was a mistake.  She wouldn’t be with Wyatt if it weren’t for what Quinn did to him.  Steffy wishes she could go back.  He tells her she can erase it all and put this all behind her.  Liam encourages her to do it.

Steffy cries that Wyatt will demand that she stays away. Get out and leave him and move on, Liam says.  Wyatt can’t control his mother. Every minute you’re in this marriage you are vulnerable, Liam asserts.  Liam can’t let anything happen to her.  He has to protect her the way Wyatt hasn’t, lover her the way he hasn’t.  Come back to me Liam begs of Steffy.

It’s Over Now

Wyatt tells Eric he doesn’t know what his mother’s thinking.  She made it sound like there was something mutual going on.  She made it sound like you were a couple, Wyatt reiterates.  Eric asks if that is something Wyatt would object to.  Eric tells Wyatt that he cares about her.

Wyatt can see that, but Steffy is freaking out.  Eric says they have really enjoyed getting to know each other but it’s over now.  It has to be for Steffy’s sake.

Wyatt is surprised.  He realizes that Eric really does care for Quinn.  Like Wyatt, Eric sees the good in her. Eric says she’s a good mother and a good business woman.  She’s made some bad choices but she’s changed.

But Quinn targeting Eric shows she hasn’t Wyatt says.  But Eric explains that’s not what happened.  It was just two people connecting.  He doesn’t want him and Quinn to cause trouble for Wyatt and Steffy.

Quinn doesn’t want to hurt his marriage Eric says.  Wyatt says she never does.  Nor does Eric.  That’s why it has to be over.  Wyatt is surprise that Quinn just accepted it and went home. Wyatt is pleased because he doesn’t know how much more Steffy can take. And he can’t blame her.

Wyatt thanks Eric.  He can see it wouldn’t have been easy for them.  A big part of Eric wishes it wasn’t over. But Steffy has been through enough.  Wyatt still struggles to understand Quinn accepted this.  Eric reassures Wyatt his mother has changed.  She did this for him.

Wyatt says he will always be grateful.  Eric suggests he tell his mother that.  Eric says he’s lucky to have Quinn.  Wyatt even sometimes believes that. When Wyatt is gone Eric starts to text Quinn but deletes it. He reflects on his time with Quinn in Monte Carlo.

Wyatt Worries

Alone in his suite, Wyatt worries about his marriage at the hands of his mother…He waits for Steffy to return…

Ridge And Thomas Discuss Quinn and Steffy

At home, Ridge is upset about what his dad has gotten himself into now with Quinn.  Look what Quinn did to Liam, now she’s after Eric.  Ridge thinks that’s just great (sarcastically).  They can’t get Steffy on the phone again.  Ridge wants to wait til Eric gets home and

Ridge blames himself that none of them were paying attention.  Steffy was scared of Quinn sneaking into their lives Thomas wonders if Eric and Quinn is a good thing.  It might make Steffy reconsider her marriage.  Thomas says that Wyatt and Steffy are together because of what Quinn did to Liam.  Ridge thinks Steffy loves Wyatt.  Thomas agrees, but not as much as Liam.  Quinn may just have pushed Steffy back to Liam, Thomas speculates.

Ridge thinks this is about money.  Job security and the Forrester bank account.  Thomas still thinks that all this is going to back fire on Quinn.  If anything will make Steffy go back to Liam, this is it.

Quinn Flies Home and Moons Over Eric

On the flight back home, Quinn smiles and remembers surprising Eric and the reaction she got. Then she remembers Steffy chasing her down and learning about her and Eric. Quinn lands in LA still thinking about Eric


Wednesday, August 5, 2015 – Episode #7135

Caroline Wants a Baby

Caroline struggles with the news that her divorce is final.  She knows they are both happier now but letting go of an idea is hard. Ridge jokes that on the bright side he is no longer sleeping with a married woman.  She’s not saying goodbye to the marriage just the plans she made for herself.  Caroline is grateful for Ridge but she didn’t see herself “here” at this stage in her life.  She thought she’d be settled and sure of her future.

Caroline admits to Ridge she wants to have a baby when he jokes about being in Venice beach with Champagne and cheese. (what else could she possible want).  She catches Ridge off guard. She understands it’s a huge bomb.  Ridge just wants to be in the moment.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Caroline asks about starting a family together.  Ridge says he has had a family, now he deosnt’ want to share her with anyone.  Caroline still wants to have her own child too she says tearfully.

Thomas Confides in Brooke

Brooke tells Thomas that he is hard on him because he wants the best for him.  Thomas wonders if Ridge is best for Caroline.  Thomas thinks he and Brooke both know the answer to that.

Thomas want to work with his father.  But it concerns him Caroline is almost guaranteed to get her heart broken again.  Brooke says she wasn’t a fan at first but they could be good.  Thomas notes that Ridge is a leaver.  He did it to his mom and to her.  Brooke wonders if Thomas is having some feelings for Caroline.

Nicole Models

Nicole shows Othello her vision for modeling.  Zende watches and smiles.  He joins her dancing on the catwalk.


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