August 8: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Steffy says she's done

Monday, August 8, 2016 – Episode #7392


Steffy is Done

August 8, 2016 B&B SpoilersSteffy returns to her hotel suite where Wyatt is waiting for his wife.  Wyatt is worried about his marriage. And if he knew that Liam was making a pitch for Steffy to leave her marriage for her own safety, Wyatt would be even more worried.

By becoming involved with Eric, Quinn didn’t respect Steffy’s wishes that Quinn stay away from her and her family.  Steffy sees it as a targeted strategy to get back into her life.  Wyatt worries that Quinn’s relationship with Eric which seems to have been genuine, may cost him his wife.

Steffy tells her husband that his mother doesn’t have his best interests at heart.  She does.  She has Wyatt’s best interests at heart. By the end of the conversation, Steffy tells her husband that she is done; she can’t do this anymore. But is she talking about her marriage? Or giving him one more warning about her mother.  Or could she be talking to Liam?

If  Steffy is talking about her marriage, Wyatt isn’t likely to let Steffy walk away from their marriage without a fight.  Can he talk Steffy round?

Announcing Douglas’ Paternity

A newly single Caroline discuss the announcement of Douglas paternity with his father, Thomas.  She presumes that Eric’s return will mean that its time for them to announce Douglas’ paternity.  Clearly they end up discussing each of their romantic futures because Caroline tells Thomas that any girl would be lucky to have him.

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