August 8: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria Back to Brash ‘n’ Sassy; Kevin Wants Chloe Back

Monday August 8, 2016


Victoria Returns to Brash ‘n’ Sassy

8 August 2016 Y&R Spoilers
Victoria tells Jill she wants to return to Brash ‘n’ Sassy

Victoria tells Jill that she would very much like to come back to Brash ‘n’ Sassy.  Jill is thrilled with Victoria’s decision and hugs her.  Victoria looks stiff and uncomfortable.

Victor Wants the Journal Pages

Victor uses threats against Chloe.  He tells Bella’s mother to think about her little baby.  Victor wants those journal pages and he’s going to get them he tells her in his quiet menacing way.

Kevin Wants Chloe Back

Mariah is forced to face her feelings for Kevin when he tells her that the wants to get back together with Chloe.  Mariah looks surprised.  Kevin wants Mariah to help him make it happen.

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